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June 07, 2013


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thanks for all your great patterns best on the net love all your work

Ann Liggett

Lovely to meet you both yesterday, what a beautiful studion, full of colour, warmth, and a great atmosphere.

Thank you Lucy for helping me with my loose ends.

I had a great day, with lovely people, and the Bean soup in the cafe was sooo

Hope I will see you again,
Best wishes Ann (Manchester) x

Judy Espinoza

Preciosos tejidos, todo hermoso, gracias por compartir.. un abrazo, Judy

Judy Espinoza

Adore tu Block, la fotografia es maravillosa, tus trabajos me inspiran, felicitaciones por tu familia y muchas gracias por compartir tus dias, un abrazo desde Chile, Judy.

Janet Page

Would love to pop by to the studio on Saturday Lucy, I have bunting, how do I find you? Thanks for expanding my crochet ability from your tutorials. I love reading your blog too.


Where abouts are you based? I would love to find that you are near me so I could pop over...Knowing my luck, you won't be near enough! (London/ Kent). I've also got a little stack of Grannies for you- Just waiting on the PO box. x

Angela- Southern U.S.A.

Congrats and good luck with open house! I SO wish I could be one of those to drop in for a visit(pond is just a tad too big):( Have fun in connievan!15 triangles..so far.


love love love the bunting!!!

and...lol...everytime I see a camper (caravan for you Brits) I can't help but think of the episodes of Top Gear and the awful things they do to caravan's. :) Love that show, so glad to get BBC America.


Lovely news, Lucy! Your studio looks so welcoming! You know I saw a dream the other day about me and my husband visiting your town, and looking for your home or studio..and I couldn't believe we actually reached there! But I didn't meet you in my dream :) It was just a dream after all.
Have a wonderful week!

angie campsell

hi lucy i really hope you see this message.sorry to post here but could you give a postcode for the skipton auction mart for yarndale please as i am having trouble finding one.thank you


I would love to come to your open studio day - can we have the address please! Xxxx

Emily Clark

Oh, I wish, wish, wish I could come to your open house!!! I guess crossing the great pond isn't quite considered "within traveling distance." ;) I do look forward to seeing pictures of the special day, though.
Have fun in Connievan!


My first little crocheted bunting experience is actually the header to my blog now. Come see if you like. :}


What an exciting list!! I'm glad the triangles are going well for you and that your studio will have an open house! I wish I lived in the UK! I hope you have fun preparing for your caravan trip...looking forward to hearing about it :).

Rachel Ridley

I so want to come to the studio day!!! I'm down in Notts but am determined to make it!! Where are you???? XX

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy,You really are a busy little bee!!!Hope your open studio event day will be a great success!!!So would love to be there!!!Can't wait for your Connievan post on Monday!!!Hope you have a fab weekend!!!

Jo Allen

Will bring you some bunting to your Open Studio. Cant wait to meet you!


Hi Lucy Have a great weekend in Connievan. We have just purchased a 21 year old "Connievan" after not having one for many years....Hubby's bad back has now taken over and we are going to pull it with our Camper for those longer trips...not sure how it will work out though!! Would love to visit your studio some day. The Norfolk Bunting is ready to send you I think you may have more bunting than you could have ever anticipated ....xxx


I would love to come to your studio open day...we are in Appletreewick with friends that day, it's not so far... Just wondering if I can drag hubby and kids along too. Hmm. xx


Have a nice weekend and wonderful time!!!
I wish Central Germany was not so far away.

Helen R

Have a wonderful weekend in the Connievan.. Hopefully you will have lots more of that sunny sun sun that we have all been having lately. Your studio looks great.If I am in your town that weekend I would love to pop in to see it.Thanks for all your continued inspiration! Greetings from the other side of the Pennines.Helen


I hope you have lots of fun this weekend in Connievan - it's a fabulous forecast almost everywhere in the country, so you've picked a good one :)

I wish wish WISH that I lived closer so I could come and visit you for your open studio. It would be amazing to see! Unfortunately, being in the South West makes this just that bit too far!

I taught myself VERY basic crochet (I'm a knitter) inspired by wanting to do a ripple blanket like yours, about a year ago, but I've let it lapse. I'm thinking that maybe making some bunting for your yarndale might be a better (ie. more manageable) project...

Have a great weekend!


Hi, I have been reading your sweet blog for a couple of years and I love it! I don't crochet, in fact I'm not that keen on it...but your blog is just colourful and cheerful and positive. I have two boys under 3 that are very testing but reading this helps me to put positive spins on lots of days! Your family seem to work on such a relaxed and calm pace, something I crave so much! And I really enjoy the simple pleasures you show. Thank you very much!


That's great news! Good luck and have fun at your studio event. If only Australia wasn't so far...I would love to visit. Enjoy your weekend with Connievan and the family.


Wonderful news!Buena suerte!
You are so brave to go to places in a Caravan... the only time I went camping was in Glastonbury Festival, it was awful. I can not put in risk my comfort. I see is very popular in the UK, I do not know why still... My afterh in law has a brand big new one, he offered ust to have it any time. h well, Thanks for the offer :P ... ermmmm

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