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April 10, 2013


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Oh Lucy... I just LOve Love LOVe... you, your house, your pictures, your family, your stories, I live right there with you..... smelling and feeling all your fun and goodness... and your crochet is FAbulous!! Always looking forward to "My Lucy World"...thank you for being here in my world! You make Life so interesting... I smile every time I am here! There is hope for your Spring to come... we went from 30 degrees to 82 degrees over night... Lucy you bring love and warmth no matter the weather.... hugs xxx <3


Hi Lucy - I've been following your blog for a few months and really enjoy peeking into your adventures. The photo of the eggs and the cooked egg are great! I live in CA and spring is arriving a little faster here. The photos of the seashore were great.


It HAS been a long winter! Even here in the States! Luckily we've had a couple warm days, but snow is threatening to come again. Delightful blog yet again Lucy. Can't wait for the new project reveal.

Janet Bocciardi

Your home is so bright with color - wonderful! It would be great consolation for the cold winter outside. Your walk sounds wonderful - and it looks like you had it all to yourselves which makes it even better in a way.

It's funny how we make these rules in our head and then feel naughty when we break them. We're adults and allowed to finally do whatever we want, right?! Well, maybe not, but I'm glad you broke the rules for the afternoon and had a lovely time with your needle and fiber.

Ada Bea

Yes it sooo cold, but the sun has been out everyday this week so I've been trying to get my Vitamin D, out in my t shirt brrrr! I really fancy a poached egg now, (oh and sloe gin!) :) x

Katie B

You are too funny Lucy - the sloe gin! There's nowt wrong with a wee tipple to stimulate the creative juices!! Off to Welsh Wales for a few days & then will be in touch re Yarndale planning. LOL Katie B x x x


Wonderful blog entry !!! <3 <3 <3


Your post has made me so hungry. My mouth is watering with thoughts of wild garlic with pasta and creme fraiche, a boiled egg and soldiers (we love Cotswold Legbar eggs as well!) and a nice glass of sloe gin - although probably not all of these at the same time. It feels a bit more spring like in London today: slightly warmer with a hazy sun. I can't wait to see what your new project is - they're always so fun and colourful. Thanks for another lovely post! x

Jo Roberts

The colour of your Sloe Gin is reminding me that we only have a half a demijohn of Blackberry wine left...Cripes!!I need to be thinking about what brews I am going to make this year.



Yum, that poached egg looks good! Just received my James C Brett yarn, what gorgeous stuff to work with, thanks for mentioning it! xx


I grew up living next door to a wood and so miss the smell of wild garlic. Can't wait to see your new piece of crochet. I've nearly finished a ripple blanket and I'm starting to wonder what's next!

Craft Hippy

I was hoping for a few signs of spring today here in North Norfolk, but the countryside just looks so bleak and Winter-like. I too have run out of logs so I share your pain! My day off today so I've been able to catch up on my blogs and hopefully do a bit of hooky this afternoon! Both my boys are teenagers so they can sort themselves out. Let's all wish for warmer weather!


Hi Lucy, I love your blog! I'm in Spain, near the Mediterranean Sea (only 12 km away) and we have snow on the mountains around us, and it's really cold too.
Best wishes!

Evie Richardson

We are just enjoying a meandering start to autumnal weather down here in the Southern hemisphere, and I am quietly anticipating the chill of winter days. Oh, the view from your attic window and the hillsides beyond do make me pine for a clime somewhat cooler than my own. You make your life look so beautiful Lucy. And I confess my own fondness for a *wee* gin every now and then. :)


Looks lovely! We have had a tease of spring here in the States, as well! Actually, I think winter has given way to cold, rainy days will soon give way to warmer rainy days...and then SUN! Can't wait for daily sun! Until then, I eat my eggs sunny-side up (but I love them poached as well)!


Lovely post Lucy - I know how much of a struggle it can be getting the whole family out together at once, especially on such a cold day - gold star for that! I'm not sure if it's just me but the photographs after the walk ie: starting from the one with the crochet blankets, are only showing as IMG icons - they work when you click on them but don't show up immediately. Nobody else seems to have mentioned it so it might just be my computer - thought I should mention it though. Jane x


buttery toast, poached eggs and a gin tipple. glorious!

Susan Smith

It should warm up soon, as we are cooling down here in Oz after a long hot summer, though we still need rain. All the pics look lovely and make me long to visit Yorkshire again.


Mmmm sloe gin ... especially good when its homemade too!! xxx


Cozy times..irrespective of the weather outside! I wish we had lower temperatures here now, as it's hitting +35 C!
Have a wonderful day, Lucy! will look into your Dorset trip later on :)


Lovely photos! I too have been out walking a lot lately. The weather is picking up and we are forecasted up to 20 this weekend.
There's nothing like getting out into nature though, no matter the weather .


Such a cozy blog post! I love to read about your life, see your photos and the ever changing view from your Attic home. Such a treat. It's funny to think you are going into Spring and here we are in our Autumn that is only going to get colder!


ooh, the photos are lovely! So glad it's warming up for you - I remember how miserable winter can be up North! Longer days now tho, so spring will burst out in no time. Here the autumn is creeping up slowly, slowly... The baby is in leggins now as it's too cold to let her crawl in shorts. Warm PJs too :-o
Off to get some G+T (it's evening here and the Baby is in bed) - naughtiness is spreading :-)


Oh I love Sloe Gin, it's on ration at the moment as the bottle is almost empty! I'm almost caught up,with your blog, I'm on 2012 now :-) so glad I found it. Can't wait to see your new project. Rowen@Coastal Colours x


It's so nice to read your blog. Wish we could walk from here into the woods, but unfortunately we have to drive first. And mountains we can forget, living in Holland, haha!

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