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June 23, 2013


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What a lovely, colourful bunch of flowers!
Glad to hear you're feeling better xo

Susan Hook

I am glad that you are feeling better, the shelf looks lovely and I love the colour.

Kathleen Morgenstern

Last years post was the first one I read from your blog, meaning I found you almost exactly a year ago :)

Anne Marie

Your shelf is lovely, Lucy. I'm thinking of doing one I had in my SHED with Annie Sloan, as you can just throw it on, it's a bit rough. I want it for my kitchen windowsill, as I've not much room. Love your floral displays, as usual. I wish I could get your upward mood, as I've been down for a while.

I really love the picture of the corner of your little yard wit the table. I would so love it, my garden is getting very hard to manage.


So glad you are feeling more yourself. Your shelf looks fab! Love your blue vase. Where did you get it from? Take care. Jen x


Glad to hear that you are feeling better!
Beautiful colour.


Good. Big hug. All the best for the Open Studio- you will be right back on form for that, sleep,flowers and blue paint,just the ticket!


So so glad things are cheerier Lucy. Truly x

Lynda M O

Sleep has become a cure-all for lots of us, esp in the recovery field. I have found sleep to be restorative, an escape from uncertain situations, a place to go when all else feels odd or off kilter... Certainly when one is ill, sleep can be the best medicine of all-even when it's amidst the hustle and bustle of a family weekend home. Your blue shelf is just adorable and will be a perfect prop for piccies all year long Lucy. Best to you as June finishes and Summer sets in her heels.


Hi Lucy, So happy for you that you are feeling better. You give so much inspiration to others and me, I thought I would share something that I found on Pinterest yesterday - ATERGcrochet,she loves to use colours similar to yours and has bags of inspiration on her site. I hope you too like the work it's worth a visit.

I love your blog, it reminds me so much of when my two men were little men and I love seeing so much of the beautiful part of the world that you call home.

Take Care

Kind Regards


Beautiful posies, lovely blue paint! I could go nutso with that color paint as well. Be well! Hugs, MO


I love your little posies in the jug. My favorite part of gardening is being able to pick a little bouquet to bring in the house. Random naps are good for a body that's mending. Love your blog and look forward to whatever you have to say.


Great to hear you're feeling on the up again, Lucy.

Have you tried Arnica for your little finger - great for speeding healing.


Oh, bless you Luce! life does have a habit of repeating itself!! I've tried my whole life to avoid being 'predictable' but alas it appears we can't escape it - and yet at this time in my life I find it slightly 'comforting' somehow!!


Glad you are feeling better. I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I never tire of seeing pictures of your table with flowers on it and a view of your mantel.

Dorothy Griffiths

Lucy I am so glad you had a better day. I always love your flowers and through your blog I fell in love with flowers again and always try to have fresh ones in the house. Your shelf is just lovely and I adore the colour of the paint. I am waiting to restore an old cupboard for my tiny sewing room and want it in this colour as it is divine. Have a great Monday.
Lots of love


Ooh I just love to read your posts, they have a calming feeling on the soul. Loving the painted shelf, been doing a bit myself and rather liking the Annie Sloan paints, some gorgeoussss colours too.
Keep on posting.


I've been following your blog and been feeling sad that you've had a down time. But with your restful weekend and hopefully some lovely weather that they are promising us you will start to feel better.Take care.
Sally x


happy that you're feeling cheerier
I love the posy, it's amazing what an ordinary relaxing weekend can do to make everything seem better


Glad you are feeling better! Your symptoms do sound like RSI though - have you had it checked? Also my living room is paint in blue ground - it is such a lovely soothing colour and seems to go with everything!


How funny - your posies look almost exactly the same, a year apart! I love the rhythm and repetition of your blog. It's quite soothing. I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better, you obviously need the rest so keep taking it gently xxx Loving the blue shelf too.


And the river of Life goes on flowing... So happy to read your new post!


It's good sometimes to just fall asleep when you feel like. It helps me to recover too. Glad that you are feeling better now! I like the little posy and the pretty blue colour. Thank you for sharing. Take care, Sonja


Very glad to hear you are starting to feel better. I think your shelf looks beautiful, and I love the bouquet of flowers - fantastic colours!


Glad to hear you're feeling better.
Absolutely, totally and utterly love that gorgeous blue you've used for your shelf.

Em x

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