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August 05, 2013


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Jill Scarisbrick

You can return .. the youth hostel is now run independently.
I am lucky enough to live in Silverdale but I love to pop around the coast to Arnside, chips on the front!!

Lori Carpenter

I just wanted to pop in and say thank you... I have no idea how I came across your blog, but it was saved in my favorites and today (sick as a dog, double ear infection bored crazy and not in the mood to sleep anymore) I read your pages.
I feel transported overseas to where you are. I read every bit you wrote as if with an English accent.
lol I truly enjoyed it and needed the break from my life today.
I love the beautiful crocheting/knitting and the colors! WOW! Just makes me want to pick up my needle. I will again soon... just too hot here in the summer to crochet. I look forward to trying some of your patterns and seeing the beautiful pieces you create!
thanks again!


Oooh I just squealed with excitement when I saw this. I have been going to Arnside for my whole life as my mum and her parents before that have a caravan at New Barns Farm. So glad you had a lovely time, this place holds many happy memoirs of my childhood and now my children's childhood. xx


We visited the same places, how nice to see your photos and read your report. We, too, we have slept in the YH of Arnside. Beautiful house, beautiful scenery, and comfortable path to the bay.


Lush photos! I'm glad to hear someone consumes as much wine as me. :-)

I don't know Arnside at all but it's very beautiful. I am missing my summer sea fix very much. xx


Try Youlgeave hostel- used to be a Co-op, boys were delighted to find we were in "Gentlemens Underwear" and very relieved not to be down the corridor in "Ladies underwear"!! x

Kate @craftsonsea

Wow, it looks gorgeous there! I've ever thought about doing a family holiday in a Youth Hostel, what a great idea :)


Gosh, you make me want to hop a boat and visit this little corner of the world. In particular, I am yearning to see an actual castle featuring IKEA furniture. So excellent, that. Thank you for all the gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I do love armchair traveling with you. :)


My Dear Lucy. I want you to know that you are such a huge part of my life that I cannot even put it into words. Though we have never met I feel as if you are my "Sister" across the sea. And I can truthfully say I love you. Because of that I am going to be totally honest and truthful with you. Based on the "school of hard knocks" education I received by being married to an alcoholic for 12 years, I am going to truthfully tell you I am concerned about your drinking. When you wake up with a headache, that is because you have lost precious brain cells--they have been destroyed by the alcohol. And even one braincell of that precious creative wonderful mind of yours is too many to lose. Please I beg of you. Please stop now while you can. My husband did the same thing, he thought he could drink a little and stop any time he wanted. He was wrong. And he died from cancer of the digestive track. The Doctors told him if he would just quit drinking he could live but by that time he was trapped too completely by the power of the alcohol. And even though he knew it meant a death sentence, he continued to drink until it killed him. Please I don't want that for you my wonderful, talented, creative friend. Please stop while you can. You may never want to hear from me again, but know I will be praying for you and your little ones--that their wonderful Mommy will be around to see them grow up and have kids of their own.


Wow, this looks like a beautiful place to visit! Is the hostel one that you can get to with public transport, or is it the kind of place you really need a car? I'm very tempted to take my next Youth Hostel trip up north!


I have just had my first trip to this part of the world and stayed at a beautiful campsite in Silverdale - that walk is lovely.


Hi I left you an email regarding finger!

Carolyn Jackson

I just loved that Lucy, wish I had been there too, I too love being near the water, I find even a couple of days and you feel you have had a real break from routine. Thanks so much for sharing.I look forward to day 2. Cheers Caro NZ.


Lovely story, gorgeous photos Lucy! xxxxxxx


Lovely Lucy, so glad you had such a good time. Staying in a Youth Hostel sounds like a great idea, I shall have to investigate this I think.

Shelley Cox

Not sure if you know Lucy, but Beatrix Potter holidayed with her parents at Wray Castle when she was 16. In the film Beatrix Potter with Renee Zelwegger, Wray Castle features as their holiday home in the Lake District and was filmed there. Love the Lakes, if you go to www.stridingedge.net you will see the most amazing photos of the Lake District which are updated regularly. Worth following!

Home Jules

Gorgeous photos of Arnside - I want to go back there right now! I'd love to do the walk round to Silverdale but it was far too windy on our visit. I spent the whole summer there when I was much younger, volunteering at Leighton Moss. I've never done the boat trip on Windermere either - something else for another day, though like J I'd be stressing about parking. x


What a beautiful area, and thanks for taking us along visually. We were last at Lake Windermere about 20 years ago! My word, where has that time flown! It's so peaceful and serene but I have to agree with your hubby about trying to park there, thank goodness there was some form of internet to find some NT property. x


Lucy, you've made me want to visit this lovely place. I'll be coming "home" to England in a couple of weeks and I've decided to spend a couple of nights at this lovely youth hostel before it closes down. Thank you for sharing!

Anne Marie

Lovely pictures. Windermere is not really a place I would go to, too touristy, too many cars. I was at Coniston and I found a little lane leading up to Coppermines to park in. No Cost!!! Coniston is much less commercialised and does have ice cream and you can park along the lake and sit on a little 'beach'.


Thank you for the walk around. :-)


Thank you for sharing your beautiful holiday memories, Lucy! It feels like being there myself and I love it very much. Cheers, Sonja


Hey, Dorset is my neck of the woods, stop by and say Hi if you visit Studland Beach. I can be found there most days throughout the summer, hard at work

Angela- Southern USA

Looks like my kind of outing! Glad you all had a fab time of it.Sweet memories.

Dorothy Griffiths

Hi Lucy you bought back so many happy memories for me. We used to go to the Lake District now and again when we were children and then, as an adult, I have been back so many times and always love going there. It was just like reliving a lovely old memory so thank you for letting me share this with you. I hope you and your family are still enjoying yourselves, just love your blog Lucy. Do pop over if you have time and take part in the giveway, I would love you to enter. Your blog was the first I ever read and I have not missed a post since. Thanks for sharing so much
Lots of love

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