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June 25, 2013


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What about the studio opening!! The world is waiting to hear, at least the world that lived too far away to attend the gala. I hope you took lots of pictures.
I loved this post, especially the windowsill scene.


My triangles are ready here for yarndale! Where can i develop them?

Deb Piette

Your salsa salad looks lovely, can you share the recipe? Love your blog, such inspiration!

Kate Eastwood

I love reading your blog Lucy, and although our day to day lives are quite different, as my three little ones are now all grown up - the way you put your thoughts down has really inspired me to do my own blog - it's very nerve wracking isn't it ! Thank you for all your inspiration. Kate

Anglesey Ann

Hi I don't know if I've missed out on the address to send the bunting triangles. I've made quite a few and wondered when is the final date that you will accept them, and where to send them to?
Keep up the good work I love reading abut your activities, feels like a friend telling me about her day.Ann

Katie Daniels

Hi Lucy, I love your blog. Hope your finger is better now and don't worry about your garden - mine is similar. Today I potted up 6 neglected tomato plants and still have no flowers in my hanging baskets : (
Last night I started to crochet your ripple blanket but think I've gone wrong. After the first row should I still have 219 stitches (I had 112)? And when you get to the 2nd row, should the 2 dc in same stitch (x 2) be directly over the ones below? Your advice would be much appreciated! Katie xx


good luck for tomorrow lucy hoping to come x



I just love it when you post all of your colorful pictures. Doesn't matter what you are doing...just love the color!

Cindy Bee

Susanne from Canada

hello Lucy...My triangles are ready...did I also miss seeing an address?? I think some triangles will be coming from across the Pond; postage can be a tad expensive, so getting a postal box address sooner might make it less expensive to post overseas. I am guessing you must have loads on your plate.
p.s. hope you feel better soon xoxoxo
Susanne from across the pond (Canada)

Heidi @ The Full Vine

What a beautiful, simple post. Lovely! Where do you find the markers in that first photo? I'd love to get some for my little boys who love to slash and polka dot their way across a piece of paper. We live in New England and I haven't come across any that look like that.

Annie Kim

whatever happened to sending in our bunting triangles?? I've waiting and waiting but no news as to where to send them... :(

Pom Pom

Your little girl is her mama's daughter, isn't she?


When I saw the paperdoll with the tissue pieces glued on, I really thought it was an interpretation of your anatomy lesson by one of your kids! I was totally impressed with the idea that you had gotten them that interested! I love your aesthetic- thanks for sharing it with us. Jen, Maine USA


Love seeing pictures of your house, it always looks so neat and colorful.
We are fajita fans here too, and I'v recently started making a melon salsa as my eldest doesn't like tomatoes.
Found the recipe over at www.animalvegatablemircale.com, in the summer recipe page. Makes an interesting change.


What a lovely day. You remind me to take in every moment of my life with my little bubba. Psst... and I did make my own garden bouquet after reading your last post. Much smaller, but colourful and satisfying nonetheless. Thank-you for the inspiration ^__^


Lucy glad to find you feeling better and your finger too. love your posts I read them all but I know I dont comment much but I love reading your posts have a good day Lucy and take care ruth


Hi Carole
sent you a message.
Sharon from sunny Cornwall


I love the colour of your world :)


Be well dear Lucy...be happy...xo


Thank you for sharing your day with us! I always love seeing what others get up to in their daily lives, and especially when there are children involved. I think sometimes we get so much into our daily routine we forget to think about how each day is special.


Mmm, you have reminded me how much I like salsa. How neat Little Lady's playing is. Maybe it's a girl thing... And Little B was very restrained with the sprinkles. My littlest boy would be adding the whole pot. Breakfast in the garden - wonderful. I love summer. Beautiful photos Lucy, thank you for sharing them.


Sweet simple everyday moments! Thanks for sharing!


I live this peak at the rhythm of your days. Such a busy one at that. With lots of color and creativity and family all mixed together. A joyful noise I'm sure it makes! (If you have a chance check out todays post on my blog today for a little giveaway - perfect little bag for yarn bombing project toting!)


Simple pleasures are the best! Thank you for sharing your lovely, simply pleasure filled day!

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