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May 25, 2013


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Hi Lucy,brilliant,you really are a STAR.Thanks so much for the tutorial.I do work full time but will do my very best to make some bunting,glad it's not until the end of July lol.Happy hooking.YOUR BLOG IS THE BEST.Huggles xx

Dianne Vittone

Hi Lucy! I am a big fan of your blog. I'm. Working up some hooky love triangles for Yarndale. Many thanks to you for re-igniting my love for crochet. I learned at my Grandma's knee at about age 6! Much love to you from near Cleveland, Ohio,USA. ((HUGS))

Maria Shaikh

Hi Lucy
We are the ones who should be grateful to you...you share your creativity with us! I just finished a blanket using your pattern. I live very very far away (in Pakistan) and it is not possible to contribute to the Yarndale project. But I will be there in spirit and look forward to hearing from you about it!


Hello Lucy, I really like your blog with all the wonderful things that you crochet. You inspire me, and as a little "thank you", I will make some triangles for you. I am excited to see the finished butning and the globe! Love, LISE.


A very inspiring blog, Lucy!



Hi Lucy. Can't wait to see the final project. Love the idea that my small bunting will be a part of something big. You have taught me to crotchet, and your patterns have made me so happy, so my small contribution to you is the least I can do.


Hi Lucy,
In response to Linda from Georgia, I am also doing our country's colors - red/white/blue. I'll be representing Norwalk, CT (one of the original colonies - the New England area - and also one of the smallest states of the U.S.)


Hi Lucy,
my craft is jewellery making but I have been having a look around for inspiration for other crafts to try and this is when I came across your lovely bunting. It is a long time since I did any crochet work but these lovely pieces make me want to get my hook out and start making some


I made a grey one this afternoon, but don't be dismayed - it has a bright pink flower to cheer it up! I also worked out how many triangles you'll need to break the record - get hooking girls......let's do it!!


I'm in! I love Granny Squares, can't wait to have a go at a Granny Triangle.


I have a little pile of middles and 2 complete bunts (it sounds right to me when there's not lots of bunting...) I've put a picture of one in progress on my 'The Little Room of Rachell' (brand new!) FB page.

They're proving to be a great way to use up all my yarn from Let's Get Crafting magazine, it's bright and colourful but squeaks as you use it(!) so bunting seems a perfect to use it and avoid waste.

Maple Trueheart

Dear Lucy, I love, love, love that idea of making this looooong bunting for Yarndale and of working for one project with women from all over the world. That's really amazing. I'm going to try to make some triangles too. Have a cozy and nice Sunday. Our Sunday in Germany will be cold and rainy. Hope yours will be sunny and warm.


Thank you for your time and hard work in making up directions for the granny bunting! I am so excited to make a couple to hang at Yarndale. Such a brilliant idea; & an awesome experience, granny's from all over the world! I will get started now as the post will take longer than making the triangles!


Love your granny bunting!

Happy weekend,

Madelief x


Lucy you are just amazing! I have been following your blog for a few years and I have to say you actually got me back into crafting so I offer my heartfelt thanks. I live south of Atlanta, Georgia and already went through my stash. It is a holiday weekend here in the U.S. for Memorial Day. That is when we honor those who serve and given up their life for our country in the military. I have some red,white and blue yarn for the colors of our flag! I challenge all my fellow American yarnaholic's to join in so every state is represented :) Email your friends and family to share Lucy's blog. Maybe a world record is possible...thanks Lucy.

Sara Jenkins

Thanks for letting us be involved in Yarndale. It really is so EXCITING - although it would have to be said that my son and husband really don't understand! x


I cant make it to Yarndale due to a friend's special birthday so I'm sending some triangles so I can be there is spirit :D

Jools Morgan-Jones

"Lucy colours" - I love that! and it's so evocative of the amazing colour combinations you use all the time - your blog and the photos you share with us all never fail to make me smile and lift my spirits. I recommend it to non-yarny friends for just that reason, and they say it works for them too! xx

Anna-Marie Field

Hi There,Just love the bunting buzz going on!!!Happy colorful bunting pleasure!!!Have a great weekend!!!

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

Super idea,Flickr group.Look forward to seeing all the love hooked into these triangles,the world over :)I've made 14 so far,can't wait to see pictures of everyones bunting at Yarndale!Happy hooking! ;D


Hi Lucy, mine are in the flickr group now...great idea. And wow flickr has changed since I last uploaded...nice to see more free storage....I'll be using it more .
Have a great half term.
Jacquie x


I look forward to making me some triangles for yarndale, thanks again for sharing this pattern, I love the way blogland comes together on things like this xx


Hi Lucy I too will be attempting to crochet some triangles for Yarndale over the next couple of weeks....shall enjoy being part of the crochet gang.
I do not envy anyone having to join them together though! Question...how do you intend to join them together? By crochet/bias binding? xxx


Hola Lucy, me gustaría saber ¿qué haces con los hilos a medida que vas cambiando de color?. Gacias


Hello again, Lucy. THANK YOU for leaving a comment on my blog (about my coffee pod Birdie). It was veeeeeeeery kind of you and a biiiiiiig surprise for me. I've just read about your new initiative and I find it really engaging. I'll try to be in your Yarndale festival under the form of a crocheted triangle! Have a nice weekend!

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