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July 24, 2013


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ana maria

Soy de argentina, y me gusta mucho tu blog.
I'm from argetnina, and I like to much your blog
Sorry of my English


Hi Lucy

I've just realised the date and I have some bunting triangles I haven't sent yet. Is it too late or would you still like them?



I love your blog - your photos are so colourful and inspiring!!!!


I wish you all the best for Yarndale. friends of mine are planning to go but sadly I'm on holiday otherwise I would have been there.


Miss Lucy,

I have crocheted since childhood, and taught myself to knit in 2006. I think you must have gotten your gifts from both sides of your gene pool too ;-)
Such lovely work! I discovered your wonderful site thorugh "According to Matt" on Blogspot.
He recently made a very nice bolster that he credited to a combination of two of your patterns.
I'll be following now also, beautiful pictures on the recet jaunt also! Thank you for sharing.



Oh my goodness, I have got to make myself some yarn animal jewelry immediately. Or maybe a headband? I can't decide. Anyway, yours are adorable, and the buttons are a brilliant touch that I'm surprised no one seems to have thought of before. Would you be willing to put a picture of these in the crochet section on Kollabora.com, the crafting and DIY community? Everyone there has a serious weakness for animal crafts.


Oh gosh, look at all that bunting! I am loving the crochet love that's coming from all over the world straight to Yarndale. And I must post mine... xx

Angy Braine

Hats off to you lovely lady! Hats off to you!! ♥♥♥

Writing from the Edge

Love your Attic.
Love your ta-dahs!
Love your bunting.
Love Yarndale.
Love your bird brooches.
Love your patterns.
Love your colours.
Love the whole caboosh!

Wish I could come to Yarndale, but not sure if I'll be able to get over from the Irish west coast.


It sounds so lovely! It's a bit too far of a travel this year, but maybe? Next Year? In the mean time I will just keep enjoying your posts about Yarndale, and hope it will be a fantastic event, with many many returns xx


I live in the US so won't be making it to Yarndale, but will follow along here. I wish you the best as you prep for your lovely event! Your little birdie brooches are adorable. I do hope the pattern will be posted on your page here for those of us who cannot attend Yarndale!

Take good care and have fun!

Montserrat Bargues

Sounds great!!


Mine are in the green plastic bag in the photo waiting to be opened.very exciting.

Sew and Sews Too

Dear Lucy
You cant possibly photogrph them all... just go for the Guiness Book of Records of the worlds largest crotchet bunting instead. And mine are now in the post for Adelaide :)


Looking forwards to Yarndale sooooooooooo much, I could burst! You've all worked so hard and it will be an amazing event. Loving your blog, I'm just starting out on mine, yours is so inspirational. Xx


Can't wait for Yarndale! Very disappointing there's only 10 places on each course considering it's bound to be mega popular! All courses are sold out surprisingly :o(

Jennifer Crewe

I hope you see ths Lucy. I just had to hare this link with you in case you hadn't seen it. Reminded me of you and your Connie van.


Wow!! I'm so glad everything is coming together for you with Yarndale. I wish I could come. Your little broach looks fantastic as well! I hope you continue to have a good time planning and chatting about Yarndale!


Lucy I read your post and commented on 25th July saying that I wanted to order a brochure because I wouldn't be able to come along from the Isle of Wight ..... I AM GOING TO BURST ..... I have just booked coach and accommodation at The Wooly Sheep Inn (of all places) and bought my entrance ticket ...... OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED TO BE PART OF YARNDALE .... Joy xx :-) :-) xx


Busy, busy, busy Lucy thankyou so much for your exciting and energetic bloggs. I am one of the lucky ones who are able to attend Yarndale, looking forward to my visit. I have completed my contribution to your triangle request. I have achieved this through following your blogg, I stumbled across you earlier so I am one of your e-learning converts and am pleased to say I have awarded myself the....."The Lucy crochet addict diploma" ....many thanks!!!


Hope your little 3D sheep comes together.... Could little pentagon patches work for a head shape? Good luck with the show.

The House of Jones

So exciting! Thank you for all the time you are giving up to Yarndale to make it so wonderful for us all. I cannot wait!
Just finishing up a blanket and then will back to the bunting triangles and send them your way :) (gosh, that looks like such a job! thank goodness for Little B's expert help).
Jones x


Wow Lucy, what a great thing to be part of. I so wish I could come, Australia is a little far, but you never know your luck. You should be so proud, follow your dream.

Lisa Casey

Hi Lucy
What a fab little bird, look forward to the pattern....but what I would love to know is if you knitted that wonderful coloured vest in the picture...I love it!

Ada Bea

Hello Lovely Lucy...what a busy Bee you are! I'm trying my utmost to get to Yarndale, working on my sister to take me!!! She has no interest in anything at all yarny or woolly, so if we go it will be because she loves her little Sis!
Just returned from fabulous Dorset, such beauty, loved it....and sooooo many lovely vintage goodies, I've found the perfect solution to my yarn storage dilemma! :) x

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