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June 19, 2013


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Lucy wish we lived close instead of across the Ocean-but lets pretend -here are about 10 BIG HUGS just for YOU I hope they help to make you feel better. take care Lucy it will get better soon ruth

Jennifer R.

I started having some issues with the pointer finger on my right hand (I hold the hook in that hand). I haven't crocheted in about two weeks, and it is just now starting to feel better. I'm starting to wonder if typing and using a mouse is slowing down the healing process, though. I can feel the occational tug in the finger and back of my hand. Have you noticed that. If so, mention that to the doctor, too. Could help figure out the issue. Also, since I was starting to feel lost without my crochet, I started reading again. I've been working through the Harry Potter books again and Gregory Maguire (http://www.gregorymaguire.com/). Good Luck. I hope you are feeling better.


Hey Lucy: I know those times very well when one is overwhelmed and you are right to just lay low for awhile. Maybe you can work out a swap with one of your neighbors. When she is doing of bit of gardening, she can pop over and do some tending to your garden, then when you are baking you can make something for her. Something like that. Cheer Up. Summer starts officially on Friday:) Love from Philadelphia.

Angela- Southern U.S.A.

You need to cut yourself some slack Lucy,we can't always be up beat and bubbly.Wishing you better tomorrows :)


Hi Lucy,

you have a wonderful view from the attic. Try to enjoy it dayly! I wish you the best for your injured finger.
Best wishes

Ann Ashall

I've just read your last two posts. Don't worry, you're only human. You can only do so much. We all have days when everything is too, too much, but it's nice to see you're getting back on form. Happy kids, that's all that matters. Ann A. x


Hi Lucy! I understand...you have people counting on you and u may not have anyone to help with caring for your family and help with house chores when u are not feeling good. You want to feel better! It takes time to get back to feeling like your old self. I tend to complain when I do not feel well, as I get a bit fearful and I guess I think if letting others know I do not feel well, they may show some compassion and be more helpful and less demanding. I have been having some health concerns lately and it is frustrating trying to figure what lifestyle changes I need to make to help myself feel better. You will be up and running before you know it and will quickly forget how lousy you felt! Flowers are very pretty and I can taste the lemon cake and hot sweet tea! May I make your next pot of tea for you? I am at your service until u feel better, how does that sound! Kitty xxxxx


I hope you feel better soon and your finger is back to normal. It must be hard to want to crochet and not be able to.


I have been reading your blog for a couple of years and have thought many times about how blessed it would be to live your lovely, stay at home mom, life. My babies are grown men. I work outside the home full time, as does my hubby. Your blog entry about your messy house lets me know you are human, not just a super hero of crochet and home blissfulness.

Take a deep breath. Take a walk with your kids. Count your blessings. Let some of those dropped balls lay there. I think you are amazing!


Hi Lucy,
I've never commented on your blog before but have read it for a while. I have been worried about your finger! When you see your GP, ask for a rheumatoid factor test. I had a sore knuckle and foot years ago and did nothing about it. They took months to get better on their own. A few years after that I developed rheumatoid arthritis and have many joint problems now. I now know that they were actually RA flare ups. I'm not trying to scare you. I just want you to get the right advice and diagnosis from your GP. RA is actually quite rare so it'll be fantastic to eliminate it. It's an auto immune disease and not related to osteo arthritis at all. It's in the same 'family' as Crohns disease and Lupus. Have you also been losing weight unexpectedly and feeling really hot at night? These are other early warning signs of RA so if these have happened, tell the GP as well and if they haven't happened, great!

Looking forward to your sore finger being just 'one of those things' and you are back to crocheting and feeling better very soon.

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Isn't it amazing what some pretty flowers will do to your mood? Glad things seem a little brighter today. I do know how you feel though, never quite doing everything you think you should be doing, especially with the kids. But as a working mom to six and grandmom to 8-1/2, they turned out well and healthy without too many gripes about their ol' mom!!


Take care of yourself, Lucy! It's important to take little rests where you can and enjoy life's little pleasures!

All the best!



I feel like you and your lovely blog have cheered me through sad times and helped me stay focused on moving forward. Thank you so much. I have cancer, but have managed life around it because of love. My family is wonderful like yours. Hold tight to the love through your tough times and everything will be ok. Will the finger allow you to embroider or hand sew? Maybe a small project will take your mind off things but not strain the finger. Sending love and a cyber hug.


Just don't apologize! Sometimes you have to share a little bit of those thoughts, just to get rid of them... I hope you'll enjoy another nice evening later on, but most important of all: just enjoy life! Enjoy colour!

Ann Van Gampelaere

I know what's wrong! You have the crochet-blues. Wait until that little finger is cured. You'll feel good as new :)


Everything will be fine. Your family is happy and that's all that really matters.


Looks like this year could be the year of No Flowers here too. Or at least only the already growing will blossom. Seems like your back yard is a similar size to ours, tiny.

BTW those rogue blue flowers are Aquiligia/Columbine/Granny Bonnets.


Lovely flowers and superb view. Hope you are 100% back to normal soon.


Hope you are better very soon. Hope today is happy for you. Lemon drizzle looks lovely. X 💐


Lovely and hugs to you from far far away xo


Your crochet INSPIRES and brings PLEASURE to thousands of people around the world. Your job is done! Some days we feel good, others bad. Cut yourself some slack on the bad days - lie under your blanket. You know that another day will dawn and you will feel energetic and full of beans and your garden will suddenly be transformed, your house tidied and all will be well. You are so GENEROUS with all the patterns you share and you make the world a BETTER place. May your world be better soon.x


Sometimes I think we do try and rush back to doing 'everything' the moment we feel a tad bit better, that's just the way we are. You'll be just fine Lucy , take your time and enjoy the beauty of the things around you just as you are doing -the flowers are delightful. Hope you get your finger sorted soon.
Much love Maggie xx


Wild flowers are the best-what a beautiful bunch! Glad to hear you are feeling slightly better.Give yourself time to mend!


Hope today is the happiest of days :)
I had the mother of all pity parties on Tuesday - lol! But I have now gotten over myself and have spent some happy time outdoors to up my spirits! At least you only had tea and cake - I had wine and care not a jot - lol!

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy,Glad you had a little bit of alone time!!!You really should see a doc about that finger!!!Just shout over the bloggy waves if you need more help with Yarndale!!!Can't do anything myself location - location)but I know all The Great Bloggers out there are willing ready to help!!!Hope you have very happy weekend!!!

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