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May 27, 2013


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Andréa Marques

Oi Lucy,sou do Brasil adoro os teus trabalhos,já fiz vários que aprendi no teu blog,tu moras em um lugar lindo,UM abraço Andréa Marques.


what a wonderful day....if the sun was more reliable here there would never be any need to leave the uk

Lisa Pidgeon

What a wonderfully colourful blog post. What a lovely day out you had creating lovely memories for your little ones. I love cooking outside. Last year we received this amazing outdoor cooking device called a trangia. They are very expensive but worth the investment. I also indulge in rather alot of yarn bombing http://kgb-123.blogspot.co.uk/


Yes, all lovely but what about old ladies like me who need to pee?


What a beautiful place for a picnic, even better when it involves a bit of 'cooking' rather sandwiches. I have family that way and I think next time I go to stay I'll visit this stretch of the river as I haven't been to this spot. Beautiful photos as always and I love your bit of yarn bombing - maybe I'll spot it, still there, in August!

Chel C

This all looks so beautiful. You are really lucky to live in such a beautiful area of the country. Wouldn't it be fantastic if next time you went there were other bunting grannies with clues as to what parts of the country they have come from?! Have a wonderful week. Chel


What a gorgeous day! Fab idea about the flask of frankfurters, never thought of doing that! As for your Yarnbomb, love it! Imagine the sheep do too - they'll flock from miles around ;)
Jones x


Oh Lucy what a delightful delightful blog re yesterday! Must get myself into the countryside too here in gorgeous Somerset! Maybe your Yarn bombing will take off? I know I've thought of a few places already I might add a bit of hooky colour to. So good to hear a mum who enjoys her children so much. Mine are 21 and 25 now and sometimes it feels like yesterday that they were young. It's one of our main jobs as parents to give our children happy chilhood memories. Thank YOU Lucy for brightening all of our days.

Anne Bebbington

Langstrothdale - so so gorgeous and on such a lovely day too - pining is the only word for it - thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos


This so reminds me of my Lovely Dad...as a young child in the early 60's, my parents had very little money,things were difficult.On a Sunday morning he would suddenly announce "We are going on a Picnic" Mum would find whatever she could in the cupboard... Dad would gather all the "picnic" gear together and Hey Hoe we had a make do picnic. We were the lucky ones because Dad was a motor mechanic and managed to have a little car on the road....lots of people didn't at that time. Those "Picnic" days out seemed to last forever....Thank you Lucy for sharing and continue to show your children that money does not buy everything. PS I love your Yarn Bomb I'm sure you will see it's picture on Flickr very soon lol........

Susanna Auvinen

Lovely spots you have over there. They look a lot like we have here in Lapland. Small rivers and brooks and high hills. Only we also have mosquitos, which you do not mention in your posts. So lucky you. Maybe they do not exist in Yorkshire Dales? Thank you for sharing again the beauty of english countryside. And best wishes from Finland.
Susanna Auvinen

emma from toadstool tales

Hi, I love your outings. I have a special place in my heart for tents ... And I love that you can decamp for the day. I have a yearning for both your food flasks and your mug - they look great. I love the idea of yarn bombing but haven't had the courage yet to try it myself!


Thanks for the memories of Yorkshire - we used to live there when the kids were small and we never ran out of places to go and visit - it really is a beautiful part of the world. We're toying with the idea of returning there one day. Judy.


Love the yarn bombing! Was planning to sit outside and crochet today but have woken up to rain :( Your lunch looks great, I think my kids would have thoroughly approved of those hot dogs too!


I like very much your picnic hours near the river. I love the weather there, no hot and I like your triangles granny. Thank you for your sharing ideas and patterns.Marieta from Greece. You can see me here http://dimiourgia-epikinonia.blogspot.gr/


Oh really lovely Lucy, glad you had such a perfect day, it all looks so wonderful. I love the yarn bomb and I would really love to go there right now.xxx


♥ Beautyful place and beautiful weather ! I love your grannys.....Thanks a lot Lucy....i'm french and live in south of FRANCE but the weather is so bad ....the chance : made crochet like you ....!!!!

✨See me in http://miellavande.wordpress.com.....✨

Thank you Lucy for grannys and colored idees !

Jen Hart

It looks like an idyllic day, we have a picnic on Exmoor (near where I live) planned for one of our summer outings and I wouldn't have thought to take the camping stove, which is wierd as I always take it to the beach. So thank you for sharing that. Well done on the yarn bombing :)

Heather Leal

you rebel Lucy!!! Yarn bombing is fab isnt it but quite scary!
Heather x


Your post today brings back such happy memories for me of holidaying in a cottage at Buckden and visiting Hubberholme with my children in the 80s. I really will have to go there again!


Yarn bombing in the countryside...you rascal! You know I might have to succumb to that urge myself one of these days. Thx for sharing your day. Hugs, MO


All of your posts really make me want to up and move to the English countryside!! And I love your yarn bombing.

Cherie Lahood

Hi. Do you have the pattern for the squares in your beautiful rug? (the one in the tent and on the rocks). Thanks, Cherie


hola lucy:
me encantan todos los lugares y cosas que muestras, yo vivo en Santa Cruz Bolivia, me gusta mucho tu blog, tienes una vida muy linda y tranquila, con la que sone siempre, me gusta tu pais y el lugar donde vives y las cosas hermosas que haces llenas de color y amor
Parece gracioso lo que te voy a decir pero siempre he pensado que en alguna vida anterior vivi en esos lugares hermosos q muestras, me despido hasta otro momento y gracias por compartir las hermosas cosas q motras


This spot is amazing.Babbling brooks and children is always such a wonderful combination isn't it. I love that we as parents can just sit and watch them if we like and they will happily busy themselves safely for hours. My boys adore dam-building. Last Christmas at the beach two of them were still at it and they are 14 and 17!!!Wonderful....

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