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August 16, 2013


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Hi there Lucy, love your lady bugs, I'm going to have a go. I wondered also where did you get that beautiful crochet hook from? I would love love one! Cheers


I bet you are going to find bugs everywhere, and since ladybugs are good luck...

These are adorable.


Love these, we call them ladybugs here in the U.S.


They are lovely! Any chance of the Bower Bird tutorial too?? ;o)


Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial :)


As always, thank you, Lucy!

Jenny Grant

Glad your finger is better and you're back to your crochet!!


I ADORE this simple, fun pattern! THANKS, LUCY! I predict a whole BASKET of these being made over here!

Maria D.

I love your adorable ladybugs. My mother's favorite insect. Now that I have a link to your tutorial, I can make a few of them to send her. Thank you! Thank you!


Awww.... such little cuties :)

Jo Roberts

Too cute! I have just crocheted my girls new hats and these would be perfect to finish them off. We have been to a butterfly farm today so insects are on our brains at the moment see here http://joeveryday19.blogspot.co.uk Jo x

Louise Mander

Lucy i have been following your wonderful blog all the way from Sunny Australia for nearly 2 years now. I have only just learned how to post a comment! As a pommie down under I love to read your news and you have inspired a previously non hooky girl to turn out colourful blanket after blanket which adorn my shabby old sofas. Your other projects I hope to achieve (still learning with my hooky fingers!)
Thank you so much for your happy and inspiring words x


Thanks for the pattern.Does your daughter do any crafting?I guess she is about 9 so I would be interested in what she can do as I have a granddaughter who is about the same age.I have taught her to knit and braid .


Lucy, those are so gorgeous! Ladybirds are my lucky charms. Every time I see one, I know my wishes will be fulfilled! Thank you so much for always sharing your wonderful patterns, my home is beautiful thanks to you! Have a wonderful weekend! :)


nice & funny !!!


Just love love love Ladybirds and if you are a born and bred Norfolk Girl girl like me they are and have always been called "Bishey Barney Bees" (spelling?)it's something to do with a famous Bishop Barnabus of years gone by...I will have to look it up and remind myself..but I love how the family's here have always passed this name on through the generations and it's stuck. I've not seen any Bishey's yet but i heard they are late because of the cold spring.

Sandy B

Hi Lucy, I hope you received my bunting from Melbourne, in Oz. As I am not a blogger or on f/book (gasp, horror, I know), I can't enter your comp to name the Yarndale sheep but permit me to suggest 3 names... Barney Yarny...Patch or (my fav) Wooliam!!!
PS LoVe your wOoLly WoRk.


These are such a precious idea!! I'm feeling the need to bring out the yarn as the seasons start to change.

The House of Jones

These are adorable! Thank you for the tutorial :)
Jones x


Lucy- so nice to read about someone enjoying the holiday time with family. It seems to be increasingly current to complain about spending Summer time with children- what a breath of normal,fresh air to read your blog and know that at least one family is having fun together- as ever! Great bugs too.

Tammy Chrzan

Your Yarndale link didn't work for me :(
I love the pattern, thank you! I can't wait to make the lady bugs!


Lovely! I always follow your blog update, Lucy and your colorful crochet and life always make my day and inspire me. Thank you, Lucy. Keep up your colorful works! xxx



Oooo la la you made my day, they are so sweet! I'm so pleased you had a day with your little lady it's so sweet when we take the time to enjoy each other, I miss those days when my daughter was little.
Be blessed my friend and crochet on and keep calm...


Aww, cute, funny, and heaps of possibilities! Thank you Lucy!! :-) xxxx


Lovely ladybirds. Hope the yarn bunting isn't taking over too much! I saw some the other day while out Gromit hunting, and it made me think of you. It had been strung up all over the courtyard of a beautiful little city hotel (Hotel du Vin in Bristol), above a Gromit, and it looked lovely. So it will all be worth it in the end I think.

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