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June 20, 2013


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Lovely article, Lucy! I enjoyed reading it with all of these amazing photos! Beautiful!


love the porta plants, but mostly i love love love salts mill, my absolute favourite part is the old medicine cabinets downstairs, oh i want to rip them out and take them home! x

Pete Kuhns

We're also working on virtual gardening, for kids, adults, and all the other people in-between: www.gardenbilder.com


Hi Lucy,
these paper plants are a very clever idea and your studio looks beautiful.
I wish you luck for the grand opening day of your studio.

gina in alabama

I think you need some of these plants for Connievan!

Susan Turnbull

Loved your post! We visited Salts Mill in February, taken by our daughter as Dad likes Hockney! She then bought him the book 'A Bigger Message' as a birthday present and he loved it! We will be back, soon I hope.


I thoroughly enjoyed this post as we used to live very close to Salts Mill and often visited. To me it was such a special place - an oasis in an area that did not always inspire! I love the paper plants - what a fun idea. Wishing I could visit again buit now we live up in Scotland not so easy.

Laura Miller

Hi Lucy - I have no idea if you read all the comments you get (when do you find the time???) but I thought I'd send you these links to some pallet gardens which I think might work in your little yard. They are so easy to put together, relatively cheap and low maintenance! Great visual displays. Anyway, it might give you some ideas on gardening in a small area and you could interplant veggies for the kids to grow too! Much love. xxx http://homes.ninemsn.com.au/diy/craftprojects/8383807/vertical-pallet-garden

Susan Hook

The salt mills look very interesting, you look like you really enjoyed your day the gardens are beautiful!


Its so pretty where u live and ur so lucky to still have ur Father I miss mine so bad, I live in Tx and yes I Love where we live but if I could I would go there, not Necessarily where u are but somewhere like that, its so green there right now but so cold in the winter,we live in a Desert Environment, its pretty here to. :-)

Emily Clark

The paper plants are such a clever idea!!! They add such fun color to your delightful studio. have a daughter that loves crafty things...I think she would love putting together a few of those plants.
I do hope you start feeling better soon...summer sickies are no fun.

Mary Ellen Ash

I just ordered the Port-A-Plant on Amazon this morning after reading this post last night! Sooooo excited to get it and work on these with my girls! They're going to love it. I love your blog, all the colors you use, all the pretty pictures of the places you visit. I have shared this blog with my friend Lucy who is from Wales (she lives near me here in the US, in Kansas City). So fun to see your pictures and dream about maybe going over there some day!


In answer to Kris (June 21st 12:35pm). How far North do you want to visit?
I live in County Durham and last year was taught to crochet by a lovely lady at Killhope Lead Mining Centre. This, and a variety of other courses are held in Yurts, lunch was included in the price. It's a great family day out, stunning scenery, small museum, interactive activities for children, a nature trail, lovely cafe and gift shop. Last year they had a fabulous exhibition of proggy/proddy mats. I've posted the link below.
I learnt the basics of crochet on the course but struggle to read a crochet pattern, Lucy's excellent photo tutorials have been a wonderful way for me to improve my skills.

Jo Roberts

Never see those before aren't they cool bananas! Good to stay creative while you are out of crochet action. Keep happy! Jo x


Peep Loves Yarn

Very cute! I love how the studio is coming along so beautifully. So bright and colorful. Adorable!


How Lovely Lucy! 1) the park you visited-gorgeous 2.) The port-a-plant idea-so cute and lastly that gorgeous garden! Thanks for sharing!


Hey Lucy...I enjoyed you outing and love that bookstore!!! I go bonkers in bookstores like that and can never not 'open my purse' as you put it. Those little punch-out plant pots are so cute and cheerful. I am so envious of your studio shelves, the yarn, the color...I just drool when I look at them! Hugs, MO
[email protected]


Really enjoyed this post. We visited the Mill some years ago and I thought it was brilliant - on the other hand my husband thought it was a load of old you know what.... We also came across a false leg - didn't know whether it was a joke or what - but we never saw anyone hopping around on one leg!


Your photos of Salt Mills and the gardens in the park are so lovely. I also liked the cardboard plants and they look great on top of your bookcase. Thanks!


Paper plants sound wonderful. They are so bright and cheery. A great addition of color. :)


Glad you were able to spread your creative wings and make some plants! They look great in your studio. Hope you keep feeling better.


Thanks so much for the pop up plant link - my daughter's just moved in to her own flat so it'll be great to get her started on something 'foolproof'! Jane x


I love your photos! I'm sorry if this is a bit creepy, but I'm really curious as to where in the north of England you live - I'm in Sheffield and would love to explore some more - are there places in the north you'd recommend for a crafty crochety day-trip?

I'm an Aussie living here to study; I know Gloucestershire/Wiltshire/Herefordshire/Wales/rural Lincolnshire fairly well, but since moving to Sheffield I haven't been able to get out much because Homework - but now it's summer and I hope to change that.

ALSO - speaking of Australia - A couple of years ago I was enthusing about crochet patterns with a bookstore clerk in Canberra, and we both mentioned your blog at the same time. Thanks for all the lovely patterns and beautiful photographs.


Salts Mill looks wonderful. So does the crumpet. And the lovely garden is indeed inspirational. It is so much easier to have beds to plant things in I think. I had only pots for years, and they are much harder to maintain, especially when it is dry. But beds can be quite low maintenance and still look stunning. Hope you and yours all have a lovely weekend Lucy.

Jennifer Hill

Glad you're feeling better. I LOVE the paper plants - so bright & graphic! In my previous comment I mentioned ferns, grasses and a box ball, but I see in your photo centre stage a big hosta and of course they're great too, aren't they? So many colour variations. I definitely think you're right - a low maintenance perennial underpinning is the way to go. Happy planning! Jen

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