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March 20, 2013


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Maggie D

Womderful wonderful for you I hsve both joy and envy that you found a way to make a dream come true. Enjoy your lil spot of sun and creativity!!

Jennifer W

how inspiring!! (as usual....) Upon seeing your studio space I have decided I need to make my "space" more inviting & work friendly. So wish me luck. Martha, my sewing machine, has been sadly underused in the last year & she is also rejoicing in my venture. Thanks for sharing Lucy & ENJOY!!! (although the coffee shop downstairs is entirely TOO handy & tempting)-jenn


i think it's already very Lucy_like!
Great Job, can't wait to rea about it...it brings al little sunshine in my days!
Love Theetje (http://www.theacrea.blogspot.nl)


Enjoy! You deserve it.


Good things to good people...

Mrs Flowerpot

Fantastic studio - would love to come to any creative classes/workshops you run!


Thanks for the wonderfully interesting update on your Studio, Lucy. When I looked at the floor my heart just sank for you...WHAT a mess! But you did an amazing job, the two of you, cleaning it up. As I scrolled down, I fully expected to see floorboards lifted and replaced but you girls scrubbed and oiled them back to life again. Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing lots of inspiring goodies coming from here in the days and weeks that lie ahead.
Loads of best wishes from South Africa


Wishing you lots of hours of creativity in a lovely space.


This is so exciting! It looks like such a cozy, joyful space.


Congratulations. It´s a nice and cozy place.

Faith McLellan

So great. Love it all!


So glad you found the perfect studio!


I found a pattern of yours through ravelry (crochet quilt) and decided to explore your blog a bit and absolutely love it! This post alone is the reason why we crafters do what we do...sharing, exploring, finding, saving, recreating, repurposing, frugally changing and ultimately making everything better than it was before is our ethos and this blog is a perfect example of gorgeousness frugally personified and I LOVE IT! :) I am off to share you around like a really good packet of chocolate biscuits with all of my crafty mates. Cheers for this wonderful touch of crafty magic from an Antipodean cuz out in the sticks :)


I am thrilled for you, what a wonderful adventure. Yours is one of the first blogs I started to follow 2 years ago, just at the time I learnt to crochet. I've taught several people since and I always recommend your blog as it's so inspirational. I wish you much happy creating time in your studio :)


Gratulations Lucy, it's so lovely. A beautiful, light room you will be very well in, and where you will get many inspirations and be inspired. Remember, you are my inspiration! Good luck!


Hi Lucy,

please look here at facebook, there is somebody who
prints your photos for its


Greetings from Germany


Congratulations:-)) your studio is very nice. I wish you a lot of good idears for your handcrafts. sorry my english is not so good.
Greetings from Ute (Germany)

You can visit my Blog:http://diesunddasvonutensilien.blogspot.de/


I'm so happy for you and your studio friend. You deserve every bit of your own space. Wish I could join you for a tea, but Canada is too far. Good luck on your adventures.

Beryl Nesbitt

Exciting time for you both, after all that hard work you deserve to really enjoy your new workspace. I have followed you from Australia for many, many months after my lovely creative Daughter in Law introduced you. Not only do I love all your hooky and craft ideas, but as I was born in the N.E and miss Northumberland so much, I get so much pleasure from your wonderful "Nature Pictures". Keep them coming!!All the best, Beryl.


Oh you lucky lucky lady! My idea of heaven. Studio upstairs, cafe/bar downstairs! I, of course, would have NO discipline and be constantly ordering down for cake and toasted sarnies....hope your discipline is better! Studio is such a lovely word - craft room always sounds like a place where people make stuff Blue Peter style with egg boxes and sticky back plastic! Studio is so much more grown up!!! YAY for you both! xxx ♥


So lovely! Well done, your hard work has paid off and you've created a fabulous space. Next time I'm in your neck of the woods I will drop by and say hello! xx


I keep checking back for an update, I'm so excited for you! Isn't it amazing that I can feel as though you're a friend even though we've never met? Odd, but amazing this blogging thing! Mmmmm, you'll have coffee on tap, now that's exciting :)


Delighted for you Lucy ! What an adventure & you tell it do beautifully !!! Enjoy your new space & I cant wait to see what exciting times lie ahead for you both! X


What a lovely space and the best part is that you're sharing it with another creative soul. I am so glad for you


lucy i had to come back and tell you how much i love this and can't stop thinking about it. it's the one thing i would love to do and haven't. i'm so excited for you!

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