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March 09, 2013


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It's looking good❤


Lucy have you tried crochet violas? Like these http://knotgarden.blogspot.co.uk/, they are blooming lovely.


Ooh how I share your yearning for Spring to come (please please please). It's not fair to be teased with the most glorious spring weather for a couple of days and then to be dropped back in the cold and dank weather we are yet again facing. On a positive note it is giving us more time inside and more time to craft and play. Your daffs looks great!


spring ! jeahhh...! I' like your blog, Piri


The polyanthus flowers are very pretty, and the colours are perfect. Have fun teasing them into perfection... :)


The light pink flower in the top left corner is the perfect image of a primrose. Beautiful!


Looking at your Gorgeous 'bits' i am so envious. here, where i live, in Pakistan, we can't get most craft supplies available to you. And many online suppliers won't ship here... waaah! hehehe I guess here is a "neccessity is the mother of invention" moment... blown eggs, I am pondering.... and maybe ask about where i can get coloured feathers from the guy down the road who decorates baskets with them... hehehehe

Martha Whittaker

The daffodils are just lovely... Best Wishes..


I am slowly getting to grips with the crochet, I am now spending hours at a time practising, couldn't believe it when I actually made a flower and a heart!

Yours look superb.

Truly Myrtle

How pretty - it'll cheer you up no end until spring appears. I am just hanging on for the blossoms to appear, but they're talking snow??? Oh dear!


Oh can't wait to see the taa dah on this one, the christmas one was so lovely :) x


Love it. Can't wait to see how it all works out. Those colours are already making me happy. x

Shirley Sherratt

I saw this tip somewhere for making small pompoms to use a fork. Keep wrapping the yarn around the prongs and tie off. It all just slips off and you can snip it then into a pompom. Not sure if I have explained that well but I am sure you get the idea. Can't wait to see your Easter Wreath.


Lovely - like you, wondering where that Spring went to. First daffs just come into bloom and we are back into Winter! I was listening to the birds the other morning and they are sounding like Spring, but no way does it feel or look like it out there. I want to get my Spring decorations out, but somehow it doesn't feel right yet- but perhaps putting them up will remind it to come back.


it will be gorgeous!!!!!
can't wait to see it finish.
To bad I haven't my book of flower patern back yet, I would start one too. Thanks so much for inspiring us all the time!!!


The wreath will be so lovely with all your flowers and bits and bobs. Your weather is as crazy as ours, we have had neverending days of over 30 degs, it is now wearing a lot of people down as it is so hot, I have a headache today because of the heat, have been gulping down lots of water. Very soon I guess we will be complaining of the cold :)
xx Sandi


I'm so sorry you are having yucky weather, it was beautiful here today, but I am sick so didn't get to enjoy it at all, and we have a lot of yard work to do to get ready for our easter egg hunt. I can't wait to see your easter wreath when it is finished!


Your Easter wreath will be gorgeous.
You could also add one or two tulips, some flowers of Chaenomeles japonica http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaenomeles_japonica , and a nest with some eggs.
BTW, you could maybe use a floating swim noodle for your wreath.

Carolyn Dietrich

Love, love love what you've done so far for the easter wreath. Reading your blog makes me so happy and inspires me!


crochet forsythia! those are so cool! I can't wait to see your finished wreath!


OOHH! loving the idea of the Easter wreath!! those polyanthus are amazing - so like the real thing!! well done you!! Don't let the weather get you down - it's just as mis here in France - but it can only get better and your crochet flowers have brought us all a little touch of spring today! thanks!!


Ooh it's going to be A M A Z I N G ! Love it already! Grey and yuck here today too - spring had better Hurry Up. I have jobs to do in the garden and zero inclination while it's like this!
Have a super Sunday, hope you get spoilt for Mother's Day :)
Jones x

Cara Louise

lucy- just one word- LOVE!
well maybe a few more...
ALWAYS looks forward to you colorful happy bloggy space! you just make my day!


Looks like you've stocked up on embellishments galore! Can't wait to see the finished thing.

Sara Jenkins

Can't wait to see your Spring wreath. If Spring won't come outside then you can bring it indoors! Snow forecast even in Sussex by tomorrow night!
I thought I'd make some Easter decorations and crochet a few baskets to hang on some twigs and fill with mini eggs. I'm pleased with the basket. Obviously your teeny flowers are gorgeous. But my chick looks slightly demonic! I need to redo the eyes. Happy hooking. xx

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