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July 17, 2013


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Lindsey Toms

Your site looks wonderful, we too have a little caravan and just love to get away in it although we don't get away as much as we would like to.

Katie B

Static24 - love it! That boy SO has his mother's sense of humour!!
Love, Katie B x x


What a wonderful post. Glad you are having such a lovely summer and enjoying Connievan's new location.

Jo Roberts

It looks great. We do the same in our trailer tent and also only manage one night but our oldest girl has the sleep gene and asks to go to bed at 8.30! The little one toddles around a bit longer then we all crash. Lovely scenery. Jo x


Lovely, lovely, lovely. Can't wait to start camping with my own small people. My husband and a friend made elderflower champagne a couple of years ago - wooHOO. I dread to think what the alcohol percentage was. We've still got some left, it's probably more like brandy by now...


Lovely post! Yep, static 24, what a brilliant idea! I make elderflower champers and cordial every year, the recipe is on my blog under the category "food and drink" I can confirm that you should use plastic bottles, and be careful when opening it!


Hi Lucy.

Lovely photos - I do look forward to them as I grew up in the next village on from the camp site. Used to cycle past it most evenings on my loop round. (Village - caravan site - down the steep lane- through the village on the other side of the river - then back to my village on back road)

It definately takes a lot of thinking about to move further out. One of my village friends was apparently born in a helicopter as mid-march snows meant an ambulance couldn't get out to us. That was in 1979. I was born March 80 and childhood winters are full of power cuts and snow drifts. You have to be prepared and keep lots of candles and food in, just in case.

But, it was also full of summers spent at the bathing pool (in one of dad's fields) and riding out on our bikes. At the age of 8+ I would happily walk the two miles up dale to my grandparents, perfectly safely.

One last thing - got my Yarndale bag at Sheep Day, and love it. Really good quality.

Helen (Metherer)

Irene Porter

What a lovely post. We stopped in your home town on the way to the Lake District at the weekend. It was very nice to see it in "real life". The canals and boats are so colourful. I even found Purl and Jane (eventually!),but stupidly had left my bunting at home, so will still have to post it.


Sounds blissful! x


I visited the UK as a young woman and found it enchanting. You bring the magic back with your photos. Thank you so for including us. I am pretending to put my feet in the stream too;).

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy I had to smile when I read this post about you being a townie.
I think where you live(from seeing all your wonderful photos ) is the countryside! Our back garden has been a real haven this last week. We have been out from 8.30am onwards until the light fades. Only thing missing here is the sea. Still you can't have everything can you?
Enjoy the start of the school summer holidays!!!!! x


What a nice way to celebrate all that summer has to offer! A nice walk up a hill, picnics everything for a contented getaway. Lovely post as always!


lucy, it sounds like paradise. thanks for inviting us.


Please be very careful if you make elderflower champagne. The first year I used glass bottle and the top of one broke right off when it exploded and another sent broken g lass and sticky wine all over the garage. The next year I used plastic coke bottles and one exploded in the kitchen, thank goodness I was on the other side of the room. It took me hours to clean it up. I have promised never to attempt champagne making again, I stick to the cordial and normal wine!!!!

Angela- Southern USA

What a beautiful retreat you have Lucy!Thanks for sharing. Glad you found one close at hand for so many more memory making times.The static caravans are called mobile homes here in the states,some people live in them year round(and come in bigger sizes too) and some use them as vacation homes like there.Good luck with the champagne,I've never tried making any.Here's to many more connievan adventures!


Such a lovely memories for the little people! It reminds me my "golden days". How I missed it so much..

Carole Williamson

Lovely photos Lucy
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


Somehow Lucy, you always manage to stir up emotions in me that I find hard to explain. But I love them. Understand?


Dear Lucy, your posts always make me happy. Lots of love form Bosnia


What a funny man he is!!!!!!!!
And what a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L memories you are providing fot you're people......love it!!!!
Love Theetje


I have been reading your blog now for 2 years and always look forward to your posts about the bits and bobs of family life. You, your crafts, your posts, and the lovely pictures you share inspire me to try to slow down, make something pretty, and bake something yummy. Thank you very much for giving so much of yourself to us your readers. I look forward to future posts and wish you a happy and sunny summer filled to bursting with lovey, yarny, family moments.


Cindy Bee

Hi Lucy, I still read your blog faithfully, just don't always comment, but I had to this time. My Shug and I moved (back in October) to our house in the country, that WE are building OURSELVES. Crazy..I know. Anyway, we are living in 500 square feet in one room in the basement, while we build this big house around us. I told someone the other day we should have built 'this' (the 500 sq. ft) as the house, and just built two garages for our hobbies. His and Hers!

If you love your connievan that much, and we all know you do. And you've tried moving it around, and leaving it in one place, and you all seem to love leaving it in one place. And if you can afford it, then buy the static! My Shug and I tend to go to the same place on vacation. We even know the owner of the B&B in Charleston, SC now, because we even like to stay at the same place. There is some comfort in getting to know your vacation spot. And when it's only 1/2 hour away and you love it so much you visit it in the evening, then why not? As long as you don't lose the cozy feel of the Connievan - which-when it comes down to it, is what we all love. 500 square feet-cozi connie van...it's the familiar and the cozy that we love.

Cindy Bee


Lucy, it all looks lovely. You were kind enough to tell me places to go in Dorset, and now I am coming to the Dales. Skipton, Malham, Bolton Abbey and Saltaire are all on my list. I’ll trawl through your blogs and see if I can find some more lovely places – you have posted some wonderful pictures but I don’t always know where they are. There’s the crag to climb. I’m staying in Hellifield and I can’t wait. Roll on Sunday…..

Leslie Ann Cambridge

How idillic! I can't wait for our holiday in a static near the New Forest! Just love your photos!


Beautiful post!
I've spent all the winter weekends of my childhood with my own "Connievan". I live in the south os Spain so the weather is awesome even in winter so we went to the camp site for the whole weekend. Then we spent the summer travelling around the country or Portugal or France. Those were marvellous years...
Enjoy these times with Connievan.

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