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May 20, 2013


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Oh this is so unfair. You had wonderful sunshine and over here it is always cloudy and cold - but also so green - we have an own word for that: Maygreen. Don´t know if this is usual in Britain? Have more wonderful sunny days and pray that we will have some too - finally we have Holidays.

Love ninifee


everywhere looks so fresh and beautiful xx


Thank you so much. I needed those shots of outdoor greenery.

Living in the centre of a city greenery can be a bit hard to come by. Apart from the rampageous honeysuckle in the back yard, that is!

Sarah - CraftySorcha

Wow, that is green green! :)


Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing this flood of green. :)


I love the greening trees. Inspired by a walk in the park last week I crocheted a green bag. Would you like to have a look?


Your photos are stunning. What kind of camera do you use?


That blue and green in the first photo are your colors right there in the cushion next to you!
how lovely!

Emily Clark

Oh, I love the green of this time of year too...it is so refreshing after the long, colorless winter we get here in New England. Enjoy your week.


How beautiful...I can only imagine how this feels after a long cold winter! Happy Spring!

Elizabeth Jenkins

How beautiful Lucy. Lovely greenery shows the promise of summer and warm lazy days. Though you are never lazy, just keep on hooking and writing your blogs I love them. Here in Australia the trees (at least some of them) are changing to lovely orange, ruby and yellows. Love the autumn colours. Days still lovely and sunny but there is a nip in the air and the nights are decidedly cool. Great for cuddling up in bed snug as a bug as they say. Now is a great time to start crocheting another blanket and be kept warm by it as it grows. Keep up the great work. Love to you and your family from down under xxxxxx


Truly it's lime green? WE just don't get that in Australia.


WOW... great photo's and loving the limey green xxx


Oh my favorite color! Enjoy each day!
Soak it up!


Wow! What an electric green! Gorgeous.


Love your pics !! love to come visit n see your bit of the world. I moved recently and enjoy a park like setting now too! Love, love love it:)


It's my favorite time of year, when all that bright, tender green is everywhere.


You live in such a glorious part of the world.


Great, gorgeous and glorious green greenery! G(reen) night!



Jo Roberts

Green is my favourite colour, any green, not fussy - just green. I noticed how green my garden looked on a crochet cardigan photo this week, positively tropical! Looks like you have had some nice weather. Jo x



So lovely
I love the bright fresh greenery along with the vaguely warmer weather today, might even be summer at some point!
I feel the need to get out and be active so much more when the suns shining and the sky's bright


Jen Y

I love the overwhelming shade of spring green after a long winter of browns & greys. I just want to burst when I see it. Beautiful.

kate from greedy for colour

That green is so beautiful you could almost swim in it. My mum painted our kitchen green when I was little and I remember sitting in it feeling like I was in a Spring forest... apparently my 2nd word was green! Here is the link for the apple crochet - I hope you have time to make a few for your park! Love Kate (from greedy for colour) xxx.


Susan Smith

Absolutely beautiful. Just the opposite here in Oz, with our trees nearly bare.

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