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May 21, 2013


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Count me in! And Email me the address sometime so i can post the little bunting pieces to.
Yikes. Your postbox might get quite full with everyone's contributions. You might even beat the world record Lucy!
Can't wait to see the results.
K x


Not only the excitement of sending you a modest package of crochet all the way from New Zealand (once I work out how to make it)...but also the anticipation of seeing your photos and hearing all about the event! Will you think about what to do with the bunting after? Will it continue to be decorative and colourful,raising spirits somewhere, or could it be put together into WaRm BlanKetS for people who might have need of them?


this sounds perfect for me to do in my lunch break at work - we have started having a bit of a knit and knatter and this is a perfect quick and easy project. Count me in x


What a super idea! What will happen to the bunting after the event? Could it be made into blankets for homeless children or something?


I'm so excited Lucy! Bunting sends me giddy anyway and every crochet bunting pattern I've tried has been a disappointment. Genius to start from the middle, can't wait to give it a go. Would love to send some triangles your way for Yarndale, I'll see what I can do :)


Thanks so much for editing the pattern dear Lucy...the corners look fabulous now!

Did someone ask what a US G hook is? That should be a 4.5mm. An F is a 4mm. Hope that helps.

Jacky Russell

Yep, I'll join in! I am hoping to come up for a couple of days as travelling from the South West :)

Kate Taylor

Lucy...if I could crochet, I would!Am desperate to learn but in the meantime am about to purchase a cushion from etsy. It suddenly occurred to be that you might actually be selling things when you have your open studio day. I live in the same town as you (am excited about the yarnbombing and will be at yarndale!) and would much rather buy local. If you let me know, I will keep hold of my pennies and spend them with you if that's an option! x


I'll make some! Can't promise how many but I do love a granny square (or traingle!) Might have to make a few for myself while I'm there... x

Deb Price

I am in! I live in Indiana, US, so please let me know when you need these, as the post sometimes takes FOREVER! This is a wonderful way of taking part in something that I'd love to see. There's just this HUGE body of water stopping me:)
Deb P.

Carole Williamson

Hi Lucy, I'll do some for you. I know Yarndale is at end of Sept,isn't it? So when would you like the triangles for, cos I am a bit slow!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx


Just hovered with the iron and it looks great!!!
Must crack on and make more, so they will be ready to post to you. Looking forward to "Yarndale" in September x

Vera Menary

Hi Lucy,

Count me in !!! I have just made my first triangle and am about to "hover" over with the iron .x


I see Yarndale is not till Sept, so yes, I'd like to have a go at making some bunting triangles for you. I need a new small project having just finished a crochet blanket for a kingsize bed, which I wouldn't have been able to dream of making had it not been for your excellent how-to-crochet tutorials which got me started on this malarky in the first place!


Fabulous ... count me in for making bunting ... it will be a perfect lunchtime project to keep at work!! xxx


Hi friend,

Just great, nice and easy and always so full of colour.
Thank you once more.

Josefina from Barcelona


I'm in!

Anya Lulu

I've made a stash already, commuting to and from London on the train, getting lots of lovely comments too :-) just waiting for an address to post

Claire Hayden

Hi Lucy, I would love to help with the lovely colourful bunting for Yarndale. I have just made my first one and it looks great, even though I do say so myself! The blocking is amazing, I have never done this before - blocking or making bunting. I think I will be making some for myself and as gifts in the future. Thanks for the pattern. Claire :-)


there's something strange in the written pattern, I've tried one last evening - the corners are: tr3-ch3-tr3-ch1-tr3-ch3 - it looks very crumpled at the corners that way - now that I see your pictures again I think there's one tr3-ch1 that should be left out - is that possible?
apart from that, it's a very easy pattern - thank you!

Mihaela A.

I'm in, too!
I'm waiting for the mailing address.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Love this pattern - thank you so much for sharing it. It's such fun to hook up and of course very happy to add to your bunting triangle pile for Yarndale although I think by the looks of it you may not need any more! I agree with Suzanne and Pat - I think the instructions add an extra cluster of trebles in the corners of round 3 and following, which shouldn't be there, looking at the pics and if I've understood the principle of the way the pattern works correctly. I guess just a typo but you might want to see it off before your bunting-makers get going properly! Happy Hooking, Lucy and all hooky-bunting-makers out there! E x


Hi Lucy, would love to join in the fun too! One question? The crochet hook is 4mm. Would that be size G/6. I live in the USA. I know sizing can be tricky. Kitty from New Jersey


Awesome! U.S.A. made granny triangles probably won't make it in time, but this is a fab idea.

Karen Reid

happy to help out; and like the other ladies it is wonderful to be able to repay your much appreciated kindness

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