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June 17, 2013


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Love your work space. Just moved into our home last fall and when I find the time I hope to eventually have my space set up as nice. I love the lights, what a fun idea. I had some horrid pain in my wrist a few years back that was causing tears when I tried to crochet. A girl at my church prayed for it and it went away. I will send a prayer your way for your finger. :)


Your studio has to be the happiest place on earth.


Absolutely Fab!!!! Oh how I wish I could just pop on by! A bit difficult seeing as I'm in MINNESOTA, USA!!!! But I have to tell you, your blog can brighten my most dreary day!!! Thank you!!!!


Dear Lucy,
your studio is oh so wonderful! Full of colour, full of love.
Wishing you good luck with your cotton circles window bunting,


love the lights----and the color---absolutely gorgeous and as always---thanks for the inspiration!!!

Ana Molineri

Oh!!!Lucy I love your studio!I want one like that for me at home! I´m very pleased to know you are better now, The other day you seemed sow worried and sad :(
Enjoy your lovely studio

Abigail Kim

Your studio is so beautiful! It looks comfy and I like the lights and full of colours and yarn in your studio. It makes me happy.
I would like to join your open studio event. please let me know how to contact you for further details of the event. Thanks.
Have a lovely day!

Pat F.

Lucy, Your studio is gorgeous! It looks so peaceful and like such a fun place to enjoy crocheting. Wish I lived in England, not only to enjoy your wonderful country, but to have fun getting together in your friendly place! I also love the lights; they are so beautiful and colorful! Thanks for sharing your "attic"!

Pat F.
Las Vegas, NV


Lovely post - having a little boy with similar disposition I used to take some of his brio train track to my crafting place - just a thought :)


wahooooo!!! your room is to beautiful!!! I love!!!! I would like to have to.... I am sorry I 'm french and I not speak inglish very weel!!!! Good by



Lucy your studio looks wonderful. I am sorry to hear about your finger I sure hope it heals up quick. I know how sad it can be not having hands to crochet. I too suffer from hand pain and I so can relate. I just told my husband when I go to the UK I am definitely going to meet you.


Oh Lucy the study is just wonderful and the decor is a source of inspiration for me and I never get tired of visiting your blog so full of color, you're beautiful ... thank you!
I'm glad to know that your finger goes a bit 'better, I must say that my finger now that I've finished my granny square, can rest ... but just a little 'o)
It remains only to hide all the wires: o (

Janet Chappell

Beautiful ! What a lovely and inspiring studio. Well done you ! Hope you are soon feeling 100% well again and best wishes for opening day!


What a lovely studio - you've done a great job and it looks fabulously cozy and welcoming! also it is so good to have like-minded people you can start such deal with :)all the best, Lucy, and take care of yourself!


What a beautiful, colourful, delightful place to be! All those colourful balls of wool, I am so envious! :o) And I also spy another Bower Bird! xx


Your studio is looking so gorgeous - loving it - your little storage rack (where did you find ?) is perfect for those balls of yarn - just makes me want to dip in!


Lucy it's looking absolutely lovely. How I long for a space like that. I bet you want to be there all the time. My little F starts nursery 2 mornings a week in September and I must say I am slightly looking forward to it. Feel a bit funny as well but it will be nice to have a bit of time as little H is so much easier to amuse at the moment. I'm hoping to gain a little creative time for myself. Love your lights. I spotted them on Gillian's blog too. Definitely on my wish list. Hope the finger is soon fully functional again. Fiona x

Eva Martin

Just gorgeous, I love how your studio is coming around. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lights !! and your yarn stored like that.



The studio is looking FAB, I love the new lights! Good colour choice, very Attic 24-ish :)
I'm a big fan of Tales From A Happy House too.
I hope your finger is feeling better soon and am looking forward to seeing the window bunting.


Oh wow Lucy, your studio is looking so cosy and colourful... Just perfect I'd say! I so wish I could come to the Open Studio! Lots and lots of luck and fun to you both, and do take care of that little finger (what a coincidence, I've been struggling with a very painful thumb joint which made it impossible to crochet for 3 days. Lots of ice seems to have cured it!) xxxx


The studio looks very beautiful!
Lovely lights.
Good luck!!!

Kate Eastwood

Hi Lucy
Soooo beautiful - you are getting me addicted to colour ! Absolutely love the lights as well.
Kate x


Wow the studio is looking fantastic such a bright and sunny place to work ~ Sarah X

Jo Roberts

Fab Studio! I bet you get more people than you think, you will be walking on air afterwards like I was after my first ever crochet class went well. Jo x


Sara Jenkins

Now I "need" a set of those lights!!! I'm not sure they'd
fit in to my house at all - but I definitely need them!
Your studio is looking gorgeous. I'd never be able to keep the
yarn so neat and organised! x

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