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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 02, 2013


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hello ... just yesterday I discovered your blog .. and I was impressed by the beautiful things you do, by the beautiful decor of your attic, for the beautiful photos you upload, for all that you do ... excited to see their stuff, and hopefully one day I could travel to see these landscapes you personally photograph your beautiful country. I congratulate you!


wish i could have come along looks fab and such fun xx

Dr Carol Montgomery

Hi Lucy! What a blessing to find my way to your blog/website. I am a 52yr old crocheter from NC in the USA. I love your website because of its gorgeous photos, awesome patterns and helpful advice. Mostly I love to read your voice. My birthmother was from Great Yarmouth, and I've never been to the UK. As an adult I located her, & she shared w me what her part of the world was like. I can hear her voice in your writing & it brings me joy. I have been unable to subscribe to your blog or to find your email address, but if there's anyway to add me to your mailing list, I would appreciate it. God Bless! Carol [email protected]

Viola Martha  Paulanyi


Many many hugs from Hungary to your studio.
Lovely athmosphere, romantic colours.
Love it.

Barb Reich

Lucy, this is just what I needed to read, after a full day at work, i came home to care for my 91 year old Dad and poured myself a glass of wine and read your lovely blog. I just love your colorful world. I hope one day I can travel over to visit your studio and crochet along with you with a nice glass of wine. That is definitely on my bucket list.
Barb(Santa Clara, California)

Joanne from Colorado

Your studio is looking so cute and is filling up quite nicely with all the handmade goodness!! Congratulations!


Your blog is a breath of beauty and grace and your studio is amazing. Thank you for posting and sharing.


This is happiness!
And thank you for your beautiful blog.
Congratulations sent from Switzerland.


Ins't it sweet when dreams come true. Hearty congratulations. It all looks lovely. ♥

~ Val

Jennifer R.

I'm soo happy it was such a huge success. I wish I lived close enough (I would settle for the same continent - I live in the U.S.) to attend. Thank you for sharing all the photos. If I can be there in person, this is the next best thing. You are such an inspiration, and you enjoy all the happiness you felt that day.


Oh my, but it is all quite wonderful! Congratulations on your opening. It sounds like a very busy time, but a very happy time. Your studio and creative space is really quite spectacular ~ Love all the white space and bright colors! Good luck ~ I know there will be tons of creating going on. :)

Kate Eastwood

Hi Lucy
Many congratulations - it all looks so gorgeous. What a truly special place you have created.
Kate x


Thanks for the invitation inside this happy space of yours....I truly enjoyed myself and the colour is an attraction all on its own.

Patti S.

You live in such a beautiful area. Wish I lived near you so I could visit your beautiful studio. Nice!


It's great that you both had a nice studio opening day. If i lived closer to you i would come to visit this nice place.
Best wishes


Am so glad it went well, wish I could have come to say hello. You inspired me to learnt to crochet whilst I was on maternity with my second, and I am now hooked ('scue the pun).
What was the furthest that anyone travelled to visit you on Saturday?


Oh Lucy, this is so lovely. I really, REALLY wish I could've been in two places at once and come along and said hello. You both made the studio look amazing, it's such an inspiring place. I'm thrilled it was a success, you deserve every bit of it lovely lady. xx

Vanessa Schmidt

Dear Lucy,
this looks all so very gorgeous to me. I really like your blog and I can understand how hard it is to get it all "togther under one hat", that's what we would say in Germany :-) My best friend has also three little sweeties and what she hasn't got is any time left. so a big compliment to you how you handle it all.
By the way, I read about yout granny bunting and made some triangles which I actually wanted to send to you, so I can take part at Yarndale:-)
Have you already told us an adress where to dens them to?
send you some sunshine from Germany,
yours vanessa


Lucy that sounds so wonderful! Have been reading this blog as a Brit in California for quite a while now and would love to have a little vacation somewhere as pretty as where you live next year. Could you tell me if there are any newish flats to rent or serviced apartments in your area? I am scared of spiders so always like to book newish places when I visit the UK as there often are less to deal with then! lol Ty. :)


How excited to 'live' the moment through your lively account of a very special day. I hope to visit one day from San Diego! Congratulations and continue making memories (and allowing me to share them with you!)

Kellie from Indiana

Lucy, OMG! I am drooling over your yarn stash. What a FEAST for the eyes! I have been an avid reader, sometime commenter for many years and can only imagine how proud you must be! If I didnt live on another continent I would love to visit such a creative space. And Tracy did an amazing job. Her wares are irresistible! What fun! Congratulations to you both!


I wish I could have been there it sounds lovely
I have been trying for ages to subscribe to your blog but every time I click on subscribe a page of gobbeldygook comes up

What can I do ? please ?


Beautiful! Congrats to you both,and so well deserved :)) (Been having issues with posting.)


Congratulations on the success of your first open day. Your studio looks wonderful - wish I lived closer! Best wishes, Pj x


Your studio looks beautiful! I wished I could be there to see it!! Maybe someday!!

Hugz, Lisa

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