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June 22, 2013


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Wow - what a perfect summer soltice! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them! :-)


I always love your dialog - and this one reminded me of my Mom, who always said things like "and we jumped in the car" or "we dashed to the store"
our teenage selves always said "Mom can't you just say "we went to the store"
and leave it at that? She couldn't, bless her. Love your family blogging.


happy solstice love :)


Hi Lucy :) I've been absent from your blog for the last month (life just gets busy) and have spent a blissful hour catching up on what you've been up to - coffee in hand of course! It's like popping in to see an old friend. You're making gorgeous memories for your family. They are going to be astounded when they read over your blog in the years to come and see their childhood through your eyes. It's an insight we don't often get to have! I'll be in more often now, so see you soon!


Strange. I always hate to see the summer solstice arrive since it means the days begin getting shorter now. Love those long, long daylight hours. But the winter solstice makes me feel really good since I know that every day the light stays just a little bit longer and spring is surely on the way.

Victoria in Indiana


Dearest Lucy. I have just put another log on the fire and sat down to send you my love and encouragement. Yes its our winter solstice here in NZ but thankfully we live north of the worst of this prescent storm. But back to you and your amazing blog and crochet and all that you share. You have been such an inspiration for me as I took up the crochet hooks again after years enveloped in patchwork. I realy hope you have a book published soon. I just been catching up on your posts after a time of distractions and am sorry you have had some difficulties but hope you will be encouraged and uplifted by all the messages of support. I just loved the pic of little Bs feet poking out from under your lovely rug. I love your home, your studio, Connievan, and all the lovely places you share. yorkshire is on my list for my UK visit this time next year and I would just loveto have a coffee with you. Meanwhile our housebus which I just love is undergoing upgrades ready for our South Island trip next Feb and we are shifting next door shortly but I will be dropping in for my Attic fix and hope you finger mends quickly and totally. Enjoy your long summer days. Love and blessings, Trills.xx


I just love to read about your Connievan adventures. It makes me want to get one so my family and I can enjoy the escape of daily life. Enjoy the long day.

Andrea Barskiy

What a nice place is Connievan placed. I sometimes miss the change of seasons, living in the south now. I enjoy your blog so much. For the crochet projects you post but also for your daily life where you have this ability to describe so vividly. Thank you!


The shortest day here finished at 4.53pm. I like the solstice, it gives me a psychological shift about the turning of the days.

Jacqui Jeffries

I share your angst in wanting to celebrate the Solstice dates, I got my reluctant tribe out on Thurstaston Hill. They chased and wrestled each other and hid each others shoes (males 46, 17 & 15) while I enjoyed the Dee Estuary view and chilled after a busy week in work :)

Dorothy Griffiths

What a magical day Lucy, perfect. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Lots of love


My nephews made friends with other children who regularly stayed on the same caravan site as the one where my sister has her van and that friendship has lasted several years. Ouch at the nettles though - I bet LM will remember that. 40+ years on, I still remember the time I stepped into a cow-pat wearing canvas shoes and no socks when we were camping in Cornwall!

Lisa G.

Lucy, I couldn't agree with you more - all winter I remind myself of these long days. We're having a little celebration tomorrow!


Happy Summer Solstice Lucy :) That's something to celebrate indeed!
We just had the Winter Solstice here in Australia. I'm looking forward to the Summer Solstice to bring back the long sunny days and warm weather already!


Happy Solstice Lucy - I think the longest and shortest days are important to mark - the cross quarter days - Feb 1 , Aug 1 etc are also very special in the rhythm of the year. I was up in Wharfedale today and went up to just above Hubberholme - I delighted in the buttercup yellowed fields as I hadn't been since I left Keighley 14 years ago. It was a joy . I realised how much I miss it. Thanks for sharing your lovely blog and hope your finger is better soon . X

Catherine Maudsley

Hello there - your Connievan encouraged us to buy a caravan our neighbours were selling and we have put it on a farm site near Whitby Abbey. We are only an hour away from there and get over as much as we can, though this weekend and last the weather forecast curtailed any visits. I loved caravanning when the kids were small, the whole thing is such an adventure for them isn't it. Hope you get your finger sorted out, it must be awful for you not being able to crochet. How about doing some more of those fab pictures you have at the top of your blog - I would buy them!!
have many more happy weekends on the site. Catherine

Crafty mermaid

I celebrated the longest night (and shortest day) in Taupo New Zealand with two friends, a cosy fire, tarot, and candles. We wanted to reflect on the year behind and ahead - I miss Christmas in the middle of winter! The solstice means a lot to me as my mother always remarked it and I'm super aware now that we're on opposite ends of the globe.


I am so jealous of the connievan. :(


HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE, LUCY! You had a grand day!
Hugs, MO


Inspiring. Matariki is the maori New Year here in New Zealand and it starts when particular stars arrive in the sky and obviously lasts longer than a day. I think you do a wonderful job creating lovely moments for your family. I shall have to think of a winter solstice tradition for my not so little ones


It stays light until 10:30 in the UK? That is so awesome!!!!

Eleanor from Stitches and Seeds

Not crazy at all - longest and shortest days are far more real than our culture imposed festivals the affect mood and something even deeper - if we let them and aren't totally ruled by the lightbulb and curtains. Keep celebrating!


Jen Y

Don't let your family's lack of enthusiasm discourage you. I think it's pretty normal for moms to initiate & organize memories. dads & kids don't usually appreciate it until years late when they look back at all the great memories made. You're doing such a great job creating those wonderful memories for your family!

I'm working on some 4th of July memories to make soon here. There's always moaning about but then lots of laughter afterwards.


I feel exactly the same about winter and summer solstice, I love them. They somehow make me feel so connected to the earth and the rhythm of the seasons. But yes, I think if it wasn't for me the others might not even notice them! Hope you enjoy this midsummer weekend Lucy.


Happy Solstice, a perfect end to the day in Yorkshire, it was cloudy here, I tried to get some shots of the moon,but it was not to be this year. x

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