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March 02, 2013


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Teal treasure or Donna Hay blue as I would call it you certainly made that tired paint your biotch girl ;). Gorgeousness personified and entirely ungreenwashed in the process :). You just liberated another corner of yarnbombings elitism! Decoupage bombing!!! There is a sad old lighthouse on the point just out from our property and methinks there might be a little bit of creative grafitti going on in the near future ;)
Nothing like the excitement of your finger on your keyboard waiting for ebay trolls to strike and the unmittigated bliss of winning your bargain is there? It works doubly when you just can't get things easily because you are stuck on a small island off the nether regions of the most Southern point in the world and you are pumping the air yelling and terrifying the dog because you won! ;). Kudos on the win, the "SQUEE!" of the studio and for sharing it all with us :)


I love the colour you used for the wire basket rack- very clever! Also the cutlery tray is gorgeous...some shops would charge and arm and a leg for something as pretty as that!


I have a wrack just like that for my veg in the kitchen, I was going to throw it out and think of something different as we are currently remodeling but first I think I will have a go at upcycling it and see what it looks like, thank you for the inspiration :D

catherine Maudsley

Hi I had one of those vegetable racks when I lived in Germany and when I was pregnant I found some lovely dark blue flowery quilted fabric. I made little inners for each basket and used it to store my nappies, and bits for my baby. I used to keep it behind the chair and then wheel it out with everything to hand. I was so proud of it and used for all three babies.


What wonderful repurposing!! Lovely!!


I'd just like to say what a fab idea for the veg rack! We have which we use as a shoe rack (or should that be *Shoe Rack* ?)
I'm dreaming of one day living somewhere with space for a proper shoe cupboard or bench, then I can spray paint my Retro Chrome Veggie Rack and have a mobile yarn basket too !!


Who would have thought to do that to an old veggie rack! So clever! Can't wait to hear all your news about the studio and definitely can't wait to see pics! So excited!


Lovely your up-cycling! Great news about the studio (looking forward to hearing more about it!).


Your veg rack brought some fond memories - when I was little, my nan "upcycled" her old veg rack into a bunk bed for my dolls. It was yellow, had blankets and pillows and I loved it!


Great work .... love the colour on the wire rack!!

Linda J

Wow, can't wait to hear more about the studio, Lucy! And I love the colour of that spray paint, too - so cheerful!

Ellen Brugmans

Your own STUDIO! That sounds great! So excited and curious to see more of that :-).
Love your upcycling, too. Reminds me of all the stuff I have stashed with vague ideas of "redoing" them. So maybe this is just the example I need to actually get going...

Cockney Blonde

Love what you've done with both those items and the colour for the wire rack is just delish. Can't believe you will be sharing the studio with the person whose blog I read the other day, also excitedly talking about the studio. Good Luck, x

Sue Munn

Ooh! I have one of those in my basement holding laundry junk! It's about to be repurposed!

Debbie Gallett

Love your blog. Still working on my ripple. Have you seen Caitlin Sainio Designs? Check out her facebook page today - she had a cute crochet butterfly that would go great with your spring flowers.

Lynne Gill

Love your finds, Lucy, and in particular the wire rack - what a gorgeous colour you sprayed it! And you know, it would now fit almost anywhere in the home, wouldn't it? No, strike that 'almost'....I can see it put to use in ANY room, storing just about anything, yes, even loo-rolls and cleaning stuff!

However, it'll be so much nicer holding your precious wool stash (or part of it!) Looking forward to the photos! Lx


Wow, you're going to have a studio! You lucky thing. I long for some creating space of my own. Can't wait to hear all about it. Love the up-cycled bits. I used to have one of those racks. Don't know what happened to it. Love the colour. F x


Great finds! I love making over thrifted treasures. I can't wait to see your new yarn cart in action, and pictures of your new studio. Lucky you!

carol partridge

I think most of us who read your blog already knew just what would be going into the wire veggie rack, ha ha. Good idea Lucy and a gorgeous colour.


Looovely! This is my favorite colour, too...


Spray painting is difficult to get right - but as long as you keep your baskets full of yarn, nobody will notice :-) (Enabling much?!) Best of luck with the new studio. Thanks for all the patterns and keep 'em coming!


Love those daffs I can almost smell them!

How exciting. Look forward to reading all about your new studio.

I teach primary school children to knit, maybe crocheting next year!


Wonderful work, I can't wait to hear more about your studio!


Yes, yes! I hoped you would be using it for wool. Gorgeous colour. Very excited about your studio - I hope you are singing Phil Collin's Sussudio amending the words to St- st- stu-di-o o o in anticipation?! Please say yes!

Jones x

PS I am granny squaring in your Stylecraft Special colours. Love them :) If you fancy some gratuitous photos of wool to help your day along, I blogged about my new wool here: http://thehouseofjones.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/boost-to-the-wool-stash/


Can you believe it, Mr P went to get me some daffodils yesterday and couldn't find any! :0( He's promised to go out again today to find me some more. I need some yellow daff sunshine in the house! x

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