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June 14, 2013


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hi hon we have recently had to give up our permanently pitched caravan as we could no longer afford it but it gave us 8 amazing yrs ours was about an hr or so from home. enjoy!!


Everything looks so absolutely perfect. I have only one little suggestion, for when your finger is better. Those arm rests in Connievan look like they're crying out for some hooky covers. Just a thought.

Lindsey Toms

It looks like your lovely caravan has a beautiful new spot.....you will love your visits :)

Angela- Southern U.S.A.

What a wonderful new home for Connie! Seems like the ideal solution.Thanks for sharing, I feel like I'm been transported there for a quick holiday :D Love the song of those birds, I've never heard them before. Where ever did you find that gorgeous little vase of flowers(on the wall, above the window) in Connie?!LOVE it! Oh, and I love your fold up grill too :)Continued healing blessings sent your way!


fun!!! i'm jealous! sometimes when i want to get away but have commitments for the weekend, or no one to go with, i put my tent up in the back yard and yard camp. maybe i'll do that tonight...

angie campsell

your children will have lots of tales to tell their children later in life.my ideal getaway from it all.i noticed on the shelf in connie a vase of flowers, are they crochet? whatever they are they are very pretty


Lovely post!


Hello Lucy, glad to see you're feeling better! I just wanted to drop you a wee note and let you know I'd come across your blog in this last week, and I find your sunny attitude, beautiful photos, and bright crochet an absolute inspiration! I've only just started crocheting, and I can't wait to do a ripple blanket like yours. Though I'm in the States, I lived in the UK for a brief amount of time for Uni, and it found its way into my heart, so your photos of the countryside make me a bit homesick! Thanks for bringing us all along on your adventures, and I can't wait to read more.
Cheers, Kristi


Sooo jealous! This reminds me of the camping holidays we had when our children were younger, when all we needed was sunshine ans space. We used to watch all the hikers and cyclers go off in the morning knowing that we had the campsite pretty much to ourself for the rest of the day. Lazy strolls, country pubs, games of badminton, otter and deer watching (and one trip to hospital for a broken arm!) I really miss it. This would be a perfect solution for my almost grown up family, those who wanted to and were available could join us or we could (gasp!) GO ON OUR OWN!


When I was little, my family did exactly the same, and your photos could easily have been ours. Our little caravan was in the Dales near Grassington so I recognise the hillsides, the dry stone walls, walks by the river Wharfe and the sound of the curlew. It really took me back. I'm sure your little ones will have wonderful memories of these times. Thank you for sharing.


You know Lucy, we are planning an october holiday, and wonder what we shall do...a Tour de France, or...a tour in England... We love both countrys very,very mush...but after reading your blog...well...I think we set of for England... Want to bay a new waxcoat anyway...so... I wish you and your husband manny warm weekends at Connyvan with your little people! I've never met you, but you have sush a beautifull family!

Kim W

It seems such a strange idea to me, camping this way, we were always a tenting/roughing it kind of family, but looks like great fun. The Bumper and I are thinking of going backyard camping ourselves. Get better soon, but take heart your triangles from around the world will be arriving shortly.


Tracy aplin

I know just how lucky you are with your conivan....we have a Abby. She lives at the back of my husbands wood yard and when we can we pull her out in to a sheep paddock ! Move the sheep first( well my father in laws sheep!) I sew, our girls play with the dogs and climb trees and my husband hopefully sits down with a beer!! Oh joy. Very windy down here in Kent today, but hope to stay in our Abby next weekend. Hope you will be hocking again soon.....had repetitive strain on my right hand before...not nice. Enjoy, love Tracyx

Kathy C

You haven't heard from me before (a "stealth" follower), but I am thinking of you with your current struggles. Your blog lifts me up! Hang in there and feel better soon.

carol partridge

what a lovely spot. The pub looked great. Then on closer inspection , I realised I'd actually been to the area and called there on a coach day trip about 7 years ago !

Pam roach

I love what you post. Gorgeous pics and from a former 'camper' I love your descriptions!! I'm on the shores of Lake Michigan in Pentwater , Michigan , USA

Holly McLean

I don't usually comment although I always read, but your post struck me. We took our 3 in our little tent trailor and it too was always the getting ready that was the worst. You've found a wonderful solution.
The countryside and villages are so quaint and different than anything we'd see here. I love reading and seeing it through your words and photos.


I love reading your post about your lovely weekend. I'm so glad you managed to find a ways round the hassle of packing up to go away. When my children were small we had a regular campsite we went to, just 30 minutes from home. Not quite so convenient as having a permanent spot, but we had great times. Like your little ones, the children packed their favourite toys - my eldest refused to move without a large box containing his wooden train set! I really miss those times - all my children are grown up now and living a long way away, but only a couple of weeks ago we were reminiscing about our regular camping trips. You certainly do live in a lovely place. Hope you continue to recover and are back crocheting soon.

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

What a wonderful idea for your caravan and I'm sure it'll work out well for you too. I love how the curtains look, all those gruesome hour of hand stitching paid off! I adore the Playmobile caravan, my DD is into playmobile too and we've just got a swingball as well. Hoping it'll be perfect for home and holidays too. Aren't we lucky to be enjoying this great age with them?

S x


I remember the first time you posted about this site , it looked wonderful , and still does. Your solution seems perfect. No towing hassle either. Just perfect.
Thank you for sharing the special times again Lucy...your posts are such a joy.
Jacquie x


Oh Lucy, i am so glad you have found a place for Connievan. Sometimes it is the simple things in life. Im so happy you can just pop a few things in the car and head off to visit Connie. Such a wonderful thing to do. My kiddies are now 19 and 17 and long past any family time like you are sharing with your family. They will treasure these daysxxxxx


Looks perfect.The Curlew is absolutely the best bird call.When we visit family in Scotland I love sitting outside listening to them. Rub arnica into that finger!


This area seems lovely. It brings back memories of my trip in Peak District and the Snowdonia area.
The Playmobil family has no crocheted blanket to make them warm. What a shame! ;)

Jan McCann

I love that the playmobil family camped with you!


Oh I think that was indeed serendipity. You , the van, the site, the village were all made for each other. Enjoy the lovely memories. It truly is the simple pleasures that we look back on fondly and form our children's sense of self. x

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