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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 20, 2013


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joli endroit, propice à une création joyeuse,
je suis curieuse de savoir avec quel produit vous avez nettoyé si bien le parquet ?
beautiful location, ideal for creating a joyful,
I am curious to know what product you have cleaned the floor so well?
hop ! dans mes liens.
hop ! in my links, thank you. Tine (Provins/France)


I AM THRILLED WITH ALL YOU have posted, so I will be following and learning from you, the Mistress of Crochet and Bread!!
Oh, gotta go! I gotta get my bread started!! Have you seen my "J" crochet hook anywhere? Hugs from Texas, USA!


Congratulations Lucy!Thank you for sharing your dreams and future plans with us. I love"peeking"into
Attic 24 time to time. I love the colours you put together, you inspire me. I am hoping to visit the yarndale festival this year, and hopefully meet you in person. I have just finished a stack of crochet granny triangles for my 3 yr old grand-daughter's room. They look great! I would like to crochet the pattern of the terrace houses. We now live in similar and I have painted mine PINK!
Thank you for reading this,look forward to a link to the pattern.
MANY THANKS Lucy from Linda in Cornwall. PS You are always welcome to visit me if you are down this way.

Beryl Drake


It is inspirational, both your dream of a studio and your excellence at your craft

Faye Lamb

Hi Lucy,

I only discovered the attic a very little while ago, but I pop by every day for my colour therapy and inspiration.

Anyway, I was intrigued by your studio and how you came by it and so I find myself here today. I've not long left the Job Centre after speaking about business start up support because in my head is a craft cafe, bustling with activity. It looks like a living room but with bright airy windows, full of colour & inspiration, it has sewing machine workstations and local crafters work adorning the walls, furntiure and floor. It has wonderful yarn & craft supplies for purchase, free wifi for the kids and partners so they don't feel left out. There are craft lessons going on most days.... But it is still in my head!

Your story of the Attic 24 Studio has inspired me so much and I would really love for my dream cafe to jump out of my head and into reality within the old town of Rochester and so my journey begins... But where?

Thank you Lucy and Tracy for sharing all your yummy skills and most of all sharing your dreams.



How lovely is your place! I enjoyed all the photos with bright colors sitting on the couch on the lovely morning! Your town is so beautiful. Hope to visit it sometimes in my life!

jacki ward

sounds lovely, an inspiration to us all


I'm a little behind but I love it! What a wonderful space. So happy for you both! Looking forward to being inspired by your new creations in your new space.

I just subbed to your partner's blog as well. Love it.


Angy Braine

Hello there!! I've been away for a while but what a FABULOUS story to return to! Congratulations!! You completely and utterly deserve it!! I cannot wait to see all the marvels that come form this very special, very quaint and "oh so you" space!! ♥


What the 2 of you made out of this room is just incredible and wonderful! As many before I wish to have such an opportunity too and am lucky for you to be able to create all that handmade somethings in such an inspiring setting. The atmosphere of these English houses and buildings is simply perfect for all kinds of creativity and I really wish to find something similiar here in Germany. Let your creative minds run wild up there! Congrats.


LOVELY studio! so happy fro you and Tracy! This is really wonderful idea! Keep it up :)


I just love your basket full of yarn. Everytime I see your posts I find your beautiful blankets so so tempting. I would love to make one. Can you please let me know which yarn to do you use?
You are doing a gr8 job!!


Congratulations, it is such a lovely and cozy looking studio!


Oh, what a beautiful little place! I am so pleased for you both. It looks wonderful already. May you have many many happy hours there! And how lovely to have each other for company. And as for workshops....another reason to travel back up North and visit one of my favourite towns again! xx

Abeer ALQattan

Congratulations, I check your blog every day. Im happy for you and tracy, you guys are very creative and your idea is very beautiful and peaceful. maybe one day I will visit Yorkshire all the way from Kuwait and come up to your studio to do some hooking.

Little Dotty Bird

This is so wonderful and inspiring to read. Me and my friend/fellow crafter were talking about such schemes and dreams only last week. Its so lovely to think that it can happen! It looks stunning!

Lindsey Toms

I have just read through your post...this is so exciting and now I am going to pop over to patchwork chickens and read Tracy's post.

idiosyncratic eye

Happy studio days to the pair of you! :)


I am so happy for you! Your energy and creativity are astonishing. I wish I was closer so I could come visit. I wish you many creative hours in your cozy new space, and yes, you will have more time to spend as your little ones grow. :)


Ooo I am so jealous! I'd love to have my very own creative space for all my bits 'n' bobs. It's looks wonderful!


Hi Lucy, thanks the book was a bit of a slog at times but always something I planned for my retirement, when GMC asked me to do it a year ago January I was shocked but so excited too.
I see congratulations are in order for you too, I remember my first work shop and how excited I was.....you must be thrilled to bits about it all?
Hope you have as much success with your new venture as I did with mine many moons ago.
Hugs, Sue x


Oh exciting! I'd like to visist your studio but i lived so far away. Thank you to share the creative process of your studio.


I've come a bit late to the tour, but thank you for sharing! For those of us who are not currently in a position to have our own creative hide-away, reading about the process of cleaning, reclaiming and decorating brings a fair measure of joy. I look forward to more photos, and the projects that will no doubt be produced in such a cozy, colorful nook!

Tami H.

Congratulations on your sweet little yarn & art shop ! I too have had that very same little dream of having a sweet little spot to meander and meddle my days away with yarn,friends,and of course sweet treats ! You both have done an amazing job fixing it up. I look forward to reading more about your little shop adventures !

Carol Bratt

Wow! I want to get on a plane straight away and move to your small town and have a cup of coffee and cake in your cafe and soak up all the knowledge you have of knitting and crocheting! You are a lovely writer and I am sooo enthralled with your little studio! I wish we had a place like that where I live! Please do not stop blogging!

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