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May 29, 2013


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Wonderful post, and so true!


Pam in Texas

Such an inspiration Lucy, thank you, I enjoy all of your posts.
Pam in TX.xx


Your blog always inspires to make little moments to appreciate, and to see the beauty in a little outing or with a cup of tea. :)


Is that a spice rack used for eggs that I see? What a clever idea!


I just love looking at your pics Lucy. The scenery is so different to where I live on the Gold Coast in Australia. So many memories came back when I noticed your empty milk bottles in the carrier in your Magic Beanstalk pic. We have not had milk bottles for years and years. I started to think about when we used to put our empty milk bottles at the front door for the milkman every night. Now we must go to the Supermarket for our milk. Do you still have a milkman call to your house??


I've visited your site many times over the last couple of years but today I felt compelled to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. I visit your blog to get my little fix of England (I live in New Zealand now) and I loved seeing my Green Boden coat in your flower brooch post and copies of Joules/Toast magazine and glass milk bottles!!! You have inspired me to start my own blog to capture my little everyday moments with a New Zealand slant. Thank you! ps I still can't crochet though even though your instructions are super amazing!!!


Dear Lucy,
Your lovely blog over the last five years as really helped me take the time to enjoy the small things and it has made my life so much better. Thank you SO much for sharing and enjoying the small things in life.



Lucy, I always enjoy visiting hereabouts, but was particularly taken with your theme this time around.

Little things do take root in our memories, don't they?

When I read about your bus ride with Little B, I was quickly taken back many, many decades to my own early solo bus rides to and from school in a small Virginia town. A lovely memory of a gentler time. Hoping that your children will be able to build lots of memories of the gentler occasions you give them...chances to stretch their appreciation of life.

I also admire your kitchen window...my NYC kitchen is a tiny windowless box of a room, just about big enough to allow the fridge door to open! Still...it's possible to prepare delicious meals and even bake there.

Best wishes to you and your family. xo


Wonderful holiday! Beautiful nature! I liked the interior of your photos.


Thanks for reminding me to enjoy those little things. They really add up to a lot of enjoyment. ;-)


Inspirational, as always:) Thank you so much for sharing with us.


The little things can be the best things. I love the crochet around your mint plant. Just so cute.


A beautiful post, that has reminded me to remember to enjoy those little moments that too often pass me because I have become too wrapped up thinking about something that isn't that important anyway. Thanks for sharing :)

Sara Jenkins

A lovely, happy and cheerful post. Thanks for sharing.
I'm waiting for a new camera - and I'm going to try and
keep a Project Life scrapbook - printing a photo a day
for the year. To remember and hi-light the good parts
of each day. x

Angela- Southern U.S.A.

Definitely the way to live!Lovely post.Have a happy week :)

Belmont Yarns

Hi Lucy, just wanted to let you know that I honestly feel you have improved the quality of my life. The way you live your life makes me want to do the same with my little family. I try to make the most of the simple things - today we had a hot coffee from a flask in the park with a picnic dinner, all inspired by you and all of which made me happy. Bank holiday we took our little ones (2.5yr old and 14wk wrapped to me) on their first bus trip - just thinking about it now makes my heart swell with happiness and its because of you that I try to do these things. I often think "what would Lucy do?!". I second everyone's thoughts here that you are simply wonderful. Thank you so much. Oh my word, I feel myself welling up as I type, I think it's because I love my little family so much and because of you I am trying to create wee simple happy moments for them that I might not otherwise have been brave enough to do. So I just wanted to thank you
Helen xx

carol partridge

really enjoy your blog, Lucy. So upbeat! Always a pleasure to read.
Carol P. x

Susan Smith

Lovely Lucy and it really makes you think.


Yes,and it's the little things..the special moments,which we will cherish and remember for ever.

Bellaboo X


Small pleasures- I'd be lost without the tiny things.


Yes, the little things in life we sometimes take for granted. I am thankful! The grass is not always greener on the other side! Enjoying all the new sprung green today! Weeds and all! xxoo kitty


Lucy I love you, I love your tutorials, I love the way you post things, I just love everything you do. This must be very weird for you, because you are just a simple person doing simple things.
But You, Lucy, you are a very special person though. Please keep this in your mind. YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL. Thank you for sharing your life with us, with The World. Much love from me, from The Netherlands!


It's so nice to stop and appreciate the little things of life, I started doing one of those 'year of happy' on my blog a view week back and it been so lovely to do . xx

Ada Bea

It really is all about those little moments, and if we treasure them, we are all the more happy for them! :) x


Great quote!
Wonderful pictures of your days!

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