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May 21, 2013


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salome viljoen

Can u e mail the pattern to me please?


I like this idea very much! Are you still receiving triangles? Am I too late to join the bunting bandwagon?

Tammy Chrzan

Would I be completely shallow if I said I love your shoes?? How cute!
Thanks for this, I'm a new crocheter and I need all of the tips and help I can get, I have a girly date tomorrow night with my mom and we are crocheting together, she's going to show me how to do a flower and a triangle... I'm really looking forward to it!

Kerry Goose

Hi there i was introduced to your blog by a lovely lady who has set up a craft group here in Sunny Brunei. I will be sending small donation to your yarnbomb sometime mid August. I hope that the package will make it in time.

Kind regards

Aunt Becky

Mine are 7 1/4 inch. Is that close enough? I am just getting back into crochet after years of not doing it.

andy de indomitotorbellino.blogspot.com

espero llegar!


wow!!!! estoy totalmente emocionada y me encantaria participar. lei en tu ultimo post que hay tiempo todo agosto.... espero desde argentina poder enviar algo... sos mi fuente de inspiracion muchas veces y adoro tu casa rodante... perdon pero I don't speak english...


Hi Lucy

I've just been trying to find a postal address for the bunting triangles I need to send over but can't find one. I remember you saying somewhere the deadline was the end of July. Please could you let me have it if you have a moment? Many thanks!


Have I missed your mention of where to send our bunting to you?


Do you have an address where to send these too yet?

Val C

Is there an address to send the bunting to yet?

Can't seem to find one.

Karen Walker

Have I missed the address where to send the bunting as I can't find it?


Dear Lucy, I wish your hurting finger all the best. Perhaps there is a big help in using a medicine called KYTTA-Salbe in germany, it helps me very much while I had big pain in my schoulder from doing to much crocheting.
I love your blog and I follow you over one year, thank you so much for all your inspiration.
Best wihes fom bavaria


I will be making some to ship across the pond. Would love to make it to Yarndale , a bit far from Illinois, USA. Anxiously waiting for the mail address.


yes I will make some granny bunting, I hope to make it to Yarndale too. will you be putting the mailing address on your blog X


I won't be able to be part of Yarndale in person, so will send some granny triangles instead! These are so addictive - thanks for the inspiration (yet again!) :)


Lucy, these are adictive. I now have a growing pile waiting for an address to send them to. Please let us have one soon otherwise I may get carried away!!!!


Maybe...if I can...I will do 6 triangle for you!!!
I think in green and pink, my favourite colors!!!


FYI, if you don't have an iron, you can wet your squares (or triangles, in this case) and then pin them and let them dry; they'll be nice and squared-off and flat. It's the only method I've ever used.


How fun! I will be sending a few, your granny triangle pattern is awesome!


I'm in too. One done and plan to learn the blocking in the morning. Great tutorial.


Fabulous idea Lucy. We're hooked on the idea @Knitandpurlgarden : my 10 year old daughter wants to make some too :). Good luck with it all xx


Thanks for the steam tip, I've been wondering for so long how to get my work straight. I thought you had to have real wool to do the whole blocking thing. This is great, I can't wait to give it a go.


yes Lucy. I am in too x

Françoise Donzelot

Bonjour Lucy... Moi aussi, je serais heureuse de participer à votre projet pour Yarndale....
Please, I would like to know how many triangles do you envisage for one line of bunting?
Looking forward to all the wonderful colour ideas we are all going to come up with!...
Françoise xx

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