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July 14, 2013


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Jo Roberts

All lovely summer routines. I finished my hexagon blanket of all things! SOOO hot to have on my knee. I Like to make elderberry wine so I leave the flowers but I wish I could make both. Jo x



A very busy but great week!


An absolutely perfect summer week! xxxx


You did so many things in only one week.
Little B loves ice creams ;)
If you like herbal teas, try elderflower and mint.
No melamine cup for me: I was very tempted by the red Casablanca one but the delivery cost is way too expensive (20 pounds).

Lisa G.

I'm making ratatouille tomorrow - but I'll have to remember your twist on it for next time.


Lucy I'm glad it's hot where you are because it sure isn't hot in this part of Australia! I hope you have weeks of the heat -- I know you love it. It was quite astounding to hear that it was over 30C in London last Friday.


Hi Lucy,
I don't suppose you would be willing to share that delicious meatball recipe?
Thanks in advance!


Stupid question time: Is Pimms an alcoholic drink or is it like a cordial?

Cath @mybeardedpigeon

Al fresco hooky! I love it!!


Such a perfect summery post!! Isn't this weather glorious? I am loving it so much.

We have had quite a few tantrums and hiss fits here too - we are all tired and ready for the holidays. xx


It seems as though for a little while you have switched weather with us in the SE United States. We've had an unusually (for us) dreary week, but thankfully today has been a bit better. It is raining again, though.

Thank you for the lovely post; the part about Little B and the watermelon made me laugh out loud! I love watermelon, too! =)


Clicking on that Rice link may have been a bad decision...

Dorothy Griffiths

Hi Lucy just loved this post, made me feel very happy - am certainly going to look at the links you gave - all very summery and joyful. Thank you for always cheering me up and helping me feel better. Hope to see you at your show, missed your open day and was so disappointed. You have been my inspiration for a long time Lucy, thank you so much
Lots of love


You carried a watermelon?

Rachael Iddon

Looks like a lovely week though I don't think I could have put the oven on to make that delicious looking baked tomato thing. Having said that, I made jam on Tuesday morning... Hope your elderflower turns out well, you're right, it's nearly all over for another year. I wish we could visit your ice cream boat, my children would kill for that on the school run.


We're loving the summer days too! Really like your blue polka dot bowl, where is it from? Thanks for sharing your week with us.

Lynne Gill

What a lovely colourful happy hot week you've had! I'll add my hopes to yours that this weather stays with us for a while. I've been fiddling for my Molly Dance side in the heat at Sheringham and Ely Folk Festivals , suntanned and foot blistered but very happy with the weather!

And now I have a serious case of the wanties, having taken your advice and clicked on the Rice link - darn it!


I loved your end note to your blog about forgotten paperwork, late payments and hissy fits!!! Made me smile and realise that us mummies always have lots to contend with!


Hi Lucy I just wanted to comment (my first blog comment) to say I recently found your Facebook page and subsequently your blog and over the past few weeks have read from the beginning! I have to day I adore your blog and have picked up a hook!!! (And have ordered quite a bit of yarn I have the Lucy pack and am putting together some colours to do a ripple blanket also) so just wanted to pop along and say thank you for your inspiring posts and for being you! Hope you ah e a great week. Jane x


I am melting- dodgy thyroid means my thermostat is non functional.Just BOILING.Loving the ripening berries in the garden though- hard to beat a little breakfast bowl of fresh picked sun warmed fruit...


I love your blog.



Yes! Hooray for summer hols - we have a week and a half left of singing assemblies, leavers' assemblies etc. The sunshine makes it that much easier but we're all in need of a break. (Our elderflowers are currently steeping in the kitchen too). x


Such a different way of life across the pond! We have been out of school since the beginning of June. And it has rained for a solid three weeks here which is an anomaly. Temps here are usually in the uper 90's. oh we have ice cream trucks that scour our neighborhoods in search of children with money to blow! But ice cream boats? How wonderful!


Eighty degree summer days sound much better than the 100 degree days we have here in Texas. thank you for your photos, they remind me of the freshness of our springtime! I have many granny square triangles I need to block and mail to Yardale. If I can't be there then my crochet will attend!

The House of Jones

Hehe, you carried a watermelon.. how very Dirty Dancing of you ;) Nobody puts Lucy in the corner!

Jones x

PS love the dedication to outdoor hooky :)

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