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April 09, 2013


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Claire Read

I live in Dorset and just spent a beautiful weekend staying in a farmhouse near west bay with friends, I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country. If you haven't been there yet you need to pay a visit to Lyme Regis. Its amazing and the little shop down the bottom of the hill do the most amazing roast pork rolls :)

sarah edwards

Lucy, I also spent my childhood holidays in West Bay... a beautiful spot... despite the pebbly beach! I loved the rock shops..My granny owned the woolshop in Beaminster which is where I learnt to knit and crochet - sitting watching her sell endless balls of colourful wool.
Loving your website - I visit often :)

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Dear Lucy,

Visiting your blog always sets my soul aright.
The joy that arrives with the color therapy from viewing your creations. The peacefulness that comes from viewing the photos of your environs. And the tenderness in my heart when I read your words about the sweetness you experience from being with your children. Ah, thank you Lucy!

Kay Sutton

Lucy I was amazed to see your pictures of West Bay, I grew up there and my parents still live there and my children and I go down when we can. I too have lovely memories of going on West beach. Glad you enjoyed your holidays, Kay

Lynda M O

A marvelous Dorset holiday to welcome late-arriving Spring looks like just the right holiday for your family. I love that you vacationed there amidst the waves as a child and now tradition continues with your next generation of seaside lovers. Thank you for sharing with us your pictures and vignettes.

emma from toadstool tales

On the plus side it's always nice to see David Tennant strolling about anywhere! Love photos and can't wait to see the wicker basket in it's ripply gorgeousness. I've just finished my first ripple for my eldest. I've been trying to sort the border but its still a little wonky ... He doesn't seem to mind though and wrestles it away at every given opportunity. I would like to say huge thanks to you as it is entirely your pattern and I loved doing it. Emma x


Your last sentence made me smile. I wish I loved housework better than holidays too. Or better than knitting, or crocheting, or gardening or reading or ... anything really except for work! But then a bit messy and scruffy feels like home doesn't it?
Lovely blue skies in your photos. Your blog is great!

Sew Create It - Jane

Absolutely gorgeous pictures...I feel like I've been on holiday with you! :o) It was a strange couple of weeks over the break with the light been so summer-like, but the weather being winter-like... I think someone forgot to turn the spring/summer switch on for the UK!


Wish I could see Broadchurch but it won't stream on netflix (instant movies on laptop in the US), BUT I am watching Doc Martin, a series filmed in Cornwall (Port Isaac). Lovely. And a great series to boot. What a curmudgeon!! :-D


Wonderful post, Lucy. Enjoyed it so much. I think that it is wonderful that you go on these family holidays and walks. I know from experience that as children grow they do have their on agendas and are not as interested in family outings, but these outings will be among their happiest memories. They will never forget them. What better gift can you give?

Wendy in New Hampshire

Andrina T

If you ever tire of hooking (perish the thought!) you'll have a backup career as a photographer. The shot of the sunbeams hitting the beach is stunning! I'm sure though it was bracing cold, it was soooo much fun to slope up and down the hills and run the beach. It actually reminds me a bit of the beaches in Washington and Oregon-windy and cold but lovely nonetheless. How incredible that you have a centuries-old catherdral there just open to enjoy like that. :) I think on your next visit to Dorset you need to go in the "pink house" and see what the view is like from the upstairs window!


It looks like a really wonderful, happy break. Time with family is the best sort of holiday. x


Love these pictures, they take me back. We used to visit friends of my mum and dads who owned The Queens Head pub in one of the roads coming away from the beach. I have walked on that beach so many times with some of my most favourite people. I haven't been back for a few years, I really must go.....x Sigh..


I was watching Broadchurch and suddenly realised that the town sequences were filmed in Clevedon where my daughter lives! Very good continuity as Clevedon Beach is lovely in its own way (Bristol Channel, big rocks, muddy water) but not comparable to West Bay,

Carol Wilkie

I was just thinking that it reminded me of "Broadchurch" on itv then I got to the end of your blog. Lovely holiday Carol W


Thank you Lucy for sharing your break in Dorset! Though my dad grew up in North Dorset (Shaftesbury), his mother's family are all from around Bridport. Lovely to see pictures of a familiar place we still visit every summer, and wonderful timing (on your part) for me to remember my much missed Great Granny Clarke who, having spent almost her whole 103 years in and around Bridport, passed away in April 2003. Stunning pictures. Thanks once again. x


Wool shops, now you're talking. I love Dorset, although i'm not familiar with your bit of it. It does all look stunning. And oh, to live in that pink house.


Absolutely amazing photos, as always Lucy! You inspire me. I would love to visit England someday.
And David Tennant strolling about on your turf??? *swoons* I'm a rabid Whovian and it has morphed into anything with DT in it I think!

I'm also dropping by to let you know that I have nominated you and your gorgeous blog for the Leibster award on my blog.
I don't know if you do awards, if not that is quite okay. No preassure!

Thanks again for sharing your Holiday with us!

Have a beautiful day!


What beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a lovely vacation.


Very beautiful! I'm in love with the chapel. I'll be honest by saying the name Dorset caught my attention. I live in Canada, a stone's throw away from Dorset, Ontario. It looks nothing like the Dorset in your pictures, but it is gorgeous as well.


I'm one of the hardy dog walkers of West Bay too!( as mentioned in a previous comment) I've been watching Broadchurch and it is a little strange seeing west bay , but not as it really is, (I think the inland shots where done in Bristol)
quite strange to see my home turf on your blog, I live on west bay road and walk the dog around the harbour and on the piers everyday .so nice to see it on your blog.


Beautiful photos of what seems to have been a restful holiday. Thanks for sharing your little patch of the world!


Beautiful post! Glad you all had a great time.

I had to chuckle, as I also wish that enjoyed housecleaning as much as a holiday. I have a visual picture of myself washing dishes yelling all the while, "Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" LOL!

Have you ever thought to go to the owners of the pink house, and just ask for a quick minute to look through the window? I'd be too chicken, and wouldn't want to bother them myself, but the thought did cross my mind. Perhaps a bolder person....

Greetings from Katrina in Oklahoma, USA

Dianne Davis

I feel I have been on holiday with you. Lovely photos.
Dianne - Hereford

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