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April 10, 2013


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Pat F.

Lucy, I love your blog! I also love your home, stories, pictures and your beautiful crochet; so happy I found you! Sorry your long winter will not go away - we are already in the 80's and our summers are brutal! Stay warm! One day I hope to visit your beautiful country, but for now I enjoy visiting it via your blog!

Pat F.
Las Vegas, NV


I always feel guilty in the school holidays, wondering whether I'm doing enough with my two boys. Your posts make me feel better about just letting them get on and play and bond and create their own entertainment. I'll be on hand for when boredom sets in, until then I have my knitting and the Great British Sewing Bee to watch!

Louise from Australia

I was recently enjoying the first episode of a bbc show called Last Tango in Halifax and was super excited when the characters met up for coffee in Skipton! I remembered that in your last post you mentioned being excited by David Tennant frolicking around Dorset, but equally exciting (although not quite as sexy for this 39yo) was seeing Derek Jacobi frolicking around your own little town of Skipton!
Looking forward to all your gorgeous posts and photos of Spring, as here in Melbourne we start to feel the cooler temps of Autumn (while i sip from a glass of Irish Cream ;) )


Hope your weather has started to warm up, we've been treated to a bit of sunshine the past couple of days. Sloe gin is one of my favourites, sadly we have none left!


I find once I actually drag the children out for a walk everyone has a fantastic time. For some reason they don't like the thought of it, but it is usually one of the best afternoons we have. You have inspired me to suggest one this weekend, although I hear there may be rain...


As always inspiring and beautiful. Love the slow gin bit. Made me smile.


Wow . . . those eggs are really unusual. I say, if you have to still be enduring the cold, there's nowhere like the Attic to keep you cozy!!


I agree that this has been an extremely long and gray winter! I am so ready for spring weather to arrive. I am just loving your blog and it brings a smile to my face and I enjoy all the colour you use. It definitely brings brightness to my day. Thank you!!!


What lovely countryside you live in. I live in the desert of Arizona, USA. Those semi green hills look lovely. We call the family outings that the kids are forced to go on...A 3-F outing. Forced Family Fun. I have to do that with my 14 year old granddaughter...that way we get to see her!

Anne Marie

Those egg yolks look fantastic, lovely colour for yarn too! Another tip for poaching eggs - either small saucepan or shallow one like yours - but break off a (clean) end of a matchstick, drop it into the water and because it lowers the surface tension, the egg magically stays together, unless of course it is older.

I used to make Sloe gin until the council cut back all the hedges around the parks nearby and that was where I used to pick them. It will take YEARS and YEARS for them to grow again. I suppose I could use damsons but just not the same.

Judith Solecki

Love the pictures of your Sunday walk. If possible, could you please post a photo of a Real English Bluebell? We don't have them here in Canada.


Your afternoon sloe gin drinking really made me giggle. Good for you. Nothing wrong with a one off naughty afternoon tipple. The walk looks lovely. We're still at the stage that longish family walks are a little tricky as little H is in pram which has it's limitations and Little F has very little legs so is super slow and gets tired. I'm looking forward to a time when they will both enjoy walks with us. Longing for Spring here too. It's been a little milder here today with weak sunshine but the rain is spattering against the window as I write this! Fiona x


Poached eggs for brunch and gin at tea time...Lucy, if we met I suspect we'd get on rather well. :-)

It was a smidge warmer here today - we ate lunch (quickly!) in the garden. x


Dorset sounds wonderful. We are experiencing the same cold up here in the North East of the US. Planning a drive to the beach this weekend,however, even though it is cold. I am craving the salt air!


I love the cozyness of your post (and I know that we are in Spring, but the rain and cold make houses so cozy). I love your poached egg! :-)

 The Garden Bell - Kate

Looks and sound like the perfect kind of day. Except sweetie, I'm enjoying the last at the beach. Sure hope not returning to any of the winter/spring stuff back home. I can't believe the orange color of that egg. Was it as good as it looks? I'm betting so. Great now I want an egg!!! But, yes, my friend that is on this gals diet....seriously....eggs and brocolli. Glad to see you are sneaking in some hooky time too.


ha ha ha...sounds good to me...I love you and your blog...I have to say it makes me smile every time I read it...I cannot wait for your new pattern...thanks for sharing with me...have a wonderful day...Tina in Michigan


oh what mouth-watering poached egg! I wonder if you will start a run on Old Cotswold eggs, they are so beautiful. loved the little glimpse of the hooky peeking out from the tulips x


If I had some of those lovely pale blue eggs, I don't think I'd be able to eat them. The colour looks so beautiful, I'd just want to put them in a blow and look at them. Sorry it's so cold where you are, but you do know that spring will arrive, it always does. And your new bowl of hyacinths will keep reminding you. I've never had Sloe Gin, but a nice glass of red wine in the late afternoon also does the trick. I think a little naughtiness is good for the soul every once in a while.


Such a fun post. A little nip from the bottle on a cold weekday is so fun and well-deserved when the house is overrun with children, I think. :)

Can't wait to see what new hooky projects you're working on.



I love your button jug!! Did you took some wild garlic at home with you?? Wished we had it around here......


Sending warm spring wishes out to you and the Little People! Your home is colorful, cozy and inviting!! And I love the button jug!



If you wish to have warm and sunny weather come to Spain Spring is here and you will be very welcome.
Josefina from Barcelona

Elena Hunt

Thanks for your sharing.. I love your blog! I live at the base of a 14000 ft mountain in California,,, USA... Our season is like yours... Snow on the mountain,,, a dust in our yard yesterday,,, cold!,, Better today,,, maybe 70degrees... Love to crochet and an occasional sip of wine too! No little ones in my home any more, but I remember those days... Bless you sister!


Hands up if you've had a poached egg since reading this and seeing that lovely yolk :)
'Proper'eggs are a necessity, not a luxury.

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