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July 24, 2013


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I have been popping in a out of Attic 24 for some weeks now - thanks for leaving the door open for me! I have really enjoyed reading about the birth of the studio, the Little People's antics and now the Yarndale adventure (dates for which are ringed on my calendar in bright red "must go to this do not forget" marker pen. I am still in the hissy fit stage of crocheting so find much solace in the cookie, cake and bun recipes on the blog instead. Looking forward to the next post.......


Hi Lucy sound like your flat out but it sounds so much fun I do hope you can publish your cute birdie pattern im in Australia and yarndale is to far away to purchase the pattern
I love your blog btw

Pembrokeshire Lass

Well....that was so much....of interest....of excitement....of colour.....of information. Etc...etc! I think I'll have to retread it a few times to 'get it'! It's all so exciting. I so wish that I lived a bit nearer and could come as well. I am just so excited for you. Joan


Hi Lucy, soooooo looking forward to Yarndale! I'm busy making bunting triangles at the mo - when's the cut off date again? Love the blog, you have an excellent writing style :)


BOO HOO I won't be there.... but shall be there is spirit or a least Bunting!! Would just love to have something like this happening in East Anglia. Shall be thinking of you all at Yarndale whilst camping with my friends in Sussex....although not much crochet time when we are with them lol
Good Luck with the bombing...such a great way to guide people to an event!


Lovely post, it all sounds really exciting! Sad that the sheep was condemned to the fruit bowl though. In the drawing the head looks rather tube-like so have you thought about using a small sock (toe and main part, not the heel)? It doesn't have to be 100% crochet does it? It's all yarn! Oh well, just a thought.


I've been trying to justify a visit to England just for Yarndale. I don't think it's going to happen as I live in Utah. I love reading about all of the preparations and the excitement. You appear to be doing a fabulous job with your assignments, keep up the good work! Looking forward to hearing more about life in Skipton. Will you be teaching in France again this year?


I am sure that when it comes Yarndale will be a fabulous success. I know that there will have been such a lot of hard work gone into organising it. I am gutted my shift pattern means that I will be working that weekend although I am plotting and scheming to try and sort something out so I can come. Fingers crossed......


Lucy, just wanted to wish you good luck from Dorset with all the Yarndale preparations. You are doing a brilliant job and, as usual, are a great inspiration with your fabulous ideas. Love reading your blog- thank you for always brightening any day!


A lovely big post to start the day with and enjoy my morning coffee! Triangles are on their way to you as we speak- I can't believe how many you've got. What a triumph! x

Gillian McM

Oh please please please, Creative Mind, will you consider posting the tweetie bird pattern sometime in this lifetime?

Peep Loves Yarn

Excellent post. It is going to be such an amazing event! Keep up the good work!


lovely post as always Lucy ....... I ssssoooooooooooooo hope there will be Yarndale brochures for those of us who so want to come but sadly can't! Can I order mine now please :-)!!??!!*** Very emotional read and so much hard work for you but what a lovely experience xx Joy xx

Christine Laennec

Wow Lucy you have been working very, very hard! You're doing a wonderful job of it, and it's going to be great. I would love to come, but will have to see how things go. Even if I can't make it in person, your blog and the Yarndale website make me feel very close to all the action. Keep up the good work and be sure to stop for a cuppa, and to put your feet up, from time to time.


Wow so much work to bring it all together Lucy but I'm sure it's going to be worth it in the end. I'm really looking forward to it, I'm off to see what workshops are available :)


Glad your sad fish became a happy bird - I remember making a bird which had a close resemblance to a dolphin last October!!
Fab post Lucy and there's something very rewarding/fuzzy making in being able to see the contents of one's own parcel here ♥.
What a good job Master Yarndale B is there to supervise!


lucy i am so thrilled by britain's whole movement toward sustainable fashion and your entry into the excellent partnership between real creativity, artisanal work, and sustainable commerce. this is so exciting. thank you so much.

as for a design, you know us bears of little brain would love 18" doll sweater patterns and 40 lb. dog sweaters. i think these would be commercial as well.

god bless you, this is huge. party on, and congratulations to young B for being so very helpful.


Hi from California! I was just wondering how you settled on the name Connievan?

berry lane

Hi Lucy. Love your Tweetie Bird Brooch.....so cute! Looking forward to Yarndale & hopefully my triangles will be with you soon. Thanks so much for your posts. I am currently reading them from the very beginning & enjoying them very much. You are totally inspiring! Only day 4 of the summer holidays & I have already made the choc chip cookies & cheesy crumbles (great hits with the family!) as well as the best part of the crochet bag, all posted back in 2008! Thank you! Love Claire xx

Jennifer R.

I found a possible pattern for your sheep head.


I hope this helps. :-)


Holy Smokes but that's a whole lot of yarn goodness! I'm so happy to hear that the folks at Stylecraft have stepped up to lend a hand. You've certainly given them tons of great PR coverage thru all your wonderful projects and generous sharing! Yay for you!


So jealous! I would love to do something similar! Loving your posts, keep them coming.


Lucy, I admire your organizational skills!
it's good to have an assistant so competent!
His broochs are delicious!
the wings with felt are very beautiful!
Once again your colors will flood all over the world!
thanks for sharing!
kisses from Catalonia!

Sandra Lee

Oh how I wish I could attend YARNDALE!!! Enjoy and I so hope you will have pattern for the sweet little bird pins soon, I LOVE THEM!


Hi Lucy, It looks like you have been having a very busy and fun time. Did you ever imagine life would be like this when you started blogging all those years ago?! You continue to entertain and inspire us all and I'm very thankful for that. And the little ones too - I remembered how your Little Man suggested renaming your blog to Static24 while I was at work today and had a little giggle. I would love to be able to go to Yarndale but it's a little too far to travel from Sydney. I'll follow it all though on your blog and Facebook and will look forward to your posts :)

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