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April 24, 2013


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The clothes decoration really enhance the beauty of wood furniture. We always improve our way to do it better for our custom made furniture. Your post inspired me!

Linda Ball

What an amazing find and well-done rehab job!! Was made for that room! I've embarrassed my family numerous times by rescuing curbside orphans and given them a new lease on life in my home! It's amazing what a can of spray paint can do to rehab an abandoned wooden chair!


I've just read about the droopy tulips :))
If you put a 2p coin into the water they will stay straight and then gracefully bend just a little after a week or so :))

I love reading your blog and am a big crochet fan after being taught by my Grandma when I was small, a long time ago I hasten to add :))

Please continue to keep us updated, makes me feel happy :))


Love the basket liner!

Tina-Marie Hamilton

I just got caught up on your blog (I am an English teacher who just finished grading 120 research papers), and I saw this post. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this piece of furniture. Since I live in Virginia, USA, I don't get to see too many pieces like this. I have some that I bought, after much saving, for $500 each. You were so right when you saved it!
Also, thank you for your lovely blog. Many years ago, when my Dad was stationed in England,we lived in a village. We returned to America when I was 9, but your blog helps me relive those memories. Thank you!

Dawn Potts

What's MP?? Which you used to stick the fabric in the drawer!


I Love it !! Of course your will make it look Fab !!


Oh my gosh, there is no end to the inspiration I find when I visit here! Wonderful, wonderful job on that lovely old cupboard. Brilliant. :)

Janis W

Right place, right time and an idea for the dresser. So now you've cheerfully re-loved it! Glad to know you're pretty much up to speed with life too.

Along with many others I'm lifted by your talent for sharing the small things in life and colourful projects.

Jamie S

Awesome...and I'm absolutely jealous!

Linda Mason

Wow Lucy, you are amazingly creative, so happy you rescued the cabinet I am sure you will spend many happy hours looking at it in your beautiful studio, very jealous lady here, love you blog and your ta da's, always put a smile on my face, so thank you.


I like you thought how beautiful the dresser looked and I perfectly understand why you would want to take it home. I was very surprised that the fabric in the drawers but it looks wonderful. Love it.

Eddie's Room on Facebook come on over for some crafty ideas and conversation :-)


What a fabulous cupboard ... to think it was heading for landfil. I love what you did with the fabric to pretty up the insides :)


What a fantastic find - definitely green with envy but it looks so at home in your studio. What a lovely phrase that is 'your studio'.


Love the basket!


Dear Lucy, well done! Old things are beautiful. We should let them live. They have soul. I believe that in your cupboard are hidden many stories. Maybe fairy-tales. And the cupboard will tell them.
Me and my husband have saved some old pieces of furniture. They live with us and we love them.


I can't believe anyone would throw that beauty away!
You did fabulously by it- you're a hook-er and a hero! :)

Deb Piette

Your sideboard came out great- it's just beautiful, both inside and out. I have to say I love your site, also. Your projects are so inspirational! But even more so is your attitude towards life- I want to thank you for waking me up and making me realize that beauty and peace can surround me if only I open my eyes and heart to it. There has been far to little of both in my life these past 3 years since I got sick. But no more! Thank you Lucy!!
BTW- what happened to your photo?

Carole Williamson

Hi Lucy,
I love your sideboard and you've done a great job of restoring it well done. Also I love your basket lining. I went on a carpetbag workshop a few weeks ago and made a handbag!!! I'll send you a photo by email, if that's ok.
Take care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


What a beautiful room. I love your wooden cabinet and bookcase. Great idea to use the fabric and mod podge for lining the shelves.


J was wrong - it's lovely! The studio looks like somewhere I'd like to visit and curl up with some crochet, knitting, sewing.


Love, love, love it Lucy. Love everything about your precious little studio - it looks like a place of real peace.


Lovely, lovely piece of furniture! It adds a lot of charm to the room. :) As always...love the crochet!


That piece of beautiful furniture would have cost an arm and a leg out here in Australia....seriously!
Love what you have done with it.


How could the resturant owners have not seen the potential in your lovely cabinet? Well done you for rescuing it, it looks great! x

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