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June 11, 2013


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Awh Shame hon, I hope you feel better soon. Rest up and don't feel bad to do so-even us mothers need to be looked after when we are sick!It's hard though, I know. Hope your finger feels better soon too. Look forward to reading about your connievan adventure when you are well.

kelly baxter

Be good to yourself!!! A good night's sleep, yummy food...and head to the shops and treat yourself to something frivolous!!!!

This too shall pass!

Rocío B.

Ánimo, Lucy. Seguro que pronto te sentirás mejor. Eres genial y me haces disfrutar mucho con tu blog.
Besos desde España.

Susan Turnbull

Poor you! Hope you feel better soon, Mums just CAN'T be ill can they?
PS. First visit to your part of the world last weekend as my daughter has moved nearby. Malham amazing and Bolton Abbey so beautiful but awfully busy on Sunday. Our next visit will be a week day!

Victoria Porritt

Oh I sympathise! I've got that head cold as well - I think it's taken out most of Yorkshire! I also tore the ligaments in my foot a month ago and haven't been able to drive since. Add in a crazy workload and it's difficult not to feel overwhelmed. These things are surely sent to test us but take a deep breath, put the kettle on and remind yourself, "this too shall pass"...


Hey Lucy, sorry to hear your not feeling well.... I've had a stinker of a cold too.... A summer cold is worse than a winter one I think! Can't believe little b is three and a half.... Where does the time go? Sending you a hug,


Oh dear- sorry to hear things are tricky at the mo. These little people do indeed put us through our paces. Hang in there. The phases pass. Hope your cold lifts so you can at least taste comforting chocolate in moments of need!!!!
Big hugs, C


Lucy- rub arnica into that finger every twenty minutes or so- works wonders when arthritis gives my fingers hell and keep it gently moving.Thinking of you- so very frustrating when one is feeling rubbish and can't make and do.X


Awww! So sorry that you're suffering with a nasty head cold, I can see by your post that you're doing everything I would suggest - hot lemons and Olbas oil, drink plenty of fluids to 'flush' it out.
I have arthritis in my fingers and have been told to keep on with the knitting and crocheting, these crafts are now being used in pain clinics. Like Sarah (10/06 10:45) I 'knit' with the hook, using my left hand just to hold the work, you could try that but I know it's difficult to change the way you work. Your pharmacist may be able to recommend a topical preparation that could ease your painful finger. Hope you're feeling better soon - Little B, look after your Mum!

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy, A finger, flu and a difficult 3.5 year old!!!Aah I really hope you feel better soon!!!Nothing worse than a summer flu!!!You can relieve the symptoms but bed rest is really all that works!!!Little B is really testing the boundaries!!!But in a year or so,you'll all be laughing at this little episode!!!It becomes precious memories!!!Hope you have a really restful recovery and feel better soon!!!


Lucy my lovely, sending you hugs. I know the joy and frustration a 3.5 year old can bring. Try this with your finger. Make a paste with warm water and mustard powder (organic preferably) smear on a muslin cloth and wrap around the painful area. It might help. Tis an old remedy. Sleeping with a peeled onion cut in half close to you might help with the cold too. Love, light and speedy get well blessings x x


Oh Lucy, I hope you do feel better very soon! No wonder you're feeling a bit down, with that cold AND a painful finger... sending you some sunny cheerful thoughts! :-) xxxx

Abeer ALQattan

check this out Lucy ,

Abeer ALQattan

Oh Lucy, Im sorry your finger hurts, and I understand exactly how it feels to not to be able to crochet !! I check your blog daily first thing in the morning right after I check my work email, and Im very sorry you are feeling down !!!I hope your finger and cold will get better soon, can't wait to see your finished potholder


Get well soon Lucy. My bathroom flooded last night too and leaked through the kitchen ceiling, AHHH!! As well as that my child minder has bailed on me so I have to sort that out too, nightmare!! When it rains, it pours!! I must admit to turning to your blog for colourful comfort and distraction when I feel down, but where do you turn?? take care, and know you are loved by many, many people.
PS you know your next problem will be being buried under 10 tonnes of crochet bunting....lol xx


Me again. Did you do something to your finger on your camping trip like pull weeds (see above!)???
I just reread your blog and it sounds exactly like what I had but on other hand.


Hi Lucy,

Sorry to hear about your cold and your finger. You sound pretty miserable.

I had something similiar with my right pointer finger last summer. The doctor called it "trigger finger" and my finger and thumb would actually "click" if I moved it. Like you said, it hurt like HELL! Anywhoo (as my funny neighbor always says..., after a couple weeks of ibuprofen or aspirin and MANY ice packs, I finally went to doctor who gave me a 1/2 shot of cortisone. It didn't hurt after that and hasn't since.

I thought I had actually crocheted so much I'd hurt my finger, but I concluded it was from pulling the HORRIBLE and MANY ugly, nasty weeds in our yard! I pulled so many and so hard that I had pulled part of a tendon? muscle? Anyway, maybe an idea for your finger. Hope all is better soon including your cold.

Enjoy your blog so very much...


I hope your feeling better soon Lucy!


Sendig you a big hug Lucy....
Love Theetje...

Lia Domingues

Lucy, dear, may I give you a small recipe we use when a nose can't breath?
Try to put a small bit of bicarbonate of soda inside a tube of liquid nose remedy (those that remember tear, only water and salt, I don't know the name in english), than drop on your nose. The bicarbonate will help to clean everything, and as it is salty, it will also heal the inflamation.
Just keep the kleenex close, ok?
I hope you feel better soon... :-)


I hope you're feeling better soon. A good night's sleep should help.




Hope you feeling tip top soon. I know what you mean about not being able to crochet. I had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists (not at the same exact time) and I attempted to crochet the day of surgery. I could only work at a snail's pace, but by golly, I crocheted just the same. We are a gallant and persevering crew, us crochet-ers! Then I sliced (big time-needed stitches at hospital) my pointy finger on the left hand...with painstaking slowness I crocheted using my other left fingers. Just getting back to normal this week. I feel for you Lucy dear...you're crochet hook will be moving at Mach speed soon! Hugs, MO


Oh, no! That is a particular kind of purgatory for the crafty! Have you tried splinting your finger?

Sandy B

Big hugs to you, dear Lucy. I do hope your hand, head and little peeps behaviour recover quickly and sunshine returns to you and yours. You not crocheting may change the time/space continuum!! Quick... get better!!


I'm a crocheter, an Attic 24 fan, and a doctor. And even though I have no business offering medical advice to someone I haven't examined, I want to do something to help-you've got too much on your plate to be bogged down with a finger problem. And your posts cheer me so much, I want you to feel up to blogging. With that disclaimer, here's what I'd recommend to a friend:

Ice intermittently throughout the day, 10 minutes at a time. 400mg ibuprofen every 4-6 hours, with food (preferably yummy food). And you can splint it if that helps you use it, as long as you place it in a slightly bent position in the splint. And if it doesn't feel better in a few days, see a doctor who CAN examine you.
Feel better soon.

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