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August 20, 2013


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Loved the entry. One of these days I will try your bread. Need to plan ahead for that. Cheese scones are wonderful. I make drop cheeses biscuits and they are a family favorite. Wonderful with soup and wonderful the next day with meat, onion, and tomato for a breakfast/lunch sandwich. The photo of your lunch made my mouth water. I'm ready to try your recipe NOW. Enjoy your day.

Sheila D Leader

Hi Lucy, This isn't about cooking.I'd like to thank you for sending the instructions for Joining Granny Squares As You Go. It must have been two or even three years ago. I've only just got round to using that technique as I haven't made a granny square throw for a long time. It certainly beats crocheting the squares together when you've finished. Thanks again. When I've finished the throw, I'm going to try your boarder for a granny square throw. Best wishes from Sheila Leader, Tasmania, Australia


Hi Lucy. Just wanted to let you know that this recipe has been included over at this month's foodie round up at Britmums! :)


Nothing quite beats a scone & a cuppa! I use wholemeal flour quite a bit lately as it seems to be much nicer & lighter than I remember it - seems to taste better also than white flour. Will have to try it in the next batch.


when you get a moment, can you email me?
[email protected]



Love the scones and love love love the cutters! So much so that I bought some this weekend. Then I found these http://www.lakeland.co.uk/15576/144-Colourful-Cake-Cases which also wanted to come home with me!


You know if you change three of the things from the original recipe you make it your own?
Glad that your persisted with the scones and that they were edible :-) x


Oh they look wonderful, I know exactly what you mean when you "need" to make something and you just have to use whatever is in the cupboard, I think this is the Paul Hollywood Cheese scones link http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/wholemeal_cheese_scones_12017
Carol xx

Sue W

Cheese scones with some lovely butternut squash soup - mmm my favourite. If you're still looking for the Paul Hollywood recipe using malted bread flour, you can find it here... http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=V6I9d1D562IC&pg=PA77&lpg=PA77&dq=paul+hollywood+cheese+scones&source=bl&ots=irPFruV5Zz&sig=OHhZa5d0k1knBX7kcV-v1wHVIjM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=zvIVUp-oOsya1AWh2IDgBg&ved=0CDQQ6AEwATgU#v=onepage&q=paul%20hollywood%20cheese%20scones&f=false


They look delicious! I really must try to bake them. Have a great weekend. NicoleXXX


Hi Lucy, nothing to do with scones..Just wondering
about the best way to hang bunting, should I join the bunting at the corners? are the triangles glued to a cord? I am thinking to crochet some bunting for Christmas in dark green and dark red. Totally no idea
how to hang the bunting..Sorry to be so uncreative, would be ever so grateful if you could help!!!


i wanted to thank you for posting about scones, i forgot how much we love them freshly baked! yours look totally delicious by the way!

Katie B

Luce - those "substantial" wholemeal scones would go down a treat at The Eighth Day veggie joint opposite the Poly!!!
Still hoping to swizz up to see you @ Yarndale.
LOL, Katie B x x


I'm so glad I'm not the only one who forgets ingredients and substitutes strange ones! :)

J Wallace

I liked this post very much. The scones looked delicious. Loved the descriptive commentary. Here's to creative baking!


Lucy, I just love your colorful photos. Can you tell me what kind of camera you use? Thanks so much!!


These look wonderful! You made up for the butter by slathering liberally later. So in the mood to bake now...


This post was so fun to read! It almost felt like I was doing it all wrong myself ;)
Luckily the scones turned out better than expected!


Oh dear!!!! You needed more cheese,mustard and paprika in the scone mix.The flavour of the strong cheese overwhelmed the scones.Lots of good cheese scone recipes out there on the www. no need to buy recipe books.

Trish Gallimore

next time you're in York try the cheese scones(with cheese and pickle) at Me + Mrs Fisher, a lovely craft cafe on Lord Mayors Walk. You'll love them.


So funny and soo familiar - that sinking feeling when I realize I've left out some vital ingredient! The Be-ro book is a favourite here too.


Cheese scones must, must, MUST have a teaspoon of Coleman's mustard powder in them - it increases the savoury deliciousness a hundred fold. A pinch of dried thyme is a good addition too, but just a pinch. I'm a bit of a cheese scone connoiseur!


Dear Lucy,
I am delighted to learn you are not perfect in every way. Will add this to the Shelves of Doom as evidence - though the fact that they turned out ok may well destroy my argument. And the Shelves of Doom got sorted. Didn't they?

Ali Dufty

Totally serendipitous :)) nom nom , they look great !!


They look so Yum!

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