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April 10, 2013


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Stunning photos. The bulbs are blooming great.


We usually do that walk in the opposite direction - starting in the woods. It's a beautiful view, though.
Your poached eggs look yummy (I often find cheaper duck eggs in the butchers shop).
I hope the work going on in your house isn't too painful. I bet you're glad you have your studio space to escape to!


Seeing the primroses in your previous post reminds me of a lovely Spring ritual - primrose tea. 4 freshly picked flowers in a cup with boiling water poured over. It's a delicate flavour that somehow feels like Spring in a mug with its sunny yellow colour. And Spring is very very welcome right now!


I'm all thumbs up for the sloe gin! Although not a fan of gin myself, I'm quite pro the odd 'tipple' and I'm a big believer that if Mum's happy then the kids are happy!


Hi Lucy! the eggs on the bagel looks so delicious. yummy!


I have the same jug with buttons on it! I love it so much! Your knitted russian dolls are divine! Do you make yourself? Did you use a pattern? X


Hello m'dear...enjoyed your photos of your holiday and looking forward to seeing your basket all 'dressed up' in new crochet. Here on the Westcoast of Canada spring has sprung, but it's not that warm yet. Robins are busy building their nest in our hedge...it seems like the female is working harder than the male---he's too busy looking at his reflection in the mirror of my car....silly bird!

carole wheeler

Love the photos Lucy..:) Our Camelias are only just coming out now because it's been so cold/wet/miserable for past few months. They normally come out in early March, but at least I can see some colour from my bedroom window at last!..Can't wait to see the pattern you are doing, all your crochet stuff is so inspirational....Keep up the good work...:)..xxx


Thank you for inspiring me to get out of the house and go for a walk - even though like your neck of the woods it's still a bit wintry here too. Think I might have poached eggs for lunch too! Helen

TracyR (Australia)

Another brilliant blog, gorgeous Lucy! You make me Laugh Out Loud so much!!! :)

trixie lixie

Stunning view's and your final picture reminded me thatI still have some sloe's in the freezer to make another batch of sloe gin! Have you ever tried Slider? Thats when you've made the sloe gin and remove the sloes, instead of discarding them add some cider and leave for a week or so before drinking, its yummy!

Harriett Koedel

WELCOME HOME!! I missed your happy posts!! Well I can empathize-last Thursday we broke the record low which was 19 Fahrenheit then yesterday we broke a record high of 80 Fahrenheit and now we hear there may be snow again on Monday!!!As we say, if you don't like the weather in Pittsburgh wait a few hours it will change!!!!!!!!

Sew Create It - Jane

Nothing wrong with a little tipple in the late afternoon :o) I think it's when you start straight after lunch that you have to worry :o)


Oops!! Sorry for the language, don't mean to offend anyone.


Bring on the sloe gin I say, it's bloody perishing outdoors!

Sharon Braxton

What a wonderful, happy, cozy blog post. You make me feel so welcome and comfortable when I see the photos of your home. I love the little dolls in the photo of the hyacinths. Looking forward to see what goodness you have been up to.



Do you know the book "Flotsam" by David Weisner?
Your last post made me think of it. It's a beautiful picture book for kids and all those who love picture books.
I am on that beach with you lying on the sand!!! Thanks for your beautiful travel pictures as always!!!!!!
We are just starting to get some warmer weather here in New England. It has been a chilly start to Spring, although invigorating at times.
I'm sending you some sun and warmth!!


Great post - it's snowing here in Minnesota (5 inches of heavy wet snow - so wishing that winter was over like it's supposed to be!) I think that a wee drop of some kind of adult beverage might be in order for me this afternoon!


What a lovely post, beautiful pics and I'm in love with your blog. A friend posted a link to it on Facebook and now I'm hooked. Here in the states our weather has been indecisive. One day its 70 and the next it could be snowing. I'm so ready for spring.

I was wondering (and I may have missed it already) if you have a pattern for the adorable little crocheted people above? I'd love to make them! Please share.


Oh my what a pretty fireplace picture, just wonderful. I love the smell of wild garlic!

Joanne from Colorado

Beautiful photos! I've never heard of that breed of chicken - I wish we could get them here! I just bought some Americana chicks - they are the only ones I can get here that lay these beautiful shades of blue green.


I so enjoy your blog.... specially now I know that you are a fellow poached egg lover! Thanks for the vinegar tip...(since I'm a new follower, I just went back and read your poaching post... hilarious and helpful!) Thank you Lucy and have a great day!!


Just had some eggs from my friend's hens, they are gorgeous for poaching.

Spring has to arrive sometime, and the sun is peeping through the clouds today in the North East. Of course your blog keeps us cheery on the dullest of days x


Where oh where is that beautiful button jug from?

Anna-Marie Field

Hi There, What is up with the weather??!! We also had a blitz of cold air and now it's back to being hot again!! I must confess though, the temp has come down to the 30's!! Cooler for sure!!! but still hot!!! I love those little naughty moments too!!! It's naughty but oh so nice!!!

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