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June 11, 2013


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Oh bless you. Sending a virtual hug from Bucks to Yorks. I'm so sorry you're unable to crochet and I really feel for you with regards to the parenting. Our 2.5 yr old is rather challenging at the moment too. I found myself this week doing potty training with him and weaning with Little H. Needless to say, it didn't work. I got myself completely stressed out and the potty training has gone on the back burner until the summer hols when Simon is off to assist. Really hope the finger gets better soon. Probably just needs resting. Hope the cold is better soon too. I find being a Mummy and having a cold are not a good combo. Sending lots of happy thoughts. Fiona x


A big hug from Warwickshire and hoping you are soon feeling 100%.


the way you are feeling about your little boy reminded me of the part in "I love you forever" when the toddler flushes the watch down the toilet. love, love, love that book.

your pictures are just so amazing and full of colour - they pull me right in :)


Oh Lucy you poor thing. It's horrible when everything goes wrong at once, especially when it's your crocheting finger. Hope you recover quickly and better soon. Take care and make sure to eat lots of cake. xxxx


Denny and I have had 3 colds and 2 bouts with the flu this year alone (bad and lengthy cases). You woudln't be human if things didn't get you down once in a while. All in all, you have more energy, enthusiasm and optimism than many people. Pause, take time to heal, and before you know it, life will be rosie again. Love reading your blog, love all things English, love crochet, love your creativity, love your colors, love your attitude! Hang in there!

Hugs, Kimmy from Redwood City, CA (KimmyZ Rav ID)

P.S. Your children sound totally normal. You seem like a wonderful mother. Continue to let them know you love them, and even if you make a mistake, all will be well in the end.



Rest up (difficult with little ones, I know!) and get well soon Lucy x


Unable to crochet - your finger must be sore! I hope things improve for you soon. You've certainly got lots of people wishing you well. Emmax


Dearest Lucy! You know, I was just thinking that if I had an injured hand and couldn't crochet or do some other crafty stuff, then it would be better to have a cold at the same time. It would help me stay put and sleep. Otherwise, I would be constantly trying to figure out another way I could hold the hook or something and delay the healing process. :-) I hope and pray you heal up soon! Sending you much love! BTW...I've made you about 10 bunting triangles! Can't wait to send them. It will make me feel that I am a small part of Yarndale from here in the USA. How I wish I could go!

Chel C

Sorry to hear you're having a bit of a hard week. Just concentrate on you...you deserve it! Chel x


Hi Lucy... I've just had 4 weeks off work with tenosynovitis, which, for an artist teacher is a bit of a hindrance... for the first couple of weeks I couldn't even hold a pencil! What I am trying to say is, maybe you have overworked, damaged tendons too? complete rest is the answer, although frustrating. Also, you may find that not doing the things you usually do opens up a whole new set of possibilities and opportunities, once you resign yourself to it and work around it! whatever happens - get well soon! Sympathies!


Hi Lucy,
Hope you feel better very soon and finish those yummy potholders. Rest up. Looking forward to any news of Connievan as usual! I name our vehicles too! :-)


i hope you can spend some time in the studio away from mothercares. drawing and sketching (unless you're a lefty?). rest + hot and sour soup from the chinese carryout also has a salubrious effect on post nasal drip.

or maybe Somebody could buy the ingredients and cook you some.



I know the cantankerous 3.5 year old only too well at the moment!! But I don't have to deal with a cold and a dodgy digit too.
Hope all returns to normal soon.


Hi Lucy.

Rub some Traumeel s on that finger. You Can buy it here

Liz in Missouri, USA

Awwwwwww - I'm so sorry you are feeling under the weather. It just seems to make everything more difficult and frustrating, doesn't it? I can only add to the concensus that giving your hooky finger a good rest with some ice and asprin (or something) is the best move. I'm sorry for giggling at the flooded bathroom, but I and remember ing when my littlest grandson did the same thing and the ceiling plaster underneath came down in one big chunk in the hallway. Not funny at all - but a good story for later years (maybe at his wedding? heeheehee)
Hope you are feeling better already.


I am sorry you are hurt. Get better soon.


Good wishes are coming your way from around the world. We all hope you feel better soon.
xoxo Jill


I hope you feel better soon Lucy! I LOVE your new crocheting, the colours will cheer you I'm sure and help you on the road to recovery :)xx


Love and hugs Lucy. These things ( child related) come and pass. Best tip I ever had was to pick your arguments ( i.e. the really important stuff like DON'T RUN INFRONT OF THE CARS!!) and let the rest pass you by .. if you can. XX



Take care of the finger and the cold. Hope you feel better soon. Wish I could send some of our sun and heat from Arizona, USA


Get better soon, Lucy!


wishing you a speedy recovery - I'm hoping that your peerie folk give you some time for yourself!!! and I am going to make a plea that if someone is reading this that lives near by could they make you some chicken soup (proper home made)
Thank you for helping to make my world a better brighter place.
cheerio for noo

Georgina Tranter

Get well soon, am attempting my first bit of bunting thanks to your tutorial. Hubby has also agreed I can have a caravan for my birthday - am v excited!

Lynn Blais

Slices of fresh ginger in hot water, (and a tea bag if you are so inclined), does wonderous things to the inside of your body. Your finger will feel better in a couple of days. Added bonus, so will your congested head. Good luck!


I know it is just terrible when you don't feel good, especially when everyone counts on you. Yes, kids seem to know when to take advantage when you are at your weakest moments. I dislike being sick also! I only have one son who never got into things, but my one sister who has 4 children always seemed to get into mischief when she was feeling under the weather. They would get out of bed before her and dump a pound of sugar all over the kitchen table and floor. What a sticky mess! They have all grown- up and we can laugh about it now! Campfire stories. Feel better Lucy...a hug coming your way! Kitty from New Jersey

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