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March 24, 2013


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Bernadette Edens

Oh, Lucy, take care about your leg! My Dad fell on some ice once and broke his leg (down here in Birmingham, Alabama of all places! :) If it doesn't feel better soon, you might need to have your leg x-rayed.

I hope you and Little B will feel better soon and that you all get some spring weather before too long!

Best wishes!



I am a new reader from the States. I adore the Brambley Hedge books! My aunt lived in England when I was a child and she sent them back for birthdays. Now my own children read them. Next, a question: where I live we get a great deal of snow, a big storm can drop 46 inches and a modest one 4-6. How much Yorkshire snow before they close school?

Tabby P.

So sorry to hear about your leg. That's bad luck. I hope you heal quickly! We're over the snow too, we're all ready to throw open the windows and play in the yard. Hopefully spring remembers its late for work. I'll be making some of those same Easter surprises for 4 littles that I know.
Hugs and love!

Mary D

Hi Lucy
We have had a couple of days of snow here,but it ll clear now.i hope your pain eases off soon! Glad that your blog will continue,it's so happy and colourful .
Will also be interesting to hear how thing go at the studio,with lots of photos as well
I wish it was near here, as I would have loved to visit . But I will have to make do with reading all about it it will be exiting,with lots of crafting classes, and all in the one place.i wish you both lots of luck,bye for now.


Had a busy knitty weekend myself finishing off my bunnies in time for Easter. Hope your leg feels better soon. I'm also hoping for better weather surley the sun has got to come out soon !!! Best wishes from G


Soooo sorry about your fall and your leg! We, too, have had additional snow these last couple of days here in the USA in Illinois. I love to look at it falling, but wish we had had it in December instead of March, for Pete's sake. I could taste the lemony cake and feel the warmth of your cappycheeeeno!

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

First,let me say...ouch!!! Hope it's better soonest.Spring seems to be holding out on all of us,snow flurries here today,brr!Yes..the memories,of all those forced feedings,lol,enjoy.Can't wait for all the Ta-Da reveals! I brought out my wreath for spring(in hopes of warm weather).http://www.flickr.com/photos/craftygal/8574098455/in/photostream Rest that leg!(a good opportunity for more hooky time.) ;D Glad to here Attic24 will still be around!


Such nice and warm feelings during your cozy stay-at-home weekend, despite of all that snow. Your writing style is so lovely. :) Hopefully your leg gets better soon! Today was the first morning here in Finland that I could leave my long johns home. Yey! Hopefully that means the breaking point for winter this time!


Be much better soon. Such falls hurt so much.

I love the bright and cheerful colour you inject into life and I wish I had been a fly on the wall during the edible portion of your feast.

Meanwhile in my portion of Australia I am desperate for autumn and an end to humidity and some crispness in the air.

Kim W

Lucy I do hope you feel better, a bruise is no fun and no joke. I dearly love Attic 24 ns I am glad you will be keeping it up. It is snowing here in the USA too, and I feel you on the cranky.


Thanks for another lovely colourful post on a grey 'Spring' day! Your Easter wreath is going to look fabulous.


Brambly Hedge! Oh I know I've got those books somewhere - I remember being completely absorbed in the pictures - must dig them out. Looking forward to seeing your finished items - I'm guessing an Easter bunny and a mod podge chair! Keep warm x Jane

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Yes, I was most grumpy at the weather too. Stoopid snow at almost Easter time! Anyway, I'm glad you got so lovely cozy time by yourself to enjoy, even if you did have to pay quite a high price to get it! I love the wonderful decadence of Tana Lawn shelf lining - ohh Lucy the luxury!!

S x


Lucy- ARNICA.Lots and lots of arnica rubbed in at regular intervals.That will sort the leg out, works like magic on bruises. Mothers often forget it works on grown-ups just as well as it does on children! Take care now- we have no snow, just ice and a strong,cold wind.BRRRRRRRRRR


Oh my ... I had forgotten about my Easter decorations!!! I'm making my own easter wreath too ... inspired by you of course!!! x


Hi Lucy, I too love to read your blogs and hope your leg is better soon. The weather here in Norfolk is very cold but not much snow and I too have been feeling angry with it grrr..I so want to tend and love my garden it look's so sad after such a long winter and my daffodils need some sun to pop open their heads. I love to crochet and you help inspire me when I have an unproductive spell...


Oh dear I am sorry the snow spoiled things for you. Can't understand it, but we've not yet had snow in my part of North Yorkshire! In the meantime to cheer you up I have nominated you for a Liebster award here http://nanacathydotcom.wordpress.com


I need to tell you that you are ALWAYS the first blog I visit each day! Currently I am on the reservation with my people for a Treasuring (our word for baby shower) and NO ONE here has internet except for the Tribal Council building so I actually walked all the way here JUST to catch up with your comings & goings! I, too crochet like CRAZY and I enjoy (a VERY lame and inadequate word, I'm afraid, but I've been up all night, so ...) the beautiful things you make, reading about your family outings, your WONDERFUL new crafting space, and ALL of your day-to-day news! Everything about your blog just makes me smile! Have a very happy week! Kai

delphine 44

hello Lucy,
I hope you're feeling better and I 'm so happy that your blog 'll be still like it is ... It makes me fell happy each morning when I open your blog !!
thanks for no changing and your cosy and colored blog !
Delphine 44 from France


I hope you feeling much better today!
Very much looking forward to seeing your Easter wreath!


The contrast between the outside of your home (grey and snow) and the inside (all vibrant spring/summer colours) is quite marked!


Hi Lucy, this is the first time I have wrote a comment. I have to admit you are inspirational and in the last couple of days I have picked up a hook for the first time and hopefully I can master crotchet. I admit I am finding it hard but I will not be defeated.
Love your blog it is so colourful in every way. I hope your leg gets better soon but in the meantime milk it all you can. Bye for now.


Ooh, I know what this is! I'm making four for each of my little people this weekend.... They're SO cute!


I soooo love your blog Lucy. You've kept me company right through 6 months of a new baby and I'm just getting back to my own crochet now after that tiring but delightful journey into baby land (number 3!) I've often thought of posting a comment but never got around to it. Your studio has made me need to say something though. How very wonderful it looks and how fabulous that something like that has grown out of your 'stay at home' activities. I feel genuinely very happy for you to be trundling so successfully down such a wonderful path. I'm sure it will only lead to more and more colourful adventures! With very best wishes from (sunny - sorry!) Australia :-)

Maria Hugoson Sjögren

Hello from Sweden! I´m also one of those many who find lots of inspiration and comfort in your wonderful blog - thank you! I´m an illustrator and do most of my work on paper and computer, but as a change I love crotchet and knitting too!

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