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June 11, 2013


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Winwick Mum

Dear Lucy, you've had lots of advice about your finger so I'd like to add my two-penn'orth! I had tennis elbow caused by knitting last year and the advice to stop is not what we want to hear! I happened to go for a Shiatsu massage and the lady found tension knots on the outside of my forearm which she massaged away and - hey presto! - my arm was fine again. If you work your way up your arm with your thumb you might find some knots of your own and it might even solve the problem. Here's hoping! x


I'm not sure you have time to actually read all your comments, but in case you do, I have a request to make: Can we expect your tutorial for the French Bower Bird pattern to be posted soon? I wouldn't bring it up but you did promise to do this by Spring, and we are now into our summer.

I'm very happy for the success of your open house. I know it is something you have worked hard to do, and hopefully you will now have time to get some rest.

Great happy thoughts are winging their way to you all the way from Texas.

Kerryn Corner

Hi Lucy, your studio looks fabulous! I love the lights!! You have a great way with color. Hope your open day is great. Wish I could be there, but it's a bit far to travel from Australia!! Hope your finger is in good working order very soon.
All the best xxxx

Sew Create It - Jane

Oh dear I hope you are feeling better soon.. How dreadfully frustrating! I'll keep you in my thoughts for a quick recovery.


Hi Lucy, how is your finger? It really is frustrating not being able to crochet! Get well soon:-)LISE.


I cant believe how old your kiddlies are now... have I been logging onto your blog for that long now.... even though we get sneak peaks its as if we can see them grow before our eyes... what a lovely blog reading your stay in connievan... it makes me want to rush there for a weekend away too. It looked absolutely beautiful.. we have never been to that part of Yorkshire and I am itching to visit. I know what is like with repetitive strain and having to stop crochet... its so frustrating.. Hope it heals quickly and it is only rest that does it. x


Hope you feel better ow, Lucy! Give yourself some rest, and take care of your self!


Really sorry to hear about your finger and not being able to crochet. Rest is definitely a good idea but I'd also like to suggest you try Arnica - it's brilliant, definitely worth a try for aches and sprains. Take care and look after yourself, as we all want you to be happy and crocheting.xxxxxxx

Martha Loves

Lucy I had similar problem with my finger, turned out I'd trapped a nerve - is there anyone close by who can do deep muscle or sports massage? Cured my crochetitous as I called it but very frustrating!!


If you have access to basic Epsom salts-- found in any grocery store here-- you may find relief from a cup of salts dissolved into a pan of quite warm water and soak your hand for twenty minutes. It seems a small thing but it's wonderful the relief you can get.

Emma Togwell

So sorry you are feeling unwell and are unable to crochet :( Sending lots of love and best wishes that you will soon be better xx


Hi Lucy, I have a seven year old daughter who is very keen to learn to crochet. What would be the best thing to teach first, granny squares? Or is seven too young? Some advice/tips would be appreciated. I hope you are feeling better. From Lisa.


Sweet Lucy--- I've been praying for you (from across the pond!) and will continue until you post that all is well again. Hang in there!


Good thoughts from Argentina, get well. Love <3


So sorry you're feeling yucky, Lucy, but really sorry about that bum crochet finger! I know how very frustrating that is! The more rest, the better. It's really tough when you find crochet to be so very enjoyable and relaxing like we do. Your Little B sounds very much like my Sweet P. who just turned 3 in June. Argh! I do love motherhood, but yikes, it's stretches us, doesn't it? Another reason I enjoy your blog so much - your mothering adventures. Hoping all is well with you soon. P.s. I have some Yarndale Triangles done for you!

Silly Old Suitcase

Oh no, your finger! Hope it will recover soon dear Lucy.
And if you have the mother of all headcolds you might have blown it
all the way overseas to me by sneezing to hard because i feel very
blurgh too ;-)
Well , hope you feel better soon.

I always enjoy your colourful pics, thank you for that!



Get well soon


Oh dear.
My children are 8, 5 and 20 months. I know how you feel. Get well soon, dear Lucy.


:( so sorry you're sick! As every mom, friend and woman otherwise said, mom's just can't be sick! Bless my older two, now 11 & 8, even the youngest, 7, loves to 'help' when I'm down. Thankfully!! SO I thought to make you laugh!!! In our house, when there's been a spill, we say, hurry, get a towel from the laundry! One day, my oldest home yelled from the hall: MOM! I need a REALLY big towel!! Oh the thoughts raced as I ran! Lol she had overflowed the toilet with too much paper! Water was eveeeerrrrywhere! A really big towel indeed! LOL

My first thought when you said you hurt your finger, after the appropriate sympathy, was, thank goodness you got thru the tutorial and details about Yarndale and the buntings! I do hope you get adequate rest and you find the cause of the pain. Lots of liquid, citrus, chicken noodle soup, and rest, love!! I don't comment here much, but talk about your little world often as it brings a great joy to my little world. Do feel better! One of your biggest fans, Vanessa (from Oregon)


Oh Lucy, how I feel for you I've been banned from doing any craft for a month... a whole month I'm going nuts 4 days in I have carpel tunnel bad 'but I miss my crochet so I know how you feel I do hope that finger heals quickly get help don't put it off and think gee its only a finger
we need you up and running
glad I've got spell check I cant even type straight will keep you in my thoughts


Ah, so sorry you are blue! Hang in there... We love you! (tho we've never "met" i love having you in my world!)


Hope you'll be on the mend soon! Lots of love and happy thoughts from Kent.xxx


So sorry about your finger, Lucy! I've struggled with tendonitis occasionally since the birth of our toddler, and it sure does put a damper on the hooky action! Hope your finger (and your head cold) mend very soon!


Hope you feel better soon! Lynn


Hang in there. Evidently the universe has planned for you to have some creative "think" time instead of your beloved crochet. Speaking from years of experience it will get better and the leaking kitchen floor will become an often told family story to add to the memory bank of when they were little. It's tough at the time but those precious years go so fast. What he'll remember is how you react because he already knows that he didn't mean to do it (yep, there were once two little boys in this home - now wonderful grown men). Hugs and good wishes for a speedy recovery.

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