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May 25, 2013


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hi! I am Aliaa, I couldnot figure out my enthusiasm towards crochet until I have started it a year ago. I am totally indulged in such a hobby, especially the colourful granny squares, and here i go to see a beautiful massive set of triangle motifs. i am trully obsessed with it and would like you to post its pattern. You are really creative and talented.


Hi Lucy
I've been busy making some bunting triangles over her in Oz. They were a fun way to use up some bright tapestry wool scraps I was given. This is such a great way to be involved in Yarndale from a distance. We will be in the UK in August, so just miss out on attending. Do you have an address as yet to send them to you?


Hello Lucy,
I have a few flags ready for the Yarndale bunting ... where shall I send them to? Apologies if I have missed a blog about it. Love Mel xxx


Hi Lucy
I live in South Africa.Im a drama teacher but first of all a mom!My girl is three and half and her name also starts with B,so everytime you mention your busy B I outomaticaly think of mine!Going through the same fase....and all that!
I have to confess that it is because of your blog that I started to chrochet about a year ago and how wonderful it is!!!
I actually just what to know if you have managed to get a po box where we can send our granny bunting triangles for yarndale?i've made a few and would love to send them for you in time,you said your deadline is end of july?....
Many congrats on your open studio day!it was lovely to read about it!
Regards xx
Retha Pool

Maddy Himmel

Has the address been posted? I have a few to send from Sunny Florida, USA.


Where should we send the triangles? I've a small pile of US Army camo ones coming all the way from Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX (which is spitting distance from Mexico in the Chihuahan Desert). Don't worry; I'm sending some pretty ones too!

Sian Lawton

Any news on an address yet?

I have made a bunting string for me and made some for you as well.

Blogged about it on my blog with links back to yours!

geovanna conejo

Hola Lucy, quiero enviarte mis triángulos a final de mes si es posible, cuando tengas la dirección te agradecería enviármela, saludos
[email protected]

Annie Kim

Hi Lucy!

I've been coming to your blog for awhile now but this is my first time leaving a comment(sorry!!!). I'm sure you get this a lot but you have been so great at inspiring me to start new projects(maybe too many lol) and so generous in sharing your patterns and tutorials. I love love love coming to your blog. Please let us know where I can mail it and I will happily make and mail some representing NEW JERSEY!!! :) I hope it can show just a little bit of thanks on my part as a reader.

Kelly wood

Hi. I have made some bunting for Yarndale. I have added pics on Flickr - the pink, green and cream. I live in shrewsbury, shropshire and planning on making it on the day. I used to live in oxenhope, Keighley and miss the beautiful surroundings madly. Good luck. I am desperately waiting to post them :-) xx

Jane G

Only found your blog a couple of weeks ago and am now starting a second blooming flower cushion (my daughter liked mine so much!) Hard to find circular cushions though!

Bumped into an old friend in Bath last week (not seen for 9 years!) and she said "Are you still crafting? Do you look at Attic24's blog?" How bizarre! Anyway, she's making you some bunting so I thought I'd do a few too. I'll post them end of June when there's an address.

Mine will be "seasonal" colours, due to the nature of the colours left over from making the cushions! Mostly autumn and winter with a bit of spring/summer.

Thanks for such a colourful and inspiring blog.

Val C

Hi Lucy, Have you an address to send the bunting to yet please? I have been looking but can't find anything.


What a great idea! Your blog always inspires me, so I would love to pay you back with some happy granny triangles :)

Count me in for the American state challenge mentioned above too... I'm a Texas girl living in Guernsey in the process of getting back to our home in California!

Thank you for the challenge, Lucy :)


I'll be proud to add my granny to the others,
I owe you so much for your patterns, explanations,sparks of colours in life...
Please ,excuse my english....I'm enthusiastic but ......french!

Jo T

I'm a fairly new crocheter and found your blog through Maggy Woodly of Red Ted Art. It's fast become a favourite and your patterns are so good! Thanks. Will send a couple of triangles through as a thank you.


Hi Lucy, count me in for the bunting making, ideal to hook up on the bus going to and from work!


Lucy this is so exciting!! Ok, all I have to do now is make some. x


I finished my first pennant over the weekend, I can't wait to see the finished bunting,xxxx


Lucy, Thank you for all your help! I know it is time consuming to get into tutorials. I am giving it another try. All those who have sent pics to Flickr... Well done! I love the picot edging! So many interesting color combinations. Everyone has their own flair. It has pushed me to open my mind and allow me to be more creative...stepping out of a box. How refreshing! Have a beautiful day! Kitty from NJ USA


If I can find the time I'll be sure to pop in some triangles for you Lucy! But if I don't, I'm sure there are many many more who will participate! It's nice to see such a geographically widespread community bind over these kind of things :)

Love, Kirsten

Lynne Gill

Loving all the excitement generated by the Yarndale Bunting Project. (My crocheting not up to speed) It will be a truly astonishing sight!

What I'm more enthralled by, I have to say, is your lovely tunic and scarf! Just so me, some days I am the very visualisation of Fifty Shades of Grey - an improvement, my Other Half says, on the black I often wear - with amazingly bright accessories, of course!

Hoping you are enjoying some lovely weather, I am off to play some folk music in the tea tent at a village fete today, so no rain, please!!


Soooo cool!! I'm in!
Wish I could come and see it.
Lucy, do you think we could beat the old record of longest woolly bunting ever?
That would be awesome! Guinness Book of World Records????


Is blocking required, since they are being shipped?

Carole Williamson

Thank you Lucy for that brilliant post and all the useful info. I will get cracking soon and hope to make at least 6 triangles, but hopefully more, depending on my arthritis.
I am really looking forward to Yarndale.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


I've made a bunt.... And it's blocked, without an iron. I dampened it, pinned it to a pin board wrapped in a towel and have left it out in the Yorkshire sun.

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