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April 24, 2013


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Like all you crochet or create,
this is so beautifull.
You have a lot of succès among French speaking crocheters.( myself i am half Welhs by mother, and half French-Belgium by father)
Merci for all your sharings in your beautifull blog, you are a lovelly talented lady;


I can't imagine thinking that marvelous sideboard could be considered junk. I'm so glad you rescued it and brought it back to life! I love your studio. Your blog is one of my happy places.


love love love the dresser....love love love the drawers you know me and liberty....... Thank heavens you saved it from the tip...it looks perfect in your studio...well done you xx


I cannot believe that anyone would even think of putting such a gorgeous piece of furniture in the landfill! Yikes! So glad you rescued it. And it looks terrific with the new drawer liners. I would have liked to have seen every single drawer and shelf. It will almost be a shame to put anything into it. Almost.

Sonja Mizen

It is lovely. It is the best feeling ever if you can pick up something so lovely for nothing. Well done

Liz in Missouri, USA

What a great cabinet - and what a FIND! I love the drawer linings and yes - it absolutely DOES look like it has lived in the studio all along. Your basket is an inspiration. Now I am looking at a couple of baskets that I have and a pail full of left over yarns! I love your blog, Lucy!


What a beautiful job you've done of taking someone else's castaway and turning it into a perfect piece for your own use. I like everything you've done for it. The basket with its yarn liner is very nice, too. I've always loved those colors - I used a lot of them in the early seventies (!) when I used to do a lot of crocheting.


Oh and the basket and drawer linings! Swoon.


Love your cupboard. I always have my eye curbside when we go out and about and have brought home and refurbished a number of 'trash picked' treasures. Amazing what a good clean or new hardware will do. Enjoy your studio!


i can't help thinking you might crochet covers for the drawer knobs! (it looks great btw + useful)


How lucky for the sideboard that you happened along when you did.

It's amazing the things that people will just throw away either because they don't know how to refurbish it or don't like things that, to them, seem not perfect.



Precioso el mueble , es una verdadera maravilla . El forro del cesto muy alegre y colorido. Me encanta!!!
Soy seguidora desde hace tiempo y tiene un blog muy inspirador , gracias por compartir. Un saludo desde España.


Looks beautiful Lucy! You have inspired me to take a small bookshelf that my late father made and had fallen into a shabby state from being used in the garage. I am going to take it out and give it the Lucy treatment. Much love, more elbow grease and lots of imagination. You have brought me out of my unsettled state. Thanks for all you do for us:)




Love it, especially the drawers -- will have to try that.


OMG, that is absolutely beautiful!

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it!!!It gives me chills to think it was headed for the landfill!BEAUTiful,so glad you'saved'it(lucky you)and it looks perfect in the studio.Since I'm a self proclaimed"basket case"(I could not guess at the number of baskets I own)nothing better than a basket with some hooky loveliness.Some mini bunting on the edge of the bookshelves would look pretty too :)Can't WAIT for the other hooky reveal!


It's a wonderful piece of furniture! Had it not cleaned up so well, you might have done a light white wash over the wood, which always looks nice. I have a pine bedroom set I'm thinking about whitewashing just to change things up after all these years of using it.

AND--there is always paint. Painted pieces--especially those painted with chalk paint--look wonderful. I have many painted pieces in my home and they co-ordinate with everything.

You can take a bunch of chairs or pieces of furniture in all kinds of wood/finishes, paint them and they 'match'. Instant awesomeness.

For durability I always paint my wood furniture with exterior house paint. It comes in a myriad of wonderful colors like any paint and wears like nobody's business AND it's not necessary to add a topcoat or sealer. It's built right into the paint. Just think what painted houses must withstand--blazing sun, rain, hail, sleet, snow, temperature extremes and the paint stands up to all that for years and years.


oooh wow!!!
It lookes great!!!
The colours are beautiful!!
And that studio of yours.....mmmmm i heart it!!!
Love Theetje


Well spotted and well restored, Lucy.
Are we allowed not to be very keen on the handles and wish they had crocheted covers made for them?

Brenda B.

I absolutely LOVE your "new" cabinet! What a brilliant idea.. I adore your liner for your basket also.. (I am making your bag right now!) Can't wait to see what your newest project is! I enjoy your blog so much.. Thanks for sharing with all of us in blogland! Blessings..


It's beautiful - I love it and you've restored it beautifully.
I'm loving seeing your studio come together. It looks great! x


It's gorgeous! A really good piece of furniture that you've rescued from landfill and given a new lease of life. Love the drawer liners. xx

Annelie Sahlén

Wow this is beautiful, I love these kinds of old furniture, you did a great job with it.
Thank goodness you got the chance to save it! And beautiful fabric, such good idea to use it in the drawers. I handn´t thought about using fabric like that before, I always think about using paper in drawers. Great idea and beautiful job!
Thank you so much for sharing!


What a gorgeous piece of furniture - definitely worth saving and you have done such an amazing job of transforming it. Such a lucky find! Best wishes, Pj x

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