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April 09, 2013


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Hi Lucy....Looks like you all had a great time!!...cold hands but warm hearts!!....what could be better!! x


I love the Dorset coast (only live 25 mins away!) and also fancy living in the pink cottage!
Your photo's are lovely..makes me feel like popping down there at the weekend for a visit!


Hi Lucy,
Loved this post as usual. Thought I should let you know that reading your blog is one of my favorite things to do when feeling down. Your writing and colourful pictures just perk me back up. So much so that now i have taken up reading your archives from the VERY BEGINNING (yeah, going through a pretty bad patch!) Read that you had travelled in India. Did you come down to Kerala? That's my home state!


This is such a coincidence, I know that part of Dorset very well. I used to have childhood holidays there and now I live just about 60 miles from there. Glad you are having a good time and I really love your blog.



So glad you are back, so nice to read and see your wonderful holidaypictures and stories.
Keep the good feeling a long time with you!
greetings from a Dutch woman in Canada.

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

So glad it was a lovely dry time away,(but we're glad you're back.)Thanks so much for sharing it with us all.You're not alone in being called a 'weirdo' by ones children,my tell me that all the time,lol,(you take the pink house and I'll take the white one!)Love the new yarn,very springy.I SO need a seaside trip now!


Preciosas las fotos...Lindos paisajes!


I also love the time when there is no television, computer etc. the kids play just together and have such great fun.
I also love the stories on your blog.


I'm sure your children will return to those spots with their children in tow - who knows they might even lay a blanket (one of yours?) down and listen to the doves cooing. Jane x


Oh, welcome BACK, Lucy! And thank you so much for allowing us to 'travel' with you. I've always wanted (ached) to visit various places and your area is one! Your pictures and dialogue made me feel as though I'd been there, too! THANK YOU! Made my morning very happy!


Sadly my Mother died in 2009 and left a void in my life. I came across your blog soon after she died looking for inspiration. I needed something to fill my evenings and decided to learn to crochet. Your blog fills me with inspiration and happiness and it has really helped with my grief. Soon after her death we moved from Kent to Axminster, Devon and I know all the places you speak about in Dorset. I am one of the hardy dog walkers on the beach. Thank you so much Lucy. Did you find the new wool shop in Bridport?


Oh I love Dorset thank you for sharing!! xxx

Ali Dufty

It sounds like your week has been wonderfully invigorating , lucky you. Thank you for sharing your lovely photo's to transport us there !! I can imagine those 'bracing' coastal winds though, it was cold enough here in Devon !brrrr! Weren't you pining for your newly acquired workspace just a teensy bit though, mmmm ???!!


Hello Birgitta, I loved seeing how your gorgeous photos By The Sea. I especially love that Pink House and all the landscape photos too. The Primroses are hardy wee lovelies, hey??? Thanks for sharing all your photos By The Sea with us all. Your crocheting is bright and beautiful too. Hugs Judy


Dorset, a truly beautiful county. Holidayed there many a time, now living in Israel. It makes me homesick looking at your beautiful photographs but thanks anyway.


Hi Lucy, I really enjoyed your post. My husband and I love Dorset- we will be there for five days in May, so you've got me all excited about it today! It's so great for children there, isn't it? The Cotton On yarn looks lovely too- your stripes look so pretty! love Gina x

Carole Williamson

Lovely to have you back Lucy. Gorgeous photos too. We were in your little town on Sunday, it was a lovely day although chilly.
Take care & enjoy your home holiday with the children.
Love Carole from Rossendale xx


Thank you so much for sharing. I loved it!


Beautiful, even though it's been so cold, I love a bright sky, makes all the difference as to how cheerful I feel

Margery Daw

It looks lovely. All my childhood memories were made down the road in Highcliffe. It's great when you start taking your own children x


I'm not sure we've ever holidayed in Dorset - maybe when I was tiny. Looking at your pictures I cannot think why we haven't been - we have family just a little further west so we tend to zoom through Dorset. And look what we're missing!


Glad you had a good time...glad to have you back. x


Hurrah you're back in blog land. Really missed you so pleased that you had a lovely break. I live on the coast in North Norfolk, whilst it is different from Dorset it makes your soul sing in just the same way, wonderful.Meg x
Ps I bought a wicker basket in France recently and intend to line it. I had intended doing it with fabrics as I thought a crocheted lining might be tricky so I am delighted with your current project.


I love West Bay, my late Grandad always used to take us there when we visited the beach so our family have lovely memories of him there :) Not sure I've ever been to St Catherine's Chapel, but it looks lovely and peaceful. Glad you had a lovely time away :)


Watching Broadchurch is odd- West Bay, but not as we know it. And the fictional 'town' is somewhere other than Bridders, which makes it even odder! Excellent weather- despite the cold- we've had some sun too,so Spring seems to be starting. That pink cottage- well, we'd have to fight for it, knitting needles/crochet hooks at dawn.

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