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July 14, 2013


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Brenda H.

I've got to have the recipe for your mouth-watering slow-cooked ratatouille sauce with garlicky meatballs and chunks of mozzarella, please!!!!!!

Julie Doyle

Love your blog and the lovely photo's. Live about 15 miles from Skipton so its easy to visit.Went to Coopers for the 1st time today. Lovely place and staff. Will hopefully get over next time you have open day upstairs. Looking forward to Yarndale. Learning to crochet on my to do list. Busy knitting though. Enjoy the rest of the summer hols. Julie x


Soooo much fun to catch up on your blog. We were away for a whole week to the shore in North Carolina where it was hot and wonderful. Got to bring home my 2 year old granddaughter for the 2 day car trip home... WOW how I forgot how terrible car rides are for a 2 year old. Hissy fit city!!!!

Jenny Doherty

Your blog is such an inspiration! I dream of having a little caravan someday and getting away from everything now and then. *sigh*

I mentioned you on my blog today, I was showing off my granny stripe blanket that made following your tutorial and left a link to your blog so that anyone who hasn't already could come and see all your lovely goodies and tutorials.

I tried for a very long time to learn how to crochet and the only tutorial that made sense was yours so thank you!!! You have changed my life!

You are amazing, please keep doing all the lovely things you do and being your lovely self. It is so very much appreciated.

Much love, Jenny


 Elsa Milena Rosado

Congratulations, you do the simple things a great festival.


Hi Lucy
A blog I visit quite often has some lovely
elderflower-cordial labels on her blog to print out. I thought you might like them.



What fun and colorful things in that RICE catalogue---no wonder you love it! It's always so interesting to read about all of your family activities---so much energy and fun!

Neighborhood Watch

I love this summery post! Also it reminds me of when my own little boy (he was about five) decided we needed a watermelon and he attempted to get one out of a big crate at the market and bring it over to me. Well. He learned. I'll never forget the surprise on his face when it cracked open on the floor. It was even funny at the time.


I have a saying in work on a Friday afternoon when it is time to pack everything up..."It's Pimms o'clock". The perfect end to a busy week. Your week looked so perfect doing such enjoyable things and such colour to come along with you along the way. We are ready for the summer holidays too - mind you, two teenagers - maybe I need a separate holiday! Have a wonderful week. Chel


Long time reader, first time comment - love that you get to spend so much time outside during this lovely weather but can't help but wonder about the bugs. Here in the USA, tons of bug spray would be needed to be outside, especially in the evening. Don't you have flying bugs in England? Mosquitoes, hornets, and even the lowly housefly would make an outdoor evening very short for us on this side of the pond.

Angy Braine

THIS week (here not there) was the EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of your week. No Pimms (Dry July - a hospital fundraising event that I'm taking part in) No sun (we need the rain though so that's Ok) No laundry outside (rain) No basil (snails got to mine) No caravan jaunts (teeny weeny bit jealous) No alfresco crochet fest .... but a healthy does of knitting on the couch... with tea... and cake.. so I suppose all is not lost :-) xx


Lucy I'm supposed to be getting a bit of housework done and you send me to the Rice catalogue!! OH-MY-GOODNESS!!!! I know their stuff but never realised you could look at their catalogues on line. And what gorgeous catalogues they are!! I want so so much. Also now got the link to the facebook and pinterest pages so going to check them out too. Pegging out the washing and hoovering can wait!! Fiona x

Sew and Sews Too

At a crafty sale in Port Adeladie,South Australia I met someone who is going to Yarndale. So I gave her one of my crotchet flower badges to wear. I hope she does....


So great the cow !


I am glad I am not the only one who happily sits outside in my pjs. I LOVE my pj pants and would live in them 24 hours a day if I could.

Emily Clark

Lucy, I loved your post. I love, love, love the warm sunny days of summer too.

emma from toadstool tales

Oh dear, oh dear ...I see my bank balance diminish quickly now I've been introduced to rice! Absolutely beautiful. Love your blog! Have some bunting to wing across the sea to you shortly! X x


Looks like a wonderfully busy week.Alot of canning the gardens bounty going on here, and of course finishing up Yarndale bunting to be mailed.Hope the summertime weather sticks around this week for you as well.


Oh you are very naughty! I seem to have some lovely melamine cups headed my way - I seemed unable NOT to order them - but at least I refrained from ordering every single one. :)

Have another fabulous week!


Sounds like you are enjoying summer to it's fullest. One thing though, I have never been able to handle yarn outside in the heat, at this age just thinking about it makes me sweat. I do my crocheting/knitting inside where it is cool and comfortable. It is hard to believe that the summer months are just about half over and school will be starting before ya know it. Time sure flies.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)


Hi Lucy just letting you know bunting went in the post this morning (15th) hope you get them soon

Jennifer Hill

Oo, thanks for the Rice link - will def be having a good look...love the dinner idea and might do that tonight! (with veggie 'meat'balls...)...and just to say, I'm planning to learn to crochet so I can send you a triangle (well some sort of shape, he he) Lovely sun, eh? Jen


Only 11 weeks-yipee!! Carrievan is going for its annual service later today as it is now 2 years old. ( It was our Ruby Wedding gift to one another). Love the photos of Skipton as always but you are a bad influence showing us that beautiful catalogue of goodies-thinking new caravan mugs and plates?? Yarndale bag is currently full of yarn that somehow fell into it during a trip tp Clitheroe in June-could not persuade DH to drive that extra mile to Skipton as we had already come from St Anne's and he was a bit poorly with the man flu!!
Enjoysummer with your children-I'll hope the weather keeps fine for you all.


Yum! That ratatouille with meatballs looks gorgeous. Do you have a particular recipe you use?

Sara Jenkins

Such a busy week. Getting to the end of term is ways like it isn't it? I'm glad my sons school breaks up a couple of weeks earlier than most - but he's still shattered when he gets there. It's the only time of year he loses kit! Kept hold of it all year - and it disappears in the last week or so!
Fig1 looks great. I'll have a proper look when I'm home but feel I might need to treat myself!! Thank you! :)

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