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May 28, 2013


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Lucy, a friend of mine referred your site to me she was telling me which blogs she reads and enjoys. It was such a pleasure to see your hike to Embsay Crag and all the wonderful pictures. I grew up in Embsay and we walked the crag many times as a family just like you and that was 30 years ago, it's nice to see the same family traditions still exist. I now live about 45 min drive outside of New York City so it's really great for me to see a bit of 'home'. Thanks for such great pics.


Building their childhood, indeed - it sounds like you are doing a good job too! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful part of it :-)

Ana  Soares

This is such a beautiful place. Where can we find it? I am from Portugal, that's why I am asking.
Thank you so much


Little B Power...wuuuuhuuuu! :) Thx for sharing your lovely family outing! Hugs, MO


Oh my. I almost have a tear in my eye. I love your little family outings. I always feel inspired to get us all out and do some memory-building. It's so important I agree. You totally perk me up and inspire me to get out there. Thank you.


Sounds like a really lovely walk. I really look forward to walks like that with my little people. At the moment it's a struggle as H is obviously still in a pram and we're struggling at the moment to get F to walk very far. We attempted a local pretty flat walk at the weekend and Simon ended up carrying him most of the way. I think your little B is about 9 months older than F so I'm hoping we might see some improvement in the desire to walk distances soon! Love all your pictures of beautiful North Yorkshire which make me feel rather homesick. Fiona x

Pat F.

What a beautiful post! Glad you and the family had a great time climbing and bringing us a long for the ride; it is truly beautiful and so peaceful! Thanks for sharing England's beauty - I do hope one day to visit your lovely country!

Pat F.
Las Vegas, NV


Such lovely, lovely memories for your children. It will make for a lifetime of love and enjoyment of the wonderful outdoors. They will have some fantastic memories, I often wish I could be with you on your walks, but then I feel like I have been, when I read your posts. xx

Janet O'Driscoll

Your description and pictures of your walk remind me of our days with our two small people, who are now 31 and nearly 29 (so maybe not that small). They have children of their own.. Cherish and treasure the small people's days, they don't last nearly as long as they should. We are now re-living these days with the 4 grandchildren, the older two 8 & 6, they follow anywhere Grandad will take them; the nearly 2 year old and the nearly 1 year old are currently a 'work in progress'. Suffice it to say, there will be much recycling of wellies and walking boots (well, the boy nearly 1 year old might not like to wear pink wellies but after 3 grand daughters, we did not think a boy would come along!)Enjoy and keep the lovely pictures coming.


I enjoyed your account of your outing, Lucy! Wonderful memories for all of you.
How is the studio coming along?

Laura Taylor

I so agree. My children are now in their 20s and often used to moan about our dragging them out and up when they they would have preferred to stay indoors and watch TV, or play Playstation games. However now they surprisingly recall several such outings to the countryside or beach. My 26 year old daughter now loves trips to cricket matches having spent most of her Sunday afternoons watching her Dad play in local club, as a toddler and during her primary school years.
It's all about introducing them to things .


That is wonderful, Lucy! What a gorgeous place to hike around!
And yes, I think you are building wonderful memories for those precious children! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!


What beautiful pictures! It seemed as if the hike was worth it too! Thanks for your sunny post.


Hi Lucy, lovely photos, looks like you had a great day, am busy working on the crochet triangles, looking forward to you posting an address for them to be sent to. xxBrenda


Gorgeous! I am such a fan of this sort of thing. My own little people are not so little anymore, but when they were, we hiked all over the place, and I so remember those proud faces when they finally made it to the top. They remember it too. Well done, mama. :)


You are doing a good job and they will love you for this. And blimey, that crag is rather high!! x

Niki Jackson

Wow stunning views! My Hubby would love that walk, he is really into hiking and camping, me not so much :) It's definitely a great achievement for you all and your children seem to love it too. Beautiful flower in the last post, what was it? Blessings x


Just how bank holidays should be spent with family out in the sunshine. :)


Gorgeous photos, Lucy! How blessed you are to live in such a beautiful area! Love reading your blog, and I come to it regularly for crochet inspiration (Wow!) and your helpful tutorials. Like you, I am a married, mother of three young ones---I so relate to a lot of what you share. :) Your blog is such a pleasure; thank you!


I think you are doing a fine job. I know your little people will look back with fond memories and hopefully appreciate all your time and energies.

Andréa Marques

Que passeio lindo,sou mãe de quatro filhos e adoro passear com eles no campo.Um abraço;


I totally agree with you Lucy, I feel the burden of "creating a childhood" for our son, but also the joy of seeing him have these experiences and meet these little challenges. We have a similar rule about a family adventure every weekend! We're off out in our wellies and waterproofs today!


I just love the photos you make, it reminds me the time I spent in UK and Scotland, few years back. So this is like a wire travel agency for me ;-)
Great trip this appeared to be.

DUVERT Anne Lise

Beautiful country !!
And so , what about the french bird pattern ?
May I have an answer ?


I've done that walk lots of times, it's a good one!

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