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July 09, 2013


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Liz in Missouri, USA

A lovely week for you. Reading your blog today had the effect of allowing me to drop my shoulders and take a couple of deep breaths. Thank you for the quiet moment of inspiration. Saying a wee prayer for your wounded finger and hoping that it will mend before too much longer.


Wishing you continued (speedy) healing. It seems when you're 'laid up' with something the creative ideas flow rampant through the mind, and adds to the frustration. Try not to rush it. Lovely pics. How cool, a friend living in a canal boat!(would love that.)Hope it's a great day!


HI Lucy. I had to quit crocheting for a few years until my husband found me the set of Clover Soft touch Crochet hooks -they were and are a miracle I can finally crochet again with these hooks and have been for over a year now with them. I love all the pretty flowers you recieved and so glad you are doing better. Slowing down some since all the excitement is good for you and your family We all love you dear Lucy! take care ruth


I had a bad fall earlier this week and feel sore and a bit sorry for myself but what a lovely post - I felt calmer and more relaxed just reading it!
In answer to previous posts an allotment is a piece of land used for growing vegetables, fruit, flowers etc for use in the home. Here in the North East of England they're also used to keep chickens, ducks, 'homing' pigeons and to grow show vegetables, especially leeks. A punnet is a small container for fruit



Last week sounds pretty good to me. Hope you are back in fully hooky mode soon - I'm blanket making at the moment for my friend who is due a baby in August. Can't put anything on my blog about it though as she is a follower and it has to be a surprise! Hopefully not too long til I can reveal...
Gorgeous flowers, those roses are divine.
Jones x

Carole Williamson

Hi Lucy,
Your friend is so lucky, I think my hubby would kill to live on a canal boat! This sunny weather is fab.
Oh and by the way where do you want the bunting triangles sending to love?
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx
Ps lovely photos as usual xx


Good to hear you sounding so contented.Let those fingers recover!You will get more flowers on your rose if you chop up every unwanted banana skin and scatter them around the base- full of the things roses love!

Terry Dutton

Hi Lucy.
I have been following your blog now for nearly 12 months. Love what you are doing. I have crochet your flower cushion and done a variation of the ripple blanket.

I have never been able to crochet the "Normal" way, Yarn held in left hand? I hold my hook & my yarn in my right hand. (Very much like knitting) My crocheting is very loose doing it this way, but I just use a smaller hook. Maybe trying it this way might give your left hand a break for a while? Keep up with your marvelous work. And Thank you for your inspiration. Terry XXxxXX

Jennifer Hill

Interesting to see that allotments and punnets seem to be particularly English/British! And oh! that rose! I noticed it in a previous post, in a posy, I think...the two-tone pink one! I'm wondering which it is? Gorgeous. Best wishes for your finger. The cherry juice/cranberry extract is interesting...Jen

Sara Jenkins

Looks like a good week. Especially needed just before school holidays!
Re hurting hands - I have a couple of soft touch hooks which are comfortable - but if I need to use another size - just a plain Aero like you're using I think - I pop a couple of corks on the hook to make the handle larger - but no extra weight. The pain disappears like magic. Good luck.
Ps my husband blames you for the amount if yarn in my suitcase!!! We are on holiday and he commented that everywhere he looks there's yarn!! Thank you. x


beautiful bracelets :)

Jane Pedersen

Hi Lucy this is first comment I have made although look at your site lots and love your patterns. Have been crochet for about 30 years and now can find patterns I love and want to do but have developed a very sore shoulder every time I do any (or iron) so feeling your pain and frustration. Waiting for physio. Hope you finger gets better soon.

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy,Last week made you very happy this week!!!Nice to see you in a peaceful and restful state!!!!Enjoy it and have a happy weekend!!!


Beautiful ... taking a little bit of you time is always a must! May your bounce return soon xxx

Jools Morgan-Jones

I'm glad you're giving yourself some recovery time, Lucy - you deserve it! The crochet will come back soon enough, never fear, just go easy with yourself if you can (though I know I'd be climbing the walls if I couldn't knit, so I sympathise entirely!) I'm hoping to pick wild gooseberries from a spot up on one of the hills here at the weekend - my Dad loves them, so it'll be a pleasure for me to pick them and a pleasure for him to eat them :) Take care xx


Hi Lucy. Loved your post. Good to see you taking time to BE. I loved seeing "allotments" (a piece of land rented in which to grow a garden or tend to veggies etc -right?) When I went to the UK. It was a totally foreign concept for me and I found it fasinating. Here in South Africa we take for granted our space. We tend to have huge gardens here.
I hope your finger heals soon. I have that before,it is frustrating. The only thing that helped was resting it and also cranberry extract-which is wonderful for any inflamation,gout,arthiritis,carpel tunnel.


Have you given up on yarndale? If not what is the po box address, what are temps there? Do u wear shorts t-shirts? I live in them all Summer and I also enjoy sitting on the stairs in front of our home, also if ur not selling stuff at the studio what r u doing there? Are u teaching helping people how to crochet? I luv ur blog. :-) Irene


I sympathize with you on crochet injuries. I think I have crocheter's elbow right now - hurts so badly I can't even lift a jug of juice without sharp pain. Keep ice on it at night but pain still there. Think we both need to see the doc about what to do! Grrrr...

Margery Daw

Oh the boat. I would give my right arm to live on one, but hubby would go stir crazy!!! I bet it's been lovely having a slower week, gives time for all the loveliness to sink in! X.

Joan Clarke

Being an American, I don't understand what a "punnett" is. An allotment I suppose is a bit of land used for gardens/farming?

Hope you'll translate these words. Love your blog and your sweet presentation of what's going on in your life. Delightful!!

Sorry to hear you're having hand pain. Is this due to carpal tunnel/repetitive motion? Hope you find a remedy...I didn't know there were alternative ways of crocheting...will you show us what you're doing?
In the wild and wooly west of the USA

becca green

Hi Lucy. I have never commented even though you are my favorite blogger. I have been so inspired by your blog that I have just started to learn to crochet! I am also planning a trip to England next summer! So your blog has brought about two great things for me! Hope your finger problem is reconciled soon. Your blog is so inspirational! It makes me smile each time I see that you have a new post!

Ann K

Carpal tunnel in both of my hands...so far, I have found wooden crochet hooks easier on my hands than metal. I hold my hook like a knife not pencil and find that is easier for me (my great grandmother was a very proper "pencil" hold crocheter who did amazing thread work). I do have to sometimes crochet in short bursts to spare my wrists. Weather changes to the barometric pressure can trigger aching.

melody Anderson

Hi! Lucy, did you see the doctor or a chiropractor, what if your finger is out of joint? I know mine has helped me immensely since I had her look at my hands and arms because I had quit crocheting because of pain in my hands and the very finger you are having a problem with. I can now crochet quite a long time before they bother me. Good luck and God Bless, Melody A.
Is there an address to send the buntings to?

Judith Price

You seem to have such a lovely life - keep crotcheting
I hope your friend enjoys her boat - so nice


Yes, I don't understand either what an "allotment" is. I hope you can enlighten us as this is not something I hear of in the states. Loved the peek at your friends canal boat, too. Does one have to pay some kind of "rent" to live in a boat such as that? Love the colorful pictures of your work. Marie in Oregon

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