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May 21, 2013


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The Patchwork Heart

I will be making for you Lucy what a great way to use up scraps!
Heather x


I would love to help and be a part of Yarndale! Thank you so much for the opportunity! I'm headed for my scrap bin!

Taciana Simmons

Yes Lucy, I'm in. I'm from Brazil but I live in Portland, OR I love your blog and the colorful inspiration. I'm going to look for yarn on my stash right now... I love exciting new projects...I'm bubbling with excitement ... Happy :)


I'd love tohelptoo! What a fab idea :-) discovered your blog about three weeks ago and really enjoy reading it.

Diane thomas

Yes I would love to help out,count me in! Love you Lucy, you such an inspiration, love all the things you create. Well be waiting for an address to mail them to. God Bless,Diane T.

Kathy W

This is such a lovely idea. I will make some for your wonderful Yarndale. Just waiting on the address. Your wonderful.


I made three triangles! I wait for the address! ^^


Hola Lucy,por supuesto que contribuire mandandote un momton de Bountig.No podre estar en Yarndale pero de esta forma es como si un poco de mi participara.
Tambien sera una forma de agradecerte el haber despertado mi espiritu crochetero dormido desde hacia mucho tiempo. Gracias.


Yes, yes, YES! I'm definitely in! I'll start right away! (dashes off to the yarn basket) :D

shayne sayer

Hi from Australia! I'm definitely going to contribute! :)


Thanks for the pattern Lucy. The bunting looks fab. I really like the multicoloured but the plain flower one is very chic.

Sharon Braxton

I would love to add to this bunting. I won't make promises as my health is a little iffy right now and my right hand doesn't like to do much crocheting but I will start with one and see how it goes. Looking forward to the mailing address.


Люси, приятно с вами познакомиться! Меня зовут Катерина, я из России.
Почитала ваш блог и мне очень-очень понравилось (к сожалению не смогла найти где подписаться на ваш блог или стать его постоянным читателем) Хочу возвращаться и читать, смотреть ваши прекрасные фотографии.
Я тоже занимаюсь разным рукоделием, но больше всего я люблю вязать спицами и учусь вязать крючком. Посмотрела на вши красивые и яркие треугольники и прям влюбилась в эту идею. А я вяжу маленькие квадратики для большого проекта.

Lucy, nice to meet you! My name is Katherine, I'm from Russia.
I read your blog and I really, really liked it (unfortunately could not find where to subscribe to your blog, or become a regular reader of it) I want to go back and read, watch your lovely photos.
I also do a variety of crafts, but most of all I love to knit and am learning to crochet. I looked at the lice beautiful and bright triangles and straight fall in love with this idea. And I'm knitting little squares for a large project.

Eileen Turner

HiI've made 10 for you already, just waiting for an address,


PAT, thank you for answering my question about the CROCHET HOOK SIZE LETTER F. I am having some difficulty with changing color as I am not sure if I am fastening off correctly. Do you cut yarn after fastening, then begin new yarn color?When adding a new color do you knot to secure, and if so, where? I would be more comfortable with doing SOLID COLOR granny triangle. Do I SLIP STITCH to the CENTER CHAIN STITICH in the OPEN SPACE or just continue stitch around in OPEN SPACE when starting new round? I am not too experienced in crochet. I shall try my best Lucy, hopefully I won't get too discouraged! I can just imagine everyone busy with their colorful creations and feeling great satisfaction with their results! That motivates me! Sharing and caring too! Makes my heart feel full of joy! What the world truly needs now is love sweet love! I believe it is happening right here at Attic 24! Lucy, just want you to know that you have inspired me. My son and beautiful daughter in law took me out for an afternoon of painting pottery. I had no ideas when I got there. The sky was gray, then the sun peeked out and I began painting a blue sky, a green field dotted with flowers of color. Named it "My field of flowers". I love it and I think you would love it too! Love to all, Kitty from New Jersey

Hannah from Love Create Home

I'm in the thick of crochet projects for a charity event at the end of June but once I've untangled myself from these I will definitely make up some triangles for you!


I shall endeavour to make a bunt or two... Everything is more cheery with bunting


Cant wait for the address. I think it's an amazing idea - especially since I am to far away in the states to visit I would love to send some bunting to you. One day I will get there!!!

Eva Martin

hi Lucy,

I'm in for the help too (from Spain).
What is the deadline for this ?

thank you,


I'm in, too ... :)

2 done, more to come...

BUT: If I don't change the colour after each round somehow the space at 1st corner doesn't feel right... It feels as if I need to start in the middle of the space so I try to "slip stich" there after finalizing the previous round. Or should I simply ignore that feeling? :D
Any tipps & tricks from your side? :)

Cheers, Antje

Shirley Ann

Ooooo - I'm in on this one! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to get involved :o)


I'm happy to help!
Let's set a new record! Lucy you are the best!

Julia from Kiev



What a fab idea, I definitely will make some up too, it's my way of saying thank you to you for your great blog and tutorials that are such an inspiration that have enabled me to make some wonderful things. Jo xx


Lucy I'd be thrilled to help. Your blog inspired me to finally learn to crochet. I owe you a big thank you, my crocheting may still be a little eccentric but I met the most wonderful people when I went to learn at my local creative group. We meet again on the 2nd June and we're going to have a go at your bunting pattern. Hopefully they will come out as beautifully as yours and I will send them off to Yarndale. Sarah x


I can't say I like making small items with lots of colour changes, but I will do my best to produce some bunting triangles for you. It is the least I can do when you are running the Show. Your pattern came just in time - a day later and I would have passed my odds and ends onto a friend!

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