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May 06, 2013


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Connie Carter

Oh I have just discovered your blog and I love it! I was in Malham in May and it was wonderful. Have also had a delicious dinner another time at the Buck Inn on a freezing cold day. I used to live in the area but now live in Australia and miss the scenery and the weather so much. Thank you for bringing me a little closer to "home"


a great read with pictures. thanks for sharing.


You really have a knack for capturing those quiet, beautiful moments in life. I so enjoy your blog. Thank you.


It looks like a really perfect day. I love how you make the most of your local area. We've been into the Dales most weekends lately, and I dream of moving there quite often... xx


Oh my ... Malham is one of my favourite places!! x


This is a delightful post, Lucy. It takes me back to our bush walks with our three, over thirty years ago. they were such highlights of childhood, and really are memories they all still share with pleasure , despite the fact our youngest only daughter complained bitterly, especially towards the end and her Dad would assure her we were just about there, hyperbole usually!!
These walks were in National Parks north of Sydney Australia so your photos and stories are full of happy resonance for me. You are creating a marvellous legacy for your family

Susan Smith

Just loved your day out. Made me so homesick. Keep it up.


So beautiful - takes me back to my A Levels, where we spent a whole week in Malham and Skipton. Loved it. You are so lucky to live around there.

Robin Chapa

I loved every word of this post. I live in CA but I'm rather obsessed with England. It always blows my mind that your country has been well established for many centuries and yet there is so much beautiful wide open space to see and explore. Natural beauty and scenery are very much adored there, huh? Or maybe I live in too urban an area in CA? Don't know, but I can't wait to get back to England. Thanks SO SO much for your post-- it made my day! :)


Lucy, I loved this post! That area is so mystical and inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing it!

erica K

How wonderful to live close enough to such a beautiful place that you can go for a day-trip! :)


I just want to say thanks for your tutorial on granny stripes, I could`nt figure out how to do in the endings but then you explained it to me so nicely. Big thanks.


That sounds lovely!


Yorkshire Dales National Park ...*sigh* it's been a dream of mine to go there and Lake District . I have such a strong pull towards those areas. I feel like I've been there before....

Anna-Marie Field

Hi There, That place is absolutely magical!!! Hubby and I also returned to our spot after a bout 25 year to show the kids just to find it all built up!!!So sad!!!!Hope your place will still be there for your grandchildren!!!


Love your pictures! Gives me a taste of home from my new home in North Africa :)


your photos and words made me smile (and a little sad) Many years ago I spent several family holidays in the dales camping at appletreewick, and having our own little adventures just like yours....our favourite was making our own postman pat stories as we hiked up malham cove, or gordale scar, or some other beautiful place. Happy times, sadly the marriage ended, and the little kids are now big teenagers, but thank you for sharing your own happy times...cherish xx

Marlene Leonardo

It's a very great and lovely thing to do with the young ones, to go out of doors and enjoy the surrounding. Three cheers to you and J. :)

Sharon Braxton

Absolutely gorgeous scenery. I love the waterfalls. They are one of my most favorite things in nature. Thank you so much for the photos. Now that I can't walk very far, getting to see your photos has made my day.



What fabulous photos! I live in NZ (I'm English!) and we recently went walking in Ohakune in the North Island and, funnily enough, a lot of the scenery we enjoyed reminded me of England. Funny 'eh? Especilly as we're 12,000 miles away! I've just started my own blog so I'll be able to blog about that.


Lovely photos! I love that you used the word mizzle! As a native of the West Country (Devon/Cornwall border) I am so used to mizzle and the effect it has on your hairstyle! An American friend of mine thought I had invented the word and only believed it was a real term after looking it up in the OED!!

Emily Clark

Beautiful...simply beautiful scenery!!! Someday I hope to fulfill my dream of visiting England. Thanks so much for sharing your walks with us.


Preciosos los lugares que nos muestra!
Soy de Argentina y realmente disfruto de su blog!
el crochet es mi pasión

TracyR (Australia)

Stunning photos, and beautifully written as always. Lucy, I can imagine us sitting in that pub together and talking for hours!


Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for that bit of adventure,you are so lucky to live anywhere near such beauty, lovely,lovely photos.

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