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August 01, 2013


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Lovely summer photo, beautiful colours...and a lovely lady:D with work you showing us in happy colours! I understand that your finger is healed!

claire coffey

So happy that you're back to full crocheting speed. it makes a difference when you can't do what you love...you can tell from all the comments that we are all happy for you! lots of hooky love flying about the interweb xx Claire x

Holley Downs

So glad you are back in Hooky Heaven! I know you must have been miserable!!!


Years ago we were in a car crash which ruptured the thumb tendon of my right (hooking) hand. I had surgery, a cast, rehab, and it was more than 4 months before my right hand was free and I was permitted to knit and crochet again. (At one point, I did try to wedge a large-handled hook into the cast and try crocheting, but it was a dismal failure.)

At the start, I really did wonder how I'd make it so long without the solace of creativity expressed in yarn, but I made it. That was now 7 years ago! So I do know how you feel, a bit. :-)


Hi Lucy I understand your frustration! I have a sore ring finger at the moment and wondered how I would be if i was unable to knit, crochet sew etc! I am so glad you are back in action .


That's brilliant news! And such a beautiful thing to create too! Make sure you don't do too much now! The RSI in my thumb today is playing up and I know I shouldn't be on the computer but I just can't stop myself! Hope we hear some more about your little holiday soon. x


Very glad to see you so happy and back to normal. Cant wait for Yarndale x

Jenny Dawson

Had to laugh when I spotted arnside we live in ulverston not far away and my children are spending a holiday there with their grandparents at the youth hostel! Loving the crochet as always .jenny


I am super pleased for you being able to join in the fun again :D I'm crocheting a rug with t shirt cotton and have discovered it wreaks havoc with my shoulder if I crochet too long (it's getting Heavy!) so I'm down to a few rounds a night and it is rather frustrating!



Jo Roberts

Fantastic! Don't over do it. I have an inflamed shoulder muscle at the moment so I am out of action on the crochet front. Frustrating! So I am sewing instead on the machine. Check out my new clothes here http://joeveryday19.blogspot.co.uk
Jo x

Ada Bea

We are just back too, I'm blog and mag reading instead of housework.....well I'm still officially on holiday! I'm so pleased your finger is better! I'm going to attempt to crochet something in rows, my edges are never very straight so I've been avoiding this but I really want to get my head around it! :) x


So surprised you haven't (yet) been tempted to apply colour to your outdoor table.............waiting with bated breath.....


Congratulations, I'm happy for you! I took my yarndale bunting triangles (ten in all) into purl&jane a few days ago, hope you like them! x

Winwick Mum

It's lovely to hear that you're back to full speed! x


Very pleased your hooky powers are returning. I know Arnside, it is rather special. Just finished a beautiful blanket using your Stylcraft colour choices. Come and see...


SOOOO weird! I was reading your post thinking "oh, I have one of those ganglion things.... Hmmm mine is on my wrist.... You know I haven't crochet for a month or so..." I then look down and mine has gone too - which is good as mine did kind of make me look like an extra alien from a Star Trek film.

I can now leave the knitting needles for a while and try again with the hook!

Puppet Lady

I used to get ganglions quite often. One day I asked my doctor about it. He was of an older generation. He reached quietly down to his bookshelf and pulled out a large book. Then suddenly he gave my wrist with the ganglion an almighty thwack with the book. It did the trick!


YES!!!!!! A very happy LUCY!!!!
I'm sooooooo HAPPY for you!!!!
Love Theetje


If you are interested Lucy I can offer advice on your wrist/finger injury prevention... live near Arnside and never go, so will be interested to see your next post and now I am on holiday will make a point of going there for a day trip!


It is GOOD when one can get back to doing something one loves. Shoulder problems stopped me knitting- sounds bizarre, but there you go, no idea why the shoulders were so affected by knitting...So glad they are now better, glad your finger is better too.


I'm smiling out loud at this post Lucy. So happy for you. Glad you had a lovely holiday as well. My other half had a similarly mysterious ganglion that disappeared the night before it was going to be operated on. Odd aren't they. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy,Yippppeeeee!!!So glad you're better!!!!You look very happy and relaxed!!!At last!!!!Now I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!!

Bari Jo

I'm glad you are able to crochet again! :O) It is like therapy and I miss it when I haven't had much time to do it... I totally get your excitement!

Pat Wilkinson

Reminds me of that little song "I can sing a rainbow"
Red and yellow
And pink and green
Purple and orange and blue
HaPpY dAyS xxx

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