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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 23, 2013


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HopeAnn Wallace

Lucy, I just finished the Shell Seekers. What a wonderful story. I LOVED it. Thanks for the recommendation.


My daughter goes to school with Rosamunde Pilcher's granddaughter :)


I agree with you about Rosamunde Pilcher, and especially The Shell Seekers. I have all her books, have read them all many times but re-read The Shell Seekers every year.
I love your work, your understanding of colour is wonderful, and I'm envious of your home town - Your photographs of your lovely area are inspiring.

Marina Albertoni

I love Rosamunde Pilcher. She's reminds you. But she with your gardens and you with yours crochets.
I really like your blog, your pictures and your writing.
I'm English student. I'm 53 years old.

Hill upon Hill

I love Rosamunde Pilcher books, Winter Solstice is my favourite.

I don't think I have read Coming Home yet.

I have been making your choc chip cookies a lot lately, with our recent cooler weather.


ooooh Lucy, I so hope you'll get your balance back soon! Pants when it goes as it leaves you so unsettled and unsure. But fear not! Plenty of fresh air, good books and longer days will work their magic - slowly but surely!
And for a real, real escapism, before you emerge into the real world, try Doris Day movies! "Glass Bottom Boat" is my favourite :-)



Once the warmer weather arrives it will recharge your batteries, in the meantime try to do what you feel like doing. Your busyness is leading you to wonderful new things. Look after yourself as I know the feeling as we have just returned from a mini break with our young grandchildren and I am feeling really tired and it is a return to work on Monday. I feel I need another week for me!

Elizabeth Hansen

Ah! Rosamunde Pilcher..is truly one of my favorite authors! So descriptive of flowers, nature, weather, sky, and such warm stories, and Love always wins in the end! I've not read Coming Home, but I am adding it to my reading list! And, Lucy, your crocheting continues to be just beautiful and inspiring! Glad tidings and good wishes from Pennsylvania, USA.


Sending love to you, Lucy. xxxxxxxxx


I am the same with "The Shell Seekers". My fave of all time. We are gearing up for the relief that winter affords after a long extremely hot summer. I can't wait. Love how the studio is shaping up.

Lily Lilburn

Hello Lucy, I want to thank you for your blog which I found thru Pinterest. I have never followed a blog before, but I love yours and am inspired to start one of my own perhaps? I go shopping in the market ( we live in China) and I find myself taking photos of things I normally wouldn't bother with, and start thinking in my mind what I would write. Somehow the thought of sharing my life on a blog wakes me up to my life, and the interesting everyday experiences we have here become even more interesting. It's kind of a commitment though, do you feel?
You've started me crocheting too. I love your colors and excellent tutorials.

Lyn Z... Long Island, NY, USA

Oh Lucy so many have written before me and so many kind and wise words See how much LOVE and APPRECIATION You illicit from us ALL... ALL You do in your own busy Life and ALL of US so connected to and better for the time YOu give to us and in the manner of Your writing, crafting, and showing just how wonderful domestic Bliss really IS! As my own Mom used to say: this too shall pass..... think of the tired, cold, or dark times, the busy, low energy days as stitches in a ghan...... and remember they are only a small part of it! There are too the lovely pasties, warm sunshiny days, walks by the sea, the canal and all of the moments of children's laughter and squealing delight added to the whole of it! We can only do our best in any given moment and our BEST changes from moment to moment..... Reading ANYTHING by Rosamund Pilcher is always a soul soother for me.... Funny as I used to read her books when I was raising my 3 girls..... and longing for a world that seemed long gone ~ and NOW I have your SOUL SOOTHING blog which for me feels like a REAL LIFE version of her books...... Here in my corner of the US there are many lovely spots to stop and calm one's spirit ~ but NOTHING LIKE WHAT You seem to have available to You.... Not jealous ~ Nut oh so GRATEFUL that You are so willing to always share Your Sweet little corner of the world, Your Life, photo tutorials, homemade treats and so much more! Take a breath Lucy and just allow yourself whatever soothing Your Spirt needs today! [email protected]

Jan Quigley

Loved your post, as always, & I just had to jump in & say that I too just love 'The Shellseekers.' Have you seen the movie with Angela Lansbury as Penelope? I think it has been redone recently but I haven't seen the new version. I love Angela in the lead role, she just fits, in fact the whole cast works for me, & the story comes to life just as I'd pictured it when I read it. I don't think I've read Coming Home, I'm just going to check my bookshelves to see if I have it. I have quite a few Rosamunde Pilcher's as I really love her style of writing. I really like Winter Solstice too.


My favourite is "Winter Solstice". :-)


Coming Home is my favourite comfort reading book. When I'm fed up, or not feeling well, I can pick it up and open it anywhere and just start reading. I love it!

Katie B

Heartfelt wishes from an old friend. Let's get together soon, Katie B x x x


I love your blog Lucy and shell seekers is one of my fav books too. Sorry your feeling low, I know how you feel. Its so difficult in the busy life we all lead to find time for ourselves to allow for relaxing and refocusing. Hang in there, the weather is improving which always helps and remember to be nice to yourself as well as everyone else x


Winter Solstice by Rosamund Pilcher is my comfort blanket read! Hope the days smooth out for you!


I love it in Linton, many a good picnic I've had there :)


Oh my gosh, Lucy! She is my favorite! I love her books so much. The only one I haven't read yet is the Empty House. I'm ordering it today. Hope everything settles down for you soon. Your schedule does sound a little crazy. Take care of yourself! Thanks for everything you write, photograph and make! Blessings on your life, dear lady!

Heather L.

Coming Home was my very first Pilcher book to read and I LOVED it!!!! So glad you are enjoying it too! Hope that you are able to survive this busy stage and that the "carrot" of September in front of you will help you through!


Hello, my dear, may I call you that? I've been reading your blog for so long that I feel like we're old friends - sort of, since you don't know me. I understand life being tricky. I sometimes think the hardest person for me to take care of in my family is me. The boys and hubby are easy. Keep them fed and rested, with access to athletic pursuits, (and "private time" for the DH, give them an occasional listening ear, lots of encouragement and they're good to go. Come to think of it, I may need other things as well, but it'd be a good start for me to have all the above things....hmmm...what about you? I left out some things like spiritual nourishment, good hard work toward a worthwhile purpose, and a forum for creativity. Whew! I guess I require at least as much maintenance as "the boys", and there is no one making sure I get it but me! No wonder I'm a little threadbare -- I need to tend to me too! What a noble and challenging task we Mums are given. We just have to make sure that taking care of us is on our To-Do list too!

Tracy McDermott

Not to wish your time away, but September will bring on a whole new routine with mornings to yourself, to find yourself, immerse yourself. I remember that time when children's schooling gave me my much needed "me time". I always then felt more able to juggle what was needed of me to fulfil my family obligations. Tracy x


hang in there Lucy...hope life slows down enough for you to re balance...I just ordered the kindle edition of "coming home"...thanks and love your blog so so much:-)


I'm quit fond of me-time as well, so I try to take as much of it as I can ;)

the first picknicks of the year are (almost) the best, besides those on the beach!

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