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June 14, 2013


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Your studio is so homey and cozey looking....feel proud in your accomplishment of making your beloved hobby something to share with others. I live in Texas (USA) and love reading your blog, seeing the colorful photos and simply enjoying your activities via the web. My head fills with ideas as I browse your projects. An avid "hooky" myself (in crochet), I look forward to future studio posts and wonderful results. Blessings to you and your friends!

Hill upon Hill

Ah yes, this is the answer. We have a van parked near a beach; we go to the van whenever we can. We are getting to know others around us who do the same and we are beginning to think of the beach as 'ours'.


Looks like you had a lovely time and how nice to have a caravan of your own to retreat to! I love your crochet blankets on the seats too!



Oh I love it so much!!
Your caravan looks so happy in her new little home.
I wish you many, many happy adventures in your cozy little nest and exploring her surroundings. xxxxxxxxx

Sew Create It - Jane

It's wonderful to read about the Connievan! You have been a little ray of inspiration and we've just bought a tiny caravan to see what it is all about. Our first trip out was idyllic and very Connievanesque, but our second trip wasn't as good. (grumpy 10 year old and housing estate type site...yuk) We are quickly learning what kind of sites to look for..small and simpler being more to our taste :o) I look forward to hearing how the more permanent move works out for you...sounds even simpler!


What a great idea - you have to do what works best, I know exactly how you feel about planning and organising - as the kids get older and supposedly easier to look after, I somehow find myself with less time and in a permanent state of chaotic disarray ... hence my disappearance from blogland of late! Anyway, Connievan's little plot looks rather lovely, I'm sure she will be very happy there, especially as you guys will be keeping her company more often :)
I'm just going to sit back and catch up on lots of your blog posts that I have missed! Hope you are all well
Em xxx


Sounds like you all had quite a good time! The village is sweet, for having not much! Loved your pictures. Continued prayers that your hand heals.


Once again...I have enjoyed reading your blog post very much...what a great way to spend the weekend...take care of yourself, Tina in MI


Yay! That's a great idea! I'm so glad you've found a way to make the trips easier. It looks like a wonderful time!


Oh, it all sounds so lovely Lucy, and you sound so happy too. My parents own a caravan but hardly use it for all the reasons you listed above! The weather is the main thing I think. What a good idea to leave it somewhere year round - I bet you'll use it loads now. Sometimes you need to get away from the house and phone, computer, door bell, to enjoy proper family time. xx


Your trip is breathtaking! Those meadows are so welcoming... so bright and sunny! Blessings to your family and to have many many more such joyful tripsa ahead!


Hi Lucy,
I am so glad Connie has a spot so convenient for those family outings. Yes the children will always remeber these times.
xo jan@http://sewandsowfarm.blogspot.com/

Angy Braine

♥♥♥♥ ... sigh... and swoon. Just love it.


It sounds like you made a very good decision to move Connievan, even though it might cost a bit you're gunna get a lot more use out of her, so actually you'll probably be quids in :)

I LOVE that Little Lady bought along a playmobile camper, what a fab idea :D My little brother had playmobil when we were kids & it was my favourite thing, we didn't have a campervan but he did have Pirates. Yarrrr!

I'm sorry to hear about your hand pain. I had a similar problem just after xmas and I was pretty upset because I thought it was here to stay. Actually, I thought of how much hooking you do & I wondered how you were okay & I wasn't - I hope I didn't jinx you there!

Anyway, I found this site which has 5 hand exercises, really simple and easy to do, like if you're on the school run, you can just stretch out your fingers. I was sceptical but I swear to god they worked! I did also have a fortnights rest but I'd wholly recommend giving them a go - there's nothing to loose but potentially much to gain :)


Right, I'm off to carry on with my yarndale bunting :) Take care!

Jo Just Unwind

So wonderful you made this work for you. I am quite jealous in a nice way. Hope the finger is much better soon. Jo

Lynda M O

What a neat idea-bringing her close enough to pop out at a moment's notice. So wonderful for the family, Lucy. I hope your hand and head are improving as the days go by and that soon you are right as rain again.


It looks absolutely marvellous, I am totally jealous. Glad you had such a lovely time and I'm so glad you let us share your memories and read all about your lovely times. I really look forward to your blog Lucy it's always so lovely to read. Thankyou Maggie xxx


Oh Lucy what a lovely post.... Connievan is the exact van that I have just made happy! It belongs to my parents and sadly they don't use it anymore so I spruced her up and she is off to a new home... I would love to do the same and put a van of my own on a site somewhere... a bolthole! Go and have a little look as I have put some pictures on. Here's to many lovely weekends for you :)
Sharon xx

one paisley apple

Lucy, Connievan's new home looks beautiful. I'd love to find a spot like that here in NZ for our vintage van that we're doing up, you have given me lots of inpsiration from pics of Connievan and your hooky too!

Rosanne (California)

What a delightful post - So glad you found a place for ConnieVan - looks wonderful. So does the Corona - have you tried sticking a slice of lime in the top?....emmmm good.

Lisa G.

Amazingly beautiful countryside - and to think that your littles don't mind the long walks. It was a great idea, and I'm glad you thought of it.


Wonderful, what a perfect place for Connievan and all the happy times you will share.
Carol xx


I don't know why but I feel a little tearful reading this. It all sounds so very lovely. What a good idea to give connivan a proper lovely home. She looks just perfect sitting there in such an idyllic spot. Now you can have lovely weekends whenever you choose. Or just pop and spend the day in her. So glad your finger is on the mend. Apologies if you received an odd spammy email from me the other day. My email was hijacked. Very annoying! fiona x


Hi Lucy,
I'm happy your caravan has a new home and you and your family are loveing it.
We are also caravaner's, we try to go every weekend. We are in holland, our caravan is in the Flevopolder which is pretty but i miss the english country side very much. But we do have deer walking around at night which is quite amusing.
Best of luck with you finger.


So ... what would be your advice for someone, yes me, looking for a little caravan of my own? xxx

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