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June 22, 2013


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Lisbeth Wallace

Your posts are very relaxing. I love our caravan also. We raised our children with lots of camping holidays here in Australia.They learned how to make friends..just say "hello"
I agree with Jen Y,when the children grow they give great joy when they remind you of all the fun things they did.

Angy Braine

It takes a very special kinda lady to see the beauty and sacredness in life's treasures... especially the treasures we are given for free - like a solstice. I'm the same way about our Winter Solstice here - we even have a small ceremonial bonfire and a special meal. Thank you for sharing your family traditions with the world -especially because they are so beautiful like you.

Kim W

I am also nutters about the solstice, but did not get to celebrate this year. Thank you for your post, I felt like I celebrated with you and yours.

Rachel Ridley

Ohhhh such a lovely uplifting post! Thanks Lucy!!X


A good thing to celebrate the longest day. You indeed had a beautiful day, thanks for scharing. The weather, here in the Netherlands was very bad on friday, lots of rain so we stayed in whole day( except for the small dogwalks).


What a magical day! I have always loved the long light evenings we have in summer, so I have mixed feelings about the summer solstice. It's great to have such a long day, but I always feel a bit sad too, because the days start getting shorter again.


Ohhh! You can tell your family you're as crazy as any Swede then. The Midsummer celebration - as we call it, is our most important holiday of the year. It beats all the other holidays. So keep it up Lucy! Nine million Swedes can't be wrong ;-)


Oh Lucy, you're not crazy, not crazy in the least!! I too adore celebrating these special times of the year, they mean so much to me. I was planning an outdoor picnic and bonfire with my family, but we got rained out. I'm glad you had such lovely weather and a lovely time! I feel like I got to have a bit of my day by reading your post and seeing your pictures! Happy Summer Solstice to you!!


Hey, the moon was fat and full here in Miami too! It was the end of a long, hot, breezy day. I'm glad we're connected by the rhythm of life. Happy Solstice!


Sounds lovely Lucy and while you celebrated your summer solstice, it was our winter solstice! So strange that!


Slugs in crocs - urgh!!! Little Lady has my sympathy. And she'll certainly remember this solstice :)


Aaaah, just wonderful.
Carol xx


A truly fabulous solstice memory, perhaps next time they'll all be so excited to do something wonderful with you to celebrate.


I too think the longest day of the year has special meaning. When I was growing up, my dad always mentioned the longest day and the shortest day. I've always remembered that as he was a quiet man who wasn't one to speak much at all.
My guess is that even though the children roll their eyes and think you're odd right now, they WILL remember what you've said about the seasons as they become adults...and think about you very fondly when they do.


I'm so happy that you persevered with wanting to celebrate solstice! I fully understand the eyerolling on this one! I may have been on the receiving end myself once or twice. Love that you had such a nice time and that the little ones found new friends!


I know how you feel about the Solstice. I, too imagine it as a hill, or peaks and troughs. We are on the slope downwards now which is always a little sad but especially as we haven't really had summer yet!
In the olden days they did celebrate Midsummers eve, in Shakespeare's time it was an opportunity to endulge in revelry and mischievous, which I always think is a shame we have lost it now! Maybe we could bring it back...

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy, I think you had a perfect Summer Solstice and Yes!!!Absolutely!!!Most definitely!!!These special days should be celebrated!!!After all, they only happen once a year!!!!Spring Day is another day I love to celebrate!!!! Hope your week ahead is filled with fun and happiness!!!

Lynne Gill

Brilliant Solstice! How great that the Little People are being introduced to this 'event' at such a young age - whether they like it or not!!) You'll see, they will trot this out in years to come as one of their best memories.

Love your beakers - and thank you for the quick trip into Rice-Land, I've had a nice browse with my morning cuppa. Hope the rest of your Connievan stay was as enjoyable. Lx


That sounds like the best day...... Beautiful sunshine too.
Your posts always warm my heart


Sounds great-very prefect and beautiful day. I miss UK; we lived 5 years in London but i love countryside.

Teresa Kasner

I think it's great that you want to make the solstice a memorable time for your family. We took our DIL and two littlest grandsons on a sternwheeler trip on Thursday - pix on blog. What a fun time, the boys got to steer the ship! Enjoy your camp. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Connievan's new spot looks lovely, and to have that beautiful hill to walk up is very special and just the mission for a Summer solstice.We had our Winter solstice on Friday and I love the thought of the days starting to get longer from now on. I had a chuckle when I saw the link to the melamine cup. Who would have thought they made them in such Lucy-style? We are in line for a "supermoon" tonight and I will be the one hustling everyone out to look- no doubt there will be a few moans...


Dear Lucy

So glad you had such a lovely celebration for the Summer solstice. We here in South Africa celebrated the Winter Solstice. My mom gets as excited as you do about the Solstice. We can now start looking forward to longer days, although winter is here to stay for a while

Laura Miller

Ahhh, those long long evenings - how I miss them.... Here in Africa we have awesome sunsets but they last 20 mins or so and then total blackness envelops everything! By 8pm (even in Summer) it is completely dark. Happy Summer Solstice!!! xxx


A perfect day!

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