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March 24, 2013


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The smell of something cooking in the oven takes away the doldrums on a not so perfect day outside. Rest up that injury. So glad things were fun at the Regents Cafe.


Hope your leg heals soon. looks like you had a lovely cosy day


ooh slipping! how awful, I hate the thought of falling down! hope the leg is much better x


Oh I do hope your leg is feeling much better today?

Your studio looks absolutely wonderful and I cannot wait to read more about what you get up to there!

I love the owls and bunnies, they are so adorable :) how nice it always is to find a tutorial for something you want to try and it is simple to follow.

I don't comment anywhere near as often as I'd like to on here (as I usually read on my phone and hate typing on that tiny keypad). But I wanted to let you know that I love your blog so much and as such you're in my list of nominations for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award I got sent. (http://amandaclairedesigns.typepad.com/amanda-claire-designs/2013/03/very-inspiring-blogger-award.html) Not sure if you're interested in blogging awards of this kind, but wanted you to know that even when I don't comment, I'm still reading along and being inspired to get out my crochet hook!


do you have a tutuorial on how you work all your ends in so well?

Jane Garry

So Glad to hear Attic24 will remain the same - yippppeeee!!
Hope the leg gets better soon and the only thing getting me through this awful weather is the colourful burst that comes out of Attic24

Thank you


So funny your working on those cute little bunnies! After you pinned it, I pinned it and gathered my little ones around to pick out their yarn colors. I have got 4 bodies done and need to start on ears, aren't they adorable? The pattern is so well written and I just love them!


As inspirational and enjoyable as ever. Trust you will soon feel much more comfortable. Lucy I am not very blog etc. savey, I am looking for your instructions on putting a zip in your patchwork cushions, I can't find it in the archive, any clue for me. Have a blessed Easter. Mx


I hope your leg is feeling better. I live on the northeast coast of USA and I feel like this has got to be the longest winter on record. Can't wait to see your wreath finished and whatever happy pics that you choose to send our way. I swear I can smell that cake baking. I'm off to the store tomorrow to buy some lemons.


Your studio is beautiful, and so exciting! Congratulations! I just wanted to add my two cents, which is that you should focus on what makes you happy and what works for you. If you blog a little less, it would certainly be missed, but it seems sometimes that blogs, for all the joy they can bring, can also become burdensome to the author from time to time. Much of the happiness and inspiration you bring to your readers springs so directly from your enthusiasm and sense of adventure, as well as from your artistic talent, and those are such gifts. Make sure you nurture them, and to hell with what people on the blog think about how often you post. Enjoy!


I hope your leg is a bit less achey today. And I look forward to whatever and however your blog and creative space develop!


Hi Lucy,

I for one can not wait to read all about your lovely studio and adventures with Tracy. I am SO SO excited for you, haven't we all dreamt about something as wonderful as this..you have such a fun future ahead of you and I am really looking forward to reading alllll about it. When I was on the Isles of Scilly last there was an artist call Oriel Hicks, She owns a gallery called Phoenix Galleries, anyway..she made these absolutely beaaautful stained glass shapes hanging from a bit of driftwood in wonderful colours, say three little diamonds,all different colours and they hang fromt he driftwood in your window. I bought one and as soon as I saw your studio window I could imagine one there..I would love to buy you one but have not the pennies, however, should you ever be feeling flush... ;-)
Anyway, best of luck in all activies studio, hooky and life.

Nelly xxx

lisa pywell

I love attic 24 so much my 11 yr old daughter and I visit daily and are looking for crotchet lessons as you inspire us so much. We do card making sewing scrapbooking so when we will get time I'm not sure but will try. Keep up the good work x


I know what you're making - I keep seeing these on people's blogs and really must get my Planet Penny cotton out to crochet one or two myself.
I met Natasja of Crochetime last week in London and even we talked about whether the studio and blog would evolve into something else so I guess I can imagine you've had comments here. Fame eh Lucy, hard to handle at times? ;-p xxx


Here's a link so you can read about the hirudoid. http://hirudoid.com.au/


Sorry to hear that your thigh is so painful. You could try taking homoeopathic Arnica if you prefer "natural" remedies or you could buy yourself a tube of hiridoid and spread it on the bruise to assits with it's being healed. I have used both with good results.


It's always so nice to pop by The Attic!


what a coincidence, I found that pattern this week and made two of those little 'easter somethings' at the weekend, the are so sweet and will be easter gifts for my niece and nephew. Hope your leg is better now x


I'm so envious of your studio. I would love my own space, my husband and son have a shed each! I would do a lot more sewing if my machine was permanently set up. I do love crochet, and have a project on the go at the moment - it doesn't need much space!


Hope you leg is feeling better today. Snow is but a dream here right now, although the nights are cooling down the days are still very hot and summery (Im not complaining!). I'm so excited to see a bunny on your hook, cant wait to see the finished product (and your wreath)!!! Janette xxx

Jenny Smith

Hi Lucy, first of all thank you so much for your blog, somehow I feel I know you as your likes are all the same as mine. I love looking to see what you are doing and so pleased you have found yourself a lovely little studio.

Hope your leg recovers very soon.

Best wishes



So glad the blog won't be changing. I love your new studio and all the things that it will offer you, but your blog is always so cheery and uplifting, and your photos are fabulous. I've even started crocheting again after many years, thanks to you. I would hate to see things change.


weather cold and snowy here in nw; making my night job sooo hazardous; but, then i think of me snuggled up with my latest project and all is well; ahhhhh; so easily pleased; xxx


Hi just to say that I love reading your blog and seeing what you are making. I to love bright colours so it is always a joy to see your photos. Anything that I crochet or knit is in bright colours as it always cheers me up. Keep up the blogging as it always makes me feel as thou we are friends sat across a table drinking coffee. xx

Helen Stevens

So sorry you have hurt your leg! I don't envy you the snow. Here in South AFrica we are heading into autumn, after a very hot and very wet summer. We needed the rain badly, and haven't been let down.
I do, however, envy your studio! I use my dining room for art and paper craft, my spare bedroom for sewing, and my sitting room for crochet, embroidery and knitting! My stuff is all over the house!

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