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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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May 29, 2013


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Mark Yarbrough

I love those kitchen pictures, very cozy and warm feeling from them.


I 100% agree with your quote at the top there! I have been taking a "photo-a-day-Kind-of" for the last two years and its absolutely amazing how many perfect little memories are captured. How nice to also pass on your crochet skills :)


Andréa Marques

Acredito muito na força que tem o amor,quando olhamos a vida com os olhos do coração tudo se transforma.Beijos


Lucy: Please tell me about your egg rack that is in the background of your mint picture! From what I've been reading, the U.S. is the only country that refrigerates fresh eggs. We have backyard chickens and I'd love to know how long you keep eggs without refrigeration!!!! Thanks!


Thanks to you I can share one of your simple things, teaching someone to crochet.
I couldn't crochet a month ago but thanks to your posts I have learnt. I've made a bag and several triangles to send to you. Best of all I've taught a sick friend how to crochet. The result is that she's got some much needed colour into her life and is about to embark on a blanket!
She's already made some triangles for Yarndale and flower brooches.
I agree with other posters....you don't realise how much you contribute to people's lives!
Thanks, Sue.


So sweet...I always look forward to new posts from you. Thank you for sharing your little joys with us!


I love the egg holder...must find one for myself. :)


You had me at 'random'! Ha, if nothing else, my own blog is random, snippets of this and that, everything that I love and cherish. And you are so right, you wonderfully capture these snippets of your own life ~ brilliantly, I think! Such a lovely way to document your day to day, and inspiring to those of like mind, I think.

Chel C

I wouldn't say that your blog is a 'little thing' as you have inspired so many people with your posts, but you are right with the little moments in time that we as mothers savour such as the little bean stalk. Me? My little thing today is a bowl of hot soapy water to sink my feet into after a long walk around London yesterday! Have a great weekend. Chel x

Carolyn M

Lucy....there is a lovely quilt-y looking design hidden in your kitchen photo. Could you tell us the story? Your blog is quite breathtaking!


Did I miss the address for the triangles? Have some ready to mail from ohio, USA.



Lucy I love this. It's the little things that basically make my world go round. x


I so enjoy your blog. The Little Things in life are the day to day Big Things in my opinion. I don't know if you truly realize how positive and inspiring you are. I am so glad that you share your life with us on your blog. You bring much happiness and joy to me and from reading your comments to many others! Thank You, Thank You Very Much!

Lynn Grant-Roberts

Hi Lucy,
I love your blog.
I think your tutorials are fab.
May i ask you where you got the lovely stained glass that sits in your kitchen window?
I have noticed it in some of your other piccies it is soooo lovely.
Thank you Lynn x


I absolutely agree. Howgh!


Your thoughts and your written words here is so important for us, in our caotic world. Thank you for sharing. These thoughts are the golden secret of your lovely home and family life.


I have to agree with Liesbeth from the Netherlands' comment:
"YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL. Thank you for sharing your life with us!"
Loved reading your post this morning---and gorgeous photos!
Thank you!~ From the west coast of the USA. :)

Emily Clark

I love your snippets of everyday life, Lucy!!!! I look forward to seeing them each week. It has inspired me to take notice and honor the small things with my own new blog. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!


Hi Lucy, I have been meaning to thank you for a while , your blog is a pleasure to read , so colourful . I have 4 children , one of my daughters has a rare blood condition, which is a constant worry for me. I find popping over to your little world every once and a while is a great distraction. Your crochet is wonderful and one day I will get the hang of crochet !! busy with sewing and family stuff just now, i guess practice makes perfect.
so here's a BIG THANK YOU for the lovely , regular posts !
helen x


Rightly said Lucy.. sometimes we forget about simple things which actually make us happy :) Enjoy your life!

Sue Kerkin

Hi Lucy, I am so glad that you are having some lovely fine weather. Last year I was in Skipton (it looks like skipton market in your photo) and it was such a lovely warm day. Great memories. As children we use to go to skipton cattle market with my dad. I live in Brisbane Australia now, and your lovely photos of the country side make me very homesick, even after nearly 40 years here in Australia. btw, i have started the neat ripple pattern. I am making my daughter a blanket. She wanted it all in muted earthy colours, not quite as exciting for me as your lovely bright colours, but she loves it, and it is super soft and lovely to crochet it is an eco alpaca yarn. take care...


A lovely post about the little things. It's why I love following your blog...the joy found in the ordinary day to day. Beauty abounds everywhere - you just need to choose to see it. Your photos are the main reason I love your blog, perhaps your colour love is a mirror of mine...and the lovely Yorkshire countryside. As a child I visited Yorkshire and fell it love with it. After 25 years, I'm making a return journey this July. I can't wait. Thanks for your blog and providing a window to your world. xx


Lovely, and so true. It really is the small stuff... And it's all about making memories

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy, It's true!!!So often the little everyday things are taken for granted but it's these little everyday chores and doings that fill our day!!!I know your post is going to make a few more people appreciate the little things and that is HUGE!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


You are right, the little things, the simple things, they are the fabric of life. I also am doing Project Life, but oddly since I started blogging (or maybe since I went on a photography course) I haven't taken as many photos of little things. You have reminded me to keep snapping away at everything. I have three completed albums, and the boys love looking at them; they are full of little memories we might otherwise have forgotten, but which at the time were so familiar to us all, as well as pictures of events and people. Memory keeping is an important part of loving the little things I think.

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