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June 20, 2013


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Those plants are so fun :)
Lucy can I suggest you have a go at growing your own pepper plants? I saved some seeds from a store bought pepper, left them to dry for ten days then planted them in yogurt pots. They take between 7-10 days to pop up then grow like nobodies business. I now have 24 pots of peppers growing on my big sunny windowsill. They are already flowering so I should have peppers in a few weeks.


On our list to visit and you've made it sound even more desirable. Love your everlasting plants and that is one beautiful case on your shelves.
Carol xx

Doe Floyd

As ever a great post I find you really inspiring. I came to the same conclusion when choosing plants for our yard. Starting from scratch every year was not an easy task. I now have lots of pots with perennials, evergreens and a couple of trees for height. Now in the summer I plant colourful hanging baskets and a couple of pots of annuals for splashes of brightness, job done. It means that there is always something of interest in the yard and it never feels like an overwhelming task. xxx


Oooh, I so need some of those plants! I cannot keep plants alive at all and these have the added bonus of being incredibly cute.


There's something special about Tiptree Jam isn't there! I love the paper flowers, we have no luck at all with flowers or plants (the only thing we've kept alive for any length of time seems to be a lettuce... I am now reluctant to eat it!)


Empty the hanging basket and containers into the bin - it takes 5 minutes and makes you feel better instantly


Another lovely post Lucy. That bookshop looks amazing, I could lose myself in there for hours! The plants would be fab for my daughters uni room - if she can find room!!

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy,Your studio looks beautiful and as per Lucy!:) Very colorful!!!A day out must have been a lot of fun!!!Such a beautiful place!!!Hope you have a fun filled weekend with your family!!!


Hi, when I saw your Port-a-plant I instantly thought what fun they would bring and what great gifts they would make.
They reminded me of when I was little, when you could buy a magazine with a paper doll with different outfits that you could cut out to dress her with. I used to love playing with them. Not even sure if you can get them anymore.
These plants will definitely be on my gift list.
Thanks for sharing :)
Sally x


What a lovely post, Lucy! I love your pictures, they make me want to visit Salts Mill as well. And your studio is so colourful. Looking forward to pictures of your open studio day.


I must be one of the few people who does not appreciate Hockney, however I DO appreciate his subject as many of his paintings are of one of my regular walks and it is a beautiful part of Yorkshire ( I would say that as it is in my home town!) I also, incidentally, regularly walk past his home and see him driving through town.
Love the garden, what a beautiful little oasis xx

Handmade in Israel

Those paper plants are such fun... but that garden is the real thing! It is delightful. Worth taking the Tricky Way :)


Salts Mill is such a great day out. When my girl was little it was a real treat to go on the train from Skipton. We managed to fit in a visit on our last trip home and my purse refused to stay closed too!


What an interesting place you live in. So many delightful sights. Thank you for the pictorial.


WOAH! The garden in the Back Bridge Street is so amazing..


...a virtual garden! what a happy idea, indeed!!!!
hope you are getting better, xxxxx Ale


Great post. Such goodness! Studio is looking quite snappy with the addition of those potted ants. I think your ideas for more lasting plantings at home is brilliant. Very good idea to use this season as a planning and thinking stage. Plenty of time down the line to implement ;). I say from experience. Sometimes the best times are when we let go of what can't fit just now and keep moving forward. It all falls into place. Eventually :)


Never mind the plants (love them by the way), look at all that YARN!!!!

Kim W

Plants you can't kill? Done! I am sold! Thank you Lucy, this post was just what I needed. I love seeing the lush green scenery and miles of books;). Thanks again.


Hmmm, Lucy, the paper plants are clever, and will only need regular dusting, but I so much prefer the garden you saw by taking the tricky path.

Perhaps the gardener behind that climbing garden might be someone you could meet, and convince to give you a few clippings to root for your own garden? Trade your beautiful crocheting for a seeding or three?

Best wishes.

ann snell

it looks good!

Dorothy Griffiths

Hi Lucy I visited Salts Mills a few years ago and loved it. The size of the mill was inspiring and I hope to return one day soon. Loved the little plants and will certainly be buying some. Sadly I am a well known killer of plants as I always over or under water them. When given plants as gifts, although lovely, my heart sinks so your wonderful find fits the bill for me. A lovely post as always. Hope you managed to pop and see the GP about your hand. Take care
Lots of love


Awwww, love your paper plants....so cute .
The garden you found is stunning and I'm sure these plants would love it in your outside space.
And YES this sort of gardening is so much more satisfying than buying annuals each year.
Please keep planing and dreaming and sharing :0)
Salts mill is on my list to visit....I love Hockney too.
Jacquie x

Sara Jenkins

Loving the cheerful plants. x

kate from greedy for colour

Thank you so much for that little visit to Salt Mills - We are coming over for a holiday and tour of England next year with the boys and it will definitely be on the list - as will Bolton Abbey. xxx.

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